Jun 26, 2011

Bureaucratic overreach not kids stuff- From the Washington Times

This is just one of those stories which must be shared. Since I can never hope to do as great of a job on this GAWD-Awful story on abuses by our insanely out-of-control federal government, I'm just opting to share an introduction, and a link. Please read and share this story. The USDA is being so ridiculous. What a nightmare this must be for this poor family. It's not so much the first story you read about here, which I hope to bring attention to (although also important) but the last story I hope you follow through on.
While 22-year-old Rory McIlroy was teeing up on June 16 during the first round of his historic victory at the U.S. Open, another drama was unfolding outside Congressional Country Club in Bethesda.

A Montgomery County inspector busted some kids for running a lemonade stand at which they were setting aside half the proceeds for pediatric cancer victims. The charge? No permit.

One of the dads involved got a $500 fine. After a TV station’s tape of the bust went viral, the county backed off, canceled the fine and let the kids set up on a side street. The children decided to donate the entire take to cancer kids.

Although it ended well, the incident became news because it illustrates how bureaucrats can abuse power and bully citizens - even kids.

Along the same lines, many Americans were outraged upon seeing footage in April of a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent patting down a 6-year-old girl at the New Orleans airport and of an 8-year-old boy being patted down in Oregon's Portland International Airport.

But wait. TSA topped that in Kansas City, where agents patted down an 8-month-old baby on May 7 after the infant’s stroller caused the scanner to beep. A pastor, Jacob Jester, who was in line, snapped a photo and tweeted it.

What got into those agents? As far as I can see from the picture, the baby was not dressed in a black burqa with a suspicious bulge, nor maliciously brandishing a bottle or pacifier. Mr. Jester, who said he respects the TSA for trying to ensure everyone’s safety, commented, “I’m not out to embarrass the TSA. But I do believe there has to be a line drawn. I do not believe that an 8-month-old constitutes a security threat.”

Stung by criticism, the TSA blog responded: “Our officers followed proper current screening procedures by screening the family after the alarm, who, by the way, were very cooperative and were on the way to their gate in no time. The child in the photo was simply receiving a modified pat-down. …” Oh, well then.

To cut the TSA some slack, its agents are more skittish than a hockey goalie in playoff overtime. They’ll be blamed if something - anything - slips by to bring down an airliner. And they know that Muslim extremists use children as suicide bombers. Of course, the kids in these American airports have not been dashing through gates with explosives strapped to them.

Public exposure and outrage is the best medicine for curbing overzealous bureaucrats. On June 22, the TSA said it would do less intrusive checks on children. This will reduce but not abolish such procedures. Wouldn’t want al Qaeda to get the green light to hot-pack the Pampers.

Another bureaucratic outrage is simmering in the Midwest, where a family has been threatened with a potential fine of $4 million for raising bunnies without permission from the federal government. Blogger John McCarty, who publishes on BigGovernment.com, has been following the story, abbreviated here:

John and Judy Dollarhite of Nixa, Mo., wanted to teach their teenage son about management...Go here for the rest of the story.

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Jun 21, 2011

My fourth demotivational Find it funny, dammit!

I only hope you find my demotivationals at all funny, and maybe you share a post or twenty. Whatever...fine by me. If you don't find this funny, or useful, or awe-inspiring - and 'specially if I make you sick, you'll bitch a little in my comments section.

I like it when my friends bitch and moan in my comments. I just delete my enemies bitching and moaning. Woe be unto the jackwagon spammer terd.

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Jun 18, 2011

Evil Good Chocolate Cake Recipe

If chocolate cake is in the order-of-the-day, then it should be done right. Whether you're throwing a birthday party, or you're just serving up a great treat for the family, these easy-to-follow tips will make this a chocolate cake you won't soon forget!

Time for chocolate cake!

