Dec 30, 2012

How to Make Homemade Marijuana Butter for all of Your Edible Marijuana Medicine Needs

First off, I'm not encouraging anyone to do anything illegal. If you're not legally allowed to use marijuana – whether in edible medicine form or not – then I'm going to ask you to visit somewhere else on the web. Perhaps another article on our blog or perhaps to a friend's website (Make a donation while you're there too. Help the guy out). Anywhere but here.

Also, if you're a minor, please just go away now. Anyone who remains on these pages, bears their own responsibility and I'm not holding a gun to anyone's head and making them read. Here in the free marketplace of ideas, it is the closest thing to a religious believe of mine, that all information shall be readily available. In any case, I would only recommend – even to those who are legally allowed to consume edible marijuana medicine (or recreational) – only make what is personally consumed. Personal consumption is a safer threshold even in those communities where the government is stubbornly ridiculous and enforce ineffective, antiquated laws known as “crimes against the state.”

That being said, edible marijuana is a viable option for those who need the marijuana wonder drug but can't – or simply don't want to – inhale smoke and hot ash into the lungs. If you're able to buy it legally, great. But if you're needing to save a few dollars on your edible marijuana medicine then, I'm your boy and my brain is your toy. *meow bat bat* It's easy to do and only requires the most basic things.

What you'll need to make edible marijuana medicine for your own, personal use of a 1 lb. marijuana butter batch:

One lb. salted butter
One oz. marijuana (bud, clipping, small stems), finely cut up
a double-boiler of some sort (a large saucepan within a larger saucepan works as long as you can keep the water filled. Some people use a crock-pot on low filled with water and a metal bowl)
Clean, new pantyhose for straining

What you do to make your own edible marijuana medicine (Told you this was easy. Okay, even if I forgot to, it is.):

1. Place both the butter and the finely chopped marijuana bud and/or trimmings into the bowl.
2. Cook for a minimum of 24 hours. MINIMUM!
3. Strain through new, clean pantyhose into desired container and let cool. Squeeze the drippings through the pantyhose. Remove all the liquids possible. Work patiently.
4. Discard strainings as you wish. Some will recommend a mulch-pile. Some will recommend using them in a salad.
5. From this point, use – pound-for-pound – as butter in any recipes. Popular options are brownies or cookies.

And in conclusion; knowing how important it is to be good to others, remember to be good to yourself too. Thank you for reading.

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Dec 29, 2012

From Cracked; 4 Dangerously Influential Dimwits

It's terribly possible that, even though they're owned by the meth-heads of Demand Media, may very well be the single, greatest website to ever exist other than Snopes and thousands upon thousands of other equally awesome websites.
The writers of Cracked don't just make me laugh. They also make me think, question myself and occasionally cringe from the type of realizations which give me feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness even though I'm alone in the bathroom at the moment I realize whatever it was at the time  and my only hope for saving face is that at least 80 percent of the world isn't bright enough to ever notice my countless faux pas during my life of painful ignorance for which I then determine myself to no longer continue in my fuckuppery.

With the piece I'm leading you to now, within this post, the brilliant Felix Clay shares his list of four of the most undeserving, incredibly dishonest, crooked, evil influencers in the world today. I gotta say this: He NAILS it! Look, it's such a great piece, I'm even going to shut up now and let you enjoy the read. You're welcome to read my snippet introduction, of course. Or, you can just go ahead and skip to the link reading "Read the rest here." Okay. OKAY! I'm shutting up now. Please stop yelling at me.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That's a popular belief that pervades society these days and is born of a curious and unearned entitlement, sort of like the way we all think a bus shouldn't have urine on it, but of course it does. It's also terribly untrue due to its lack of completeness. Everyone can have an opinion, but you have to be ready to accept that it may be wrong and misguided and in need of correction. That's not an opinion. That's a stone cold sexy fact.
Unfortunately, too many people have beliefs that are rigid and not open to change. Like trying to pee with a boner, they are difficult to manage and can be disastrous when forced in another direction. No one likes to hear that the things they strongly believe are wrong, but it's a disservice to all of us if we can't be open to the idea that we are wrong, and open to learning something new. And while it's true that no one is right all the time and no one knows everything, that's natural. What's unnatural are those people who have been elevated to a position of authority, rightly or wrongly, who use their power and influence to spread their wrongheaded beliefs, not just to the benefit of ignorance, but to the dangerous detriment of those who believe them. Basically I mean...Read the rest here.

