May 27, 2011

Senator Harry Reid Shoves Both of His Feet into His Mouth Again

Senator Harry Reid Unwittingly Confirms the Need to Let the So-called Patriot Act Expire

Senator Harry Reid (D Nevada), and Senator Rand Paul (R Kentucky) have been in a heated public debate over the re-authorization of the Patriot Act, and in an attempt to falsely demonize those of us who would want to re-claim our rights to privacy and a smaller, less-intrusive government, Senator Reid has unwittingly made a statement confirming the ineffectiveness of the act. Good job there, Harry.

According to a story on The Ticket, Senate majority leader Reid accused Senator Paul, and others who support him of "giving terrorists the opportunity to plot against our country undetected." He also states, "The senator from Kentucky is threatening to take away the best tools we have for stopping them."

In saying so, he's effectively accusing anyone who would want the draconian measure to expire, of willingly helping terrorists. As offensive as this blatant fear-mongering lie is, he went on to contradict himself, and it's just too bad he's not smart enough to realize how big of a gift it is. (Can't help but wonder if he and Joe Biden are related.)

Reid continued with: "We all remember the tragic Fort Hood shootings less than two years ago. Radicalized American terrorists bought guns and used them to kill 13 civilians. It is hard to imagine why the senator would want to hold up the Patriot Act for a misguided amendment that would make American(s) less safe." Did you catch it? Okay, for those of you who support (need) big government taking care of you in every aspect of life, I'll type slowly. Pay attention, now.

Is Senator Harry Reid aware of how ridiculous he is? The Patriot Act was in place when the tragic shooting at Ft Hood occurred. How is this reminder supposed to point out the effectiveness of the act? When Major Nidal Malik Hasan took the lives that he did, alone, the law was in full force-roving wire taps and all.

His was not a case of anyone buying guns without government oversight. The Ft Hood shooting wasn't committed by a Constitutionalist. So, if the Patriot Act did not stop this shooting, how on Earth is this tragic event a good example of the need to reauthorize it? Oh, I forgot. Senator Harry Reid, like so many in DC, is out-of-touch with reality.

Senator Harry Reid is no different than any other politician lusting after more power. When the Patriot Act was passed, wasn't it the Democrat camp which railed against Bush for it? Now that the DNC holds a majority in the Senate, they're staunchly supportive of the Patriot Act. Even though it was passed under the Bush Administration, it's now Democrats insisting on having the use of its broadly invasive powers. Talk about the tables turning.

Although DNC members decried the Patriot Act as a "power grab," having tasted that power themselves, they like it. There's just not a difference between any two average politicians. Power is addictive, and they live from fix to fix, like any other junkie.

Senator Harry Reid simply ignores the truth that our uniquely American freedoms need protection, and not the status-quo. When the Patriot Act was originally passed, the goal was to make it easier for different law enforcement agencies to cooperate in the fight against terrorist attacks. But lately, it's been directed at American citizens, instead. Any act or law passed, which contradicts our Bill of Rights, is just plain wrong.

Did the founding fathers have it all wrong? Can we Americans not be trusted with freedom? Personally, I'd rather take my chances in a free society, than to live in a "safer" prison of any sort. I understand there are dangerous people who hate America as "The Great Satan" in this world. But destroying what has made us a great nation-our freedoms and individual liberties-is not the way to protect ourselves from them. Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Originally published on the Yahoo Contributor Network.

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May 26, 2011

Sgt. Joseph Boziecevich convicted for double murder of fellow soldiers

It's a sad day for all Americans, when one of our military personnel are involved with any sort of criminal activity. Sadly, Sgt. Joseph Boziecevich is just such a case. While only one soldier is responsible for these crimes, such events reflect on all of our military, and the United States as a whole.

According to, out of Georgia, a military court has ruled Sgt Boziecevich guilty of Uniform Code of Military Justice, section 118, in gunning down two of his fellow soldiers on September 14th, 2008, for criticizing his battle performance during a tour in Iraq. The shooting occurred at a patrol station in Iraq.

One of the murdered soldiers, Sgt. Wesley Durbin of Dallas, Texas, was to take Boziecivich's place in battle. The other soldier who was gunned down was Staff Sgt. Darris Dawson of Pensacola, Florida, who was shot for his criticism of Boziecevich's performance, after a heated argument. Although sentencing has not been determined yet, the convicted soldier could face the death penalty for his crimes.

In a report from, no other soldiers from his unit could confirm such details, defense attorneys in the case portrayed his actions as self-defense, and that he only fired on the two other soldiers after they had both placed rifles against his head. It was Sgt. 1st Class John Dresel who testified that he tackled Boziecivich to the ground after seeing him shoot Dawson.

In this case, both the prosecutors and the defense took a two-week time frame to lay out their case, while the all-military jurors deliberated over a two-day period.

While there may be many who applaud the soldier's conviction, eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable. Opponents of the death penalty will probably act to get Boziecevich's sentence commuted to a life term, rather than face execution, for a conviction based on eyewitness accounts alone. Regardless of the sentencing decision, the families of everyone involved are the ones suffering the most.

Originally published (for the most part) on Gather News.

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May 23, 2011

How do you determine a good Texas Hold 'em Poker bet

Texas hold 'em poker isn't such a hard game to play. Remembering the fold is your best friend, most folks out of a table of 9, can just last until the top three. But, how does a player determine when a good bet is worthwhile? That's an easy question to answer, it's numbers to the rescue, again.

How to determine a good Texas Hold 'em poker bet: Boost your success percentages by three times, by waiting. Just using a series of folds, regardless of the cards in a player's hand, will allow a patient sprorts-person to be within the last three or four players at any table. If the table starts with a total of nine players, for example, being one of the last three, maybe four players gives an increased in simple percentage chance. Texas Hold 'em poker is a game of patience.