This is what you get! Follow instructions!
Credit: Donald Pennington

Who doesn't love some chocolate cake so good, it's almost evil? Who doesn't find themselves wanting some cocoa-flavored goodness so much, they'd be willing to carry it around on their thighs for a month? You just better grab a saucer, fork, cup of milk, and a seat at the table when you see this chocolate cake. You just “gotta getcha some!” You'll see. This dessert won't last overnight in your fridge.

What you need to make some evil-good chocolate cake

Any chocolate cake mix or recipe
Up to a cup of the cheapest beer in the store.
1 tiny, little, bit of a pinch of chili powder
8 oz of chocolate pudding, any brand
1 small pinch of salt
(Per layer)

What you do to make some evil-good chocolate cake

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or whatever the original cake recipe calls for..

Prepare the cake as normal, with the exception of replacing any water or milk called for, with the cheap beer. Go with the cheap beer since what might not be worth drinking, usually makes for some delicious baking.

While mixing, add the dash of salt, and the tiny bit of chili powder. When it comes to the chili powder, you really want to try for just a few/less than a dozen little flakes of the stuff. The ittiest-bitty bit of it is what you want.

Once mixed correctly, add the 8 oz. Of chocolate pudding. Whip it in well, stirring more than you think you might need to. The frothier, the better, in this case. Scrape your cake into a lightly-greased cake pan, and bake according to the original cake recipe's instructions.

Cool before frosting. I leave the frosting up to your own creative genius (Hint: any pudding and powdered sugar, whipped together, makes an interesting glaze.)

Originally published on Wikinut.

Jun 16, 2011

Georgia Storm images, scenes, and pics, June 16th, 2011

Not only is the world shaking from earthquakes, bubbling and glurging from all the floods, and still smoldering after all of the military combat activity, but now Georgia is hit by tremendous thunderstorms yesterday evening. I just want to share some of the scenes with regular readers, as well as visitors.

With their work cut out for them, repair crews around Georgia are answering calls for jobs like removal of this tree from a home. It's not just a part of the tree. It's the whole tree, right on top of the house, itself. Not only does this speak to the power of last night's storms, it also speaks to the quality of old-fashioned construction craftsmanship.

Those repair crew personnel are just amazing! Three stories up, this gutsy, and well-balanced guy is tackling the removal ~ bit-by-bit ~ of another log off from on top of an unidentified house. Of course, all of the houses in these scenes are unidentified. Why should we add any risk of embarrassment?

Well, progress is made, one step at a time. Hang in there, buddy, and keep up the good work.

Some homes got off much easier, than others. Fortunately for everyone involved, they're living in one of the friendliest, most-caring states in the Union.

Still, others were just lucky to only suffer some minor roof damage.

Of course, few trees in these parts of Georgia were spared a bit of the storm's furies.

All images credit: Donald Pennington

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At least 38,000 Georgia residents without power after torrential storms

In a year when storms have reminded Americans in all parts of their existence, Georgia residents become the latest Americans hit by torrential rainfall, and damaging winds. As of four hours prior to this notification, at least 38,000 Southerners are doing without power. Linemen, and those repair crews, deserve a History Channel® show of their own, don't they?

Residents all over the state of Georgia are just the latest to suffer a series of powerful storms.
Video source/credit: 11alive.com

Also in the mix for folks in the area, was a barrage of hailstones, which damaged property, of course. That's what hail is known to do. We can be confident our friends in Georgia will likely recover from these weather events somewhat easier than those in the Midwest, dealing with heavy flooding, and rebuilding from the sog. But, still, let's all keep our ear close to the ground, so we hear if Georgia begins calling for help, too.

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Vancouver PD and rioters clash; police bring in tear gas and flashbangs

Canucks fans and Vancouver police clashed earlier in response to demands by citizens calling for military involvement, if law enforcement is unable to stop the rioters. But the question arises: Why aren't citizens calling for -demanding- the riotehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifrs themselves quit behaving like fools? Why are Canadians so angry at law cops for what their jug-headed neighbors are doing? So what, if Boston has the trophy? Is it worth all of this wasteful, damaging idiocy? You should all be ashamed!