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Dec 28, 2012

From DrHurd; Why the "Fiscal Cliff" is Really a Myth

Lately, we've all heard the "debates" over tax increases here in the US. And while the media is hyping Obama's plan as our one and only means of salvation - and while even Republicans are avoiding the harsh truths of our economic conditions - at least Dr Hurd is still speaking out.

So, I'll share him with you, my dear readers, in the hopes that at least some of you will pull your fingers out of your ears and stop with that silly "LALALALALAAAAA Not LISTENING" bullshit so many of us are doing. Enjoy:
All the talk of a “fiscal cliff” come January 1 is misleading.
It implies that there’s something politicians can do to avert disaster in the new year – and that if they do it, all will be well.
The fact is: All is not well. The reason isn’t the sequestration law with supposed spending cuts and tax increases to take effect.
The reason is that the government is spending and borrowing way, way beyond what the private economy has the ability to produce – even if taxes are raised.
You can debate whether it’s worse to let America “go over the fiscal cliff” or to make some kind of bipartisan deal (stacked in favor of pro-Big Government spending and taxation, as always).
It doesn’t matter. Either way, Americans are left with the reality that its government spends and borrows way beyond its means. Tax increases will not help this. Tax increases on “the rich” will help this least of all. This is because “the rich” are the ones who disproportionately spend and invest in the economy, whether it’s job creation, investment in stocks or private enterprises, or spending on luxuries. The more you take away from those with the most wealth, the less...Read the rest here.

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Dec 26, 2012

How to Reach Alpha Level Visualization

For those not yet familiar with the power of alpha level visualization, allow me to share just a bit on the topic before going into this easy-to-follow tutorial. Alpha level visualization is a state of mind between full-blown consciousness (beta level) and sleep (theta level). It's been described by some authors – such as  Shakti Gawain – as something similar to “lucid dreaming.” It is the ideal state of consciousness for anyone using either creative visualization or simply wishing to relax and meditate on good things in this life. It is, in fact, self-hypnosis and accessing your brain at alpha level is the programming station of the human brain.

Personally, I used it to have imaginary conversations with my late father after his death and to help myself with the grieving process. Others swear by using alpha level visualization to fight disease and program the mind for serious challenges.

While there are many aspects of alpha level visualization, a simple Google search will help neophytes in their quest for knowledge. Be careful though, to avoid the charlatans. Anyone who discusses the topic as anything more than the programming of your own brain, may very well be a fraud – or even harmfully ignorant of reality. I'm only sharing here the method I've learned over the years to attain a state of alpha. I hope it will help my readers, for whatever goals they hope to attain.

My method will require you a total of thirty days to master and simple patience. But, what a small investment of time and effort for all that the reader will discover. If you begin this, finish it. If you have no intention of finishing this, do not begin. Are we clear on this? Once you've finished this basic tutorial (which will be focused on an early morning daily schedule) you will then be able to go into alpha level at any time of the day or night – and even with your eyes wide open. Remember to bookmark this page for return visit and refreshers on the steps. I also recommend this be read three times through completely, due to the all-too-common tendency we humans share to miss small points. Let's begin, shall we?

Ideally, the best time of day to train yourself to reach the state of alpha is in the early mornings. Those with small children and/or hectic morning schedules may find it difficult to try this if you stay with the usual routine. So, at least for these first thirty days, wake yourself up a half-hour to hour earlier than everyone else in the household. This will require self-discipline on your part and yes, the very first phase has some level of difficulty. I'll keep my instructions as simple as I can, but very few things worth doing are easy in the beginning.

There are five stages of this lesson, each consisting of six days apiece. Each day's routine will be thus: On waking up, reset your electronic rooster to go off again in a half-hour. Then, lay back down – but not to full sleep. In your “mind's eye,” imagine yourself seeing a great big, all-encompassing sheet of blank white paper. If other thoughts try to “creep in” simply acknowledge them as the logical part of your mind trying to return you to your normal routine, thank your mind for doing its job and then get back to focusing on the blank sheet of white paper.

