Jun 6, 2011

Problems with the “dichloroacetate-as-a-cancer-cure” myth

Seeing a blog post about a possible cure for cancer on Facebook caught my eye, of course. The sheer numbers of cases of cancer in my family made me look. The hope of some new promise of a hopeful treatment for cancer made me read.

So tickled was I to read something which might be good, I saved the future search term “dichloroacetate,” as a status update on Facebook. I knew a Facebook status update would never go away. I wonder how many people thought I was just talking to myself, again.

So readers know just what I'm talking about, Here's the article. Those of us who've written for other sites, recognize a hub page. So, it should be obvious that not a lot of vetting the details of the report are going on. For the sake of others who perhaps have not written for a variety of sites themselves, Hub pages is a web site ran by bored old housewives, who pretend they're more intelligent than they likely are.

I'm not saying they're not “nice.” I'm saying they allow bad information onto their pages, unaware. With that being said, I'm still willing to read the report on a possible cancer cure. But, having looked into the piece on dichloroacetate as a cure for cancer, I'm heavily disappointed.

The information shared is sloppy, untrue, inaccurate, and just plain shitty. How's that for a take? Oh. I'm sorry. Is that wording offensive? Well, imagine the emotions of someone hoping for once, someone put up some truly worthwhile “alternative news.”

DCA is a possible lead, towards a successful strike against cancer. And according to PZ Myers, it just might warrant a bit of research. Of course, that'll be more likely in the case of non-industry supported research. But that's just because a product like DCA isn't patentable, and big pharma does deserve a return on their investment. They're in business like everyone else.

Here's to hoping that, before you share that next article on Facebook about a cure for cancer, you take a second and check if they're on a credible news site, of any sort, and then check the information itself. Too many times, a piece of crap is passed on as a piece of information, thanks only to a headline. Your IQ should be THIS HIGH before clicking the “share” button on Facebook.

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