According to a CTV video on CTVBC.ctv.ca, we hear a report on the mass upset felt, by police inability to quiet the riot. Some call for Canadian government officials to call in the military.

They didn't bring in these guys.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Photographer: Glen Larson

As of 11:15 p.m., local time (PDT), police were responding to rioters with tear gas and flash-bangs, rather than tolerate those who would flip over a car and damage other property, over something so fleeting as a trophy. Perhaps a bit of tuning up all actors with one wallop, could perhaps make those “not-really-so-brave” others, think a bit on their actions.

It's a just a game trophy, for crying out loud! Whomever it was who first suggested damaging any property whatsoever, should face charges. If it's hundreds of Canadians, so be it.

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Jun 11, 2011

How to make Redgage make more money for us all

Redgage is a fairly basic concept, which, could prove quite lucrative eventually-for everyone. Even admin could end up walking away with several dollars a year, if they try. LOL.

But, really, if you're looking for the way to make Redgage a lot more lucrative, try this: Rate your friend's content, high. Go at least 4 stars, on anything.

Then, after having gone through, and rated at least a dozen of anything done by a friend, go on and share another document, blog post, link, photo, or video. As long as we're all sharing unique and fresh content, the site's value will increase.

All of this activity will also serve to inspire higher-quality activity. In short, Redgage will just become ever-increasingly more and more valuable, to us all. But that's just due to the rule of “a rising tide” lifting “all boats,” or something to that effect.

But having personally witnessed Redgage's value going up, just within my account, by the simple act of sharing, both on Redgage, and sharing Redgage itself – I can confirm it's a member's own, personal level of activity, which decides the value of each member's content. So, get active. Share, and rate a lot. Your value here will grow.
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Jun 10, 2011

What to do with scrap gold? Surely, you don't fall for Internet scams, right?

What to do when trying to get the best price for that old scrap gold and silver, lying around the house. Trusting Internet fly-by-nights is a laughable idea. What folks might want is someone who will actually pay top dollar, and has a physical location, where they can be found.

Southern residents, especially Louisiana, love these folks! Southwestern Louisiana residents already know what to do with their scrap gold and silver. They call Don, with Patriot Coins and Collectibles, at 337-292-6898. No matter how much or how little gold or silver a person might have to sell, these folks treat every buyer and seller, as if their whole reputation rides on the talk about town (because it does).

Contacting them to inquire as to the prices, amount paid, and how much they can expect will make the transaction that much easier for sellers. The folks here know in order to win over the greatest amount of clientele, they really need to offer the maximum dollar amount to sellers of scrap gold, silver, and any other precious metals.

Sometimes, folks just have a question about their stash of gold, silver, and even platinum. Questions as to how much value a person might have in some sort of precious metal, or even how much gold is in a certain karat-weight of a small piece of gold jewelry. Maybe there's a question or two someone might have about a particular gold coin in their family vault.

Questions on the metals market, prices, trading, and trends can be answered by a knowledgeable source who does his best to ensure "a rising tide" which "lifts all boats." For current market-related information, readers can turn to Neal at Patriot Coins and Collectables at 337-292-6898. Neal can also be reached via [link=http://PatriotCoinsnow.com]his website[/link].

For those just wanting to track the current spot price on precious metals, here's the answer. [link=http://www.kitco.com/]KitCo[/link] answers the questions of a body in possession of scrap silver, gold, or platinum. There are those who already know what they plan to do with their stash of metals, and who only wish to know current values. Some sources are available whereby gold is only the cost of the work it takes, to process it. A sell-price of anything near the current spot price of gold, makes an ounce worth quite an investment.