On this sheet, imagine seeing the number 40 being written (Either by hand or paintbrush or even imagine them as digital numbers. Whatever. The human mind is so creative.). Silently say “40” to yourself, take a deep, abdominal breath and feel yourself as if you're sinking just a bit into your bed. Allow the number 40 to fade away or disappear or scatter as if it's blown away by a breeze as you exhale. Let your entire body lay limp and relaxed.

Do the same routine for the numbers 39, 38, 37, and so on, until you reach the number 1. Upon reaching the number one, say to yourself, “I am here. I am rested, refreshed, happy and feeling better than ever before.” Go ahead and visualize something good on your sheet of paper (or screen, as some refer to it.) Let it be something good for you or others. There is no rule saying precisely what it should be but I highly recommend it be something good, since you are in the programming portion of your brain, while in alpha state.
Be patient, relax and resign yourself to the knowledge that these steps will take several minutes. If at any time, you feel an itch or twitch, take care of it and relax completely again as soon as possible, all while leaving your eyes closed.

Now, begin taking yourself back up, visualizing each number, saying it to yourself and letting it go. As you come back to 38 and 39, say to yourself, “on the count of 40, I will open my eyes, awake, rested, refreshed and feeling better than ever before.” On the count of 40, do so. Then go about your day as usual. Follow this ritual for the first six days.

Beginning with the seventh day of alpha level training, Follow the exact same procedure. Only, instead of starting at 40, begin at 30 and go though the same routine each morning for the next six days. On the thirteenth day, begin at 20 and follow the same routine. On the nineteenth, begin at 10 and of finally, on day 25, begin at 5. At each stage, allow yourself to count down completely, unhurried and relaxed. At the point of “1” and “I am here” allow yourself to visualize something good and helpful. It can be anything good.
What's happening here is you are conditioning yourself to relax to the state of alpha level thinking and practicing the ability to visualize something as realistically as possible. When you visualize something, allow yourself to see it as if it's actually occurring, even though you know it is merely your imagination.

After day number thirty – and from then on – you will be able to attain alpha level visualization with merely the countdown of five. You will also find you're able to attain the alpha level of your mind even if your eyes are open and you're fully awake and at work or shopping. If you're driving, please pull over first, simply because of the fact that you're behind the wheel of a 2,000 lb projectile.

But at the completion of this basic training over 30 days, you'll find yourself able to clearly visualize anything you desire as if you're actually there. You can use this to stay calm during a crisis. This can be used to tap into the creative forces of your mind, formulating business plans or even just working up the desire needed to attain a challenging goal. There really are no limits to what you use this newly-trained ability for. But I do recommend you use it to only program yourself to do the good and beneficial things.

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It Seems 2012 is the Year of the Internet Newbie

While it seemed for awhile there, the most searched for term during 2012 might have been “apocalypse” or even, “end-of-the-world,” no, it isn't either. The number one search term for the year 2012, in searches on is the word “Facebook.”

Not only have more people looked up the word Facebook, than any other (dominating at 4.13 percent according to Experian) the term itself is now the top searched term for the past four years running. Might they remain on top from now on?

On the business horizon, it doesn't seem like any enterprise is soon to take the position from “the kingmaker,” Facebook. But ultimately, all good things do – at the very least – change. One possibility is that the social network will perhaps become an integrated part of the background scenery of life. If society were only a bit more wired, Facebook could end up becoming the central hub of daily life. Civilization will refuse to become so hum-drum as to constantly stay connected to the computer. The mobile market is already heavily-integrated with Facebook, as it is – and we're only now discovering our new reliance on these latest toys called smart-phones.

Another two points byexperian , mentions also how, during 2012, one-word searches increased as a trend as well. Along with this, the second-most searched-for term is Google. Next, it was YouTube and Yahoo! - all search engines of a sort. With this input, it seems logical to assume the 33 percent higher inquiry for the term “Facebook” might be at least partially due to “newbies” logging on for the first time ever and only now learning how to find the social network on their own, without the help of any engine.

