Dec 26, 2012

It Seems 2012 is the Year of the Internet Newbie

While it seemed for awhile there, the most searched for term during 2012 might have been “apocalypse” or even, “end-of-the-world,” no, it isn't either. The number one search term for the year 2012, in searches on is the word “Facebook.”

Not only have more people looked up the word Facebook, than any other (dominating at 4.13 percent according to Experian) the term itself is now the top searched term for the past four years running. Might they remain on top from now on?

On the business horizon, it doesn't seem like any enterprise is soon to take the position from “the kingmaker,” Facebook. But ultimately, all good things do – at the very least – change. One possibility is that the social network will perhaps become an integrated part of the background scenery of life. If society were only a bit more wired, Facebook could end up becoming the central hub of daily life. Civilization will refuse to become so hum-drum as to constantly stay connected to the computer. The mobile market is already heavily-integrated with Facebook, as it is – and we're only now discovering our new reliance on these latest toys called smart-phones.

Another two points byexperian , mentions also how, during 2012, one-word searches increased as a trend as well. Along with this, the second-most searched-for term is Google. Next, it was YouTube and Yahoo! - all search engines of a sort. With this input, it seems logical to assume the 33 percent higher inquiry for the term “Facebook” might be at least partially due to “newbies” logging on for the first time ever and only now learning how to find the social network on their own, without the help of any engine.

Out of the top ten search terms, only one was not either a search engine, email or YouTube – and even it is a search engine of sorts these days – eBay. Factoring this in leads for a fairly reasonable conclusion is that most of the search engine activity for 2012 is inexperienced novices learning how to find their way around online. But, once these newer, inexperienced Internet surfer learns their way around online more comfortably, we'll get back to tracking the true, popular attraction of the Internet to now-mainstream America: kitten videos.

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