Usint these nice folks for an online price tracker is free. They're supported by the occasional transaction they might refer some day. The folks at [b][link=http://www.kitco.com/]KitCo[/link][/b] have repeatedly and consistently proven themselves reliable as a resource, upon which to base decisions. tracking, in-real-time, and worldwide markets make them a fun read, anyway, so enjoy yourself.

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Jun 8, 2011

We've found one our first global sponsors! Introducing Pro Smoke!

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Jun 6, 2011

Problems with the “dichloroacetate-as-a-cancer-cure” myth

Seeing a blog post about a possible cure for cancer on Facebook caught my eye, of course. The sheer numbers of cases of cancer in my family made me look. The hope of some new promise of a hopeful treatment for cancer made me read.

So tickled was I to read something which might be good, I saved the future search term “dichloroacetate,” as a status update on Facebook. I knew a Facebook status update would never go away. I wonder how many people thought I was just talking to myself, again.

So readers know just what I'm talking about, Here's the article. Those of us who've written for other sites, recognize a hub page. So, it should be obvious that not a lot of vetting the details of the report are going on. For the sake of others who perhaps have not written for a variety of sites themselves, Hub pages is a web site ran by bored old housewives, who pretend they're more intelligent than they likely are.

I'm not saying they're not “nice.” I'm saying they allow bad information onto their pages, unaware. With that being said, I'm still willing to read the report on a possible cancer cure. But, having looked into the piece on dichloroacetate as a cure for cancer, I'm heavily disappointed.

The information shared is sloppy, untrue, inaccurate, and just plain shitty. How's that for a take? Oh. I'm sorry. Is that wording offensive? Well, imagine the emotions of someone hoping for once, someone put up some truly worthwhile “alternative news.”

DCA is a possible lead, towards a successful strike against cancer. And according to PZ Myers, it just might warrant a bit of research. Of course, that'll be more likely in the case of non-industry supported research. But that's just because a product like DCA isn't patentable, and big pharma does deserve a return on their investment. They're in business like everyone else.

Here's to hoping that, before you share that next article on Facebook about a cure for cancer, you take a second and check if they're on a credible news site, of any sort, and then check the information itself. Too many times, a piece of crap is passed on as a piece of information, thanks only to a headline. Your IQ should be THIS HIGH before clicking the “share” button on Facebook.

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Who the hell elected Michelle Obama? Why is she being a food nazi, anyway?

Why is Michelle Obama being a food nazi? What's with this sudden importance of what the First Lady thinks about food? Who the hell elected Michelle Obama, to do anything?

We see reports in the leftist-news which portray Michelle as some sort of an authority on food - HOW? Even if she has the education geared towards making healthy fodd choices in the first place - Which would sorta factor in if we want a food czar who knows what the hell they're talking about anyhoo - EVEN IF she's at all qualified, who the hell elected the First Lady to take on any sort of responsibility in engaging in food/nutrition choices, for individual Americans?

We need to take the clock back all the way to Hillary Rodham Clinton to find another Food Nazi (Fud Nutzy) who wanted so much in power, and having deserved none whatsoever.

Why do we so quickly turn over, and surrender to the demands of the president's wife (no you don't capitalize it like that, anymore)? Why are we just so easily caving in to the demands of someone who just wants the thrill of telling folks what to do? We can't even rely on an objective viewpoint from the mainstream media these days. You might enjoy meeting this guy.

But i for one wish to bring up the inconvenient fact that any legislation pushed by Michelle Obama, or the spouse of any sitting president, isn't really legitimate. Screw it. I won't obey. I won't comply.

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You're probably wondering why I didn't do the June A to Z challenge.

Not one person commented with their blog, below.

I guess I'll just wait until I get enough followers, to get a response.
I'd planned to do this. But, not one follower responded. Not one. Nobody joined up. Feh.

One friend on Fb did mention an interest. But, still I saw nothing.

So, like I said, I'll just try it to , say, celebrate my 100th reader. Then it'll be more fun.

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