Dec 26, 2012

How to Reach Alpha Level Visualization

For those not yet familiar with the power of alpha level visualization, allow me to share just a bit on the topic before going into this easy-to-follow tutorial. Alpha level visualization is a state of mind between full-blown consciousness (beta level) and sleep (theta level). It's been described by some authors – such as  Shakti Gawain – as something similar to “lucid dreaming.” It is the ideal state of consciousness for anyone using either creative visualization or simply wishing to relax and meditate on good things in this life. It is, in fact, self-hypnosis and accessing your brain at alpha level is the programming station of the human brain.

Personally, I used it to have imaginary conversations with my late father after his death and to help myself with the grieving process. Others swear by using alpha level visualization to fight disease and program the mind for serious challenges.

While there are many aspects of alpha level visualization, a simple Google search will help neophytes in their quest for knowledge. Be careful though, to avoid the charlatans. Anyone who discusses the topic as anything more than the programming of your own brain, may very well be a fraud – or even harmfully ignorant of reality. I'm only sharing here the method I've learned over the years to attain a state of alpha. I hope it will help my readers, for whatever goals they hope to attain.

My method will require you a total of thirty days to master and simple patience. But, what a small investment of time and effort for all that the reader will discover. If you begin this, finish it. If you have no intention of finishing this, do not begin. Are we clear on this? Once you've finished this basic tutorial (which will be focused on an early morning daily schedule) you will then be able to go into alpha level at any time of the day or night – and even with your eyes wide open. Remember to bookmark this page for return visit and refreshers on the steps. I also recommend this be read three times through completely, due to the all-too-common tendency we humans share to miss small points. Let's begin, shall we?

Ideally, the best time of day to train yourself to reach the state of alpha is in the early mornings. Those with small children and/or hectic morning schedules may find it difficult to try this if you stay with the usual routine. So, at least for these first thirty days, wake yourself up a half-hour to hour earlier than everyone else in the household. This will require self-discipline on your part and yes, the very first phase has some level of difficulty. I'll keep my instructions as simple as I can, but very few things worth doing are easy in the beginning.

There are five stages of this lesson, each consisting of six days apiece. Each day's routine will be thus: On waking up, reset your electronic rooster to go off again in a half-hour. Then, lay back down – but not to full sleep. In your “mind's eye,” imagine yourself seeing a great big, all-encompassing sheet of blank white paper. If other thoughts try to “creep in” simply acknowledge them as the logical part of your mind trying to return you to your normal routine, thank your mind for doing its job and then get back to focusing on the blank sheet of white paper.

On this sheet, imagine seeing the number 40 being written (Either by hand or paintbrush or even imagine them as digital numbers. Whatever. The human mind is so creative.). Silently say “40” to yourself, take a deep, abdominal breath and feel yourself as if you're sinking just a bit into your bed. Allow the number 40 to fade away or disappear or scatter as if it's blown away by a breeze as you exhale. Let your entire body lay limp and relaxed.

Do the same routine for the numbers 39, 38, 37, and so on, until you reach the number 1. Upon reaching the number one, say to yourself, “I am here. I am rested, refreshed, happy and feeling better than ever before.” Go ahead and visualize something good on your sheet of paper (or screen, as some refer to it.) Let it be something good for you or others. There is no rule saying precisely what it should be but I highly recommend it be something good, since you are in the programming portion of your brain, while in alpha state.
Be patient, relax and resign yourself to the knowledge that these steps will take several minutes. If at any time, you feel an itch or twitch, take care of it and relax completely again as soon as possible, all while leaving your eyes closed.

Now, begin taking yourself back up, visualizing each number, saying it to yourself and letting it go. As you come back to 38 and 39, say to yourself, “on the count of 40, I will open my eyes, awake, rested, refreshed and feeling better than ever before.” On the count of 40, do so. Then go about your day as usual. Follow this ritual for the first six days.

Beginning with the seventh day of alpha level training, Follow the exact same procedure. Only, instead of starting at 40, begin at 30 and go though the same routine each morning for the next six days. On the thirteenth day, begin at 20 and follow the same routine. On the nineteenth, begin at 10 and of finally, on day 25, begin at 5. At each stage, allow yourself to count down completely, unhurried and relaxed. At the point of “1” and “I am here” allow yourself to visualize something good and helpful. It can be anything good.
What's happening here is you are conditioning yourself to relax to the state of alpha level thinking and practicing the ability to visualize something as realistically as possible. When you visualize something, allow yourself to see it as if it's actually occurring, even though you know it is merely your imagination.

After day number thirty – and from then on – you will be able to attain alpha level visualization with merely the countdown of five. You will also find you're able to attain the alpha level of your mind even if your eyes are open and you're fully awake and at work or shopping. If you're driving, please pull over first, simply because of the fact that you're behind the wheel of a 2,000 lb projectile.

But at the completion of this basic training over 30 days, you'll find yourself able to clearly visualize anything you desire as if you're actually there. You can use this to stay calm during a crisis. This can be used to tap into the creative forces of your mind, formulating business plans or even just working up the desire needed to attain a challenging goal. There really are no limits to what you use this newly-trained ability for. But I do recommend you use it to only program yourself to do the good and beneficial things.

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