Jul 16, 2012

Top 10+ Reasons EasyJobFinder.INFO will succeed

My fellow Americans, I'm in the process of helping one million of my fellow countrymen (+women of course) to find much needed jobs. We've all seen how miserably government fails at the task, so it's time we – who truly desire for a vibrant, strong economy – to make sure the task is achieved.

We can't guarantee anyone will find the “perfect” job. We might even lead a few folks to some pretty awful, objectionable jobs. But, by golly, I'm doing all I can to at least helping one million families to have some sort of income.

Help your fellow countrymen out by telling job-seekers about EasyJobFinder.INFO (Not “com,” please) and that we're helping folks in all sorts of job searches, absolutely for free. (Employers welcomed and fawned after, by all employment services we offer.)

Please, feel free to discuss all you like or don't like. Thank you for this lovely opportunity.

1. Jobs are always going to be something people want and need.
2. Jobs (employment) appeals on the logical and emotional level.
3. It's all about getting the money in.
4. Telling a friend about EasyJobFinder.INFO is an easy way to actually help them.
5. Helping folks find jobs feeds entire communities.
6. We help feed children, by doing this, our jobs of sharing EasyJobFinder.INFO.
7. Helping a friend find work is nicer than just saying “I'll pray for you.”
8. We help clothe children, by sharing EasyJobFinder.INFO.
9. We're easily shared!
10. We're free to use for all Americans!
11. American businesses make money from “extra hands” on-the-job.
12. We're working on a few links to help friends in other countries, starting with Canada, soon!
13. We offer mobile options for those job-seekers not in front of a monitor.

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