Jun 6, 2011

Who the hell elected Michelle Obama? Why is she being a food nazi, anyway?

Why is Michelle Obama being a food nazi? What's with this sudden importance of what the First Lady thinks about food? Who the hell elected Michelle Obama, to do anything?

We see reports in the leftist-news which portray Michelle as some sort of an authority on food - HOW? Even if she has the education geared towards making healthy fodd choices in the first place - Which would sorta factor in if we want a food czar who knows what the hell they're talking about anyhoo - EVEN IF she's at all qualified, who the hell elected the First Lady to take on any sort of responsibility in engaging in food/nutrition choices, for individual Americans?

We need to take the clock back all the way to Hillary Rodham Clinton to find another Food Nazi (Fud Nutzy) who wanted so much in power, and having deserved none whatsoever.

Why do we so quickly turn over, and surrender to the demands of the president's wife (no you don't capitalize it like that, anymore)? Why are we just so easily caving in to the demands of someone who just wants the thrill of telling folks what to do? We can't even rely on an objective viewpoint from the mainstream media these days. You might enjoy meeting this guy.

But i for one wish to bring up the inconvenient fact that any legislation pushed by Michelle Obama, or the spouse of any sitting president, isn't really legitimate. Screw it. I won't obey. I won't comply.

Patriot Depot

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