Out of the top ten search terms, only one was not either a search engine, email or YouTube – and even it is a search engine of sorts these days – eBay. Factoring this in leads for a fairly reasonable conclusion is that most of the search engine activity for 2012 is inexperienced novices learning how to find their way around online. But, once these newer, inexperienced Internet surfer learns their way around online more comfortably, we'll get back to tracking the true, popular attraction of the Internet to now-mainstream America: kitten videos.

Source, for those who missed the link:

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Dec 23, 2012

Having the kids over for Christmas 2012 (Video)

Janet's kids and their significant others came over to open gifts and eat. Not included in this was the excellent ham dinner and half of the laughs Johnnie gave his mom. Check out how many gifts surround these four young 'uns. Sorry my sound is wonked.

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Our Christmas Tree for Christmas 2012. (Images)

Well, the world didn't end with the last Solstice, so here's to enjoying another year alive at the beginning of the new year and Christmas. Our tree's up and we wanted to share the shots with family, friends and strangers alike. We hope you like it and Merry Christmas, everybody.

The first shot is so we can show off Janet's mad decorating ninja skilz. In the foreground, there's Amanda's stocking photobombing, as usual.

Then, of course, there's the gifts. Janet and I already exchanged ours but we still have those of the kids to go. Stockings, set on the floor with care, the tree taking over the television's place in the living room and all of the smiles waiting to happen when they see what she picked for each of them. (They're making out like bandits this year.)

Anyway, here's to everyone having a wonderful, peaceful, prosperous Christmas. And if you celebrate something else, we hope you have a wonderful time too, this holiday season. Thanks for visiting.

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Dec 4, 2012

Use White Vinegar for Easy Mold Removal

Mold, especially the nefarious black mold, causes problems ranging from just looking bad, to allergic reactions, and sometimes an asthmatic response, which for some, can prove fatal. So the need for mold removal is understood. The questions now remain of how to effectively remove the mold without using the harsh chemicals. The answer is white vinegar.

Yes! Use white vinegar to eliminate household mold! 
Some of us might suffer an allergic reaction to the chemicals used in most commercial cleaners available today. Others are simply more concerned about the long term effects of those chemicals on their families and pets. While others see said chemicals having an overall detrimental effect upon "Mother Earth" and their fellow denizens.

All that's well and good, but, will white vinegar work for mold removal? 
It most certainly will! You'll want to make sure you're using white fermented vinegar for the cleaning job, and you'll need to do some touch-up work every couple of days, but vinegar has been shown to effectively kill 80% of spores found in a home. Nothing kills 100%. Even modern-day chemicals can get all of those microscopic spores. They've even been seen to survive fire.

IMPORTANT! If you have allergies to mold, it is advisable to use a professional mold removal service. The risks simply aren't worth the savings.

For removing mold from household surfaces with white vinegar:

A) Fill an empty, clean spray bottle with undiluted, white vinegar. (It's recommended to use a new bottle for each different chemical in a household to avoid bad reactions from accidental combinations. Yes. Vinegar is a chemical.)
B) Spray the vinegar onto any flat surface desired. For applications such as sinks make sure and get the seals on the faucets, behind the faucets, or anywhere that low-levels of light reach. Making vinegar application part of a daily cleaning regimen is easy.
C) Dry the surface(s) thoroughly. Mold loves moisture.
D) Repeat about every other day or so.

White vinegar does more than removing mold from walls and surfaces! 
White vinegar and water in a spray bottle can be applied to bathroom walls, shower stalls, and other flat surfaces. But you'll be glad to know white vinegar is also effective at getting mold and mildew out of laundry. With the prices of clothing these days, anything that'll save someone from needing to throw out a $20 shirt, is a good thing.

Here's how to use white vinegar for laundry:
A) Make a mix of one part water, and one part vinegar. Laundry may require multiple gallons of each. Just make enough for the job.
B) Soak the clothing in this mixture overnight. Keep all small children away from the container preferably with a lid. Vinegar is edible. So this warning is based more on a fear of drowning than anything.
C) Rinse the vinegar out of the material and then wash as normal. If all of the vinegar isn't rinsed out it's not usually a problem and may even help clean the washing machine itself.


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