How to determine a good Texas Hold 'em poker bet: It's a simple calculation, really. It's (prize) x % chance of winning, divided by how much a player needs to bet. Allow this example to help: If the pot is a $100 pile, and you have a 20% chance of winning, but the bet requires a $25 raise to play, then it's no good. ($100 x 20% = $20 divided by $25 = .8) Now, a $200 pot, times a 50% chance of winning, requiring a $25 play would be a better risk. ($200 x 50% = $100 divided by $25 = 4.0)

Any equation with a net result of a solid “1.0” or better is a solid bet, but still no guarantee of victory. The idea is to mitigate loss, while striving for victory on the winnable hands. The more wins a player accumulates, obviously, makes any series of small defeats survivable.

How to determine a good Texas Hold 'em poker bet: Bet cautiously on the first opening. This one is a hum-dinger of a tip. This suggestion lone has won entire games for some players (author included). When a player has been folding for a sequence of five hands in a row, then suddenly bets small, moist other players mistake the small bet for a sign of some imagined fear. Large bets will incline bluffers to fold.

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May 22, 2011

In celebration of May, 2011 being my highest month ever, who wants to join me in a June A to Z blog challenge?

May, 2011 has proven to be my highest page view month for the blog, ever. I'm celebrating! Who's with me?

During June, 2011, I'm posting one item daily, each day but Sundays, for a total of 26 days. Each of the entries might be text, video, images, or audio. I'll decide when we get there.

As best I can, I'll try to keep my posting as current with the news as able. I'll do my absolute best to not suck as badly this time, as for the challenge inspired by Tossing it Out, from Arlee Bird.

I didn't mean to suck. It was my first challenge. They inspired me to do this one, in fact.

Whether anyone else joins me or not, I'm announcing this one early, so I'm held to it. There's no backing out now. If you do want to join, say so in a comment, include a link directly to your blog, and share this blog post, with as many others as you wish. Yes. One of my requirements for you to join me, is you invite many, many others too. (Or, at least some, right?)

As we each develop our blogs, our styles, and our niche, we'll only improve as writers, and bloggers, right? Of course we will! Our new readers and followers of today, are our good friends and chosen family, of tomorrow! Who knows who's out there to meet tomorrow?

The possibilities are endless.

As mentioned: Even if not one other blogger/writer/real world friend joins me on this anywhere, I'm still doing it. Heck. I'll do this, just to go end up finding a world of new readers, anyway. But, if you join me too, I'll promise you, finishing it will benefit you, in so many ways. Fear not! This is also a prime way to increase your new blog traffic. It works!

One topic daily, beginning with “A,” going through to “Z,” for each day but Sunday, will help you loosen up those writing valves, but you'll find your relevancy gets a boost in Google searches, too. There are only about a hundred benefits to you joining me on this. List your name, your blog, url, and title below in the comment boxes. Then, get this particular post out to everyone you know, and invite them too. (Using a link from your own blog is fine. In fact, that'd be awesome!)

Whaddya say? Join me this June? Please? Help me celebrate my biggest month ever?

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May 21, 2011

Who wants their youth, energy, and vitality back?

The challenge in life isn't always so much the willingness to get up one more time than we're knocked down, it's the energy to get back up one more time. Life itself, on a great day, can be tiresome, and cumbersome. Somehow, most folks believe, there must be some way to regain at least some of our original youthful vim, vigor, and energy.

Two major factors affect our energy levels. In our youth, these extra factors were easily managed, thanks to high metabolism. With age, a slowed metabolism makes what's normally a lighter burden, into something significant to bear.

The first factor is dehydration. Not having enough water, just mucks up the cellular mechanisms of your body. Drinking water is one of the key aspects to retaining high-efficiency energy output. One good approach, for those who just refuse to stop long enough each day to drink water, is to follow this simple plan, and enjoy a simple tonic with each meal.

The second aspect of regaining a youthful level of energy is to keep the metabolism motor running at high capacity. Most folks hear such an idea and immediately picture hours and hours in a gym each week. Not always so, said the wise old man to me, and we shall see.

Ahem Err, Were I to tell you there's a easier, simpler, quicker way to follow just one two-minute daily exercise, for just 30 days, and you'll never want to return to your old, standard, boring, sluggish lifestyle, ever again, how would you want to thank me? You can thank me, by subscribing for free!

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Short stories might be the way to go, for new authors

Looking around, as a new writer myself, I see a lot of stories from established authors which all read with a similar theme: Sell short stories. Now, if the kind of names who can demand 7-figure advance fees to pen a novel are suggesting I should start out with short stories, I'm giving them my attention.

It's always been fun to tell stories (ask my ex). I've loved nothing more in my life than to spin a yarn, and in spte of the Texas version of a public school system, I've finally learned enough about spelling and punctuation to accomplish a tale or two. I'll still need an impartial editor, but it's my belief somewhere, deep, deep, down in my mind, is a science fiction piece or two, just waiting to be born.

So my friends (readers) and readers (friends) know, if I'm a little silent sometimes over the next few days, it's because I'm working. If I'm not answering the phone, I'm likely still alive, just focusing. Developing those relationships, revealing flaws within my protagonists/virtues within my antagonists is not as easy to some of us, as it might be for others. So, I'm focusing.

Those who insist on beating on my door during this time might get a dose of Jack Nicholson from “As Good As It Gets.” So, be prepared. But, in the long run, my stained khakis, and my anti-social behavior will be worth it. Once I sell enough copies of my first couple of e-books to keep my monthly child support paid, my next project is to open a soup kitchen to feed the poor.

Because besides my love of telling a dandy bullshit story, I love to feed people, even more. So please, dear readers, now is the time I need your support more than ever. Whaddya say?

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May 19, 2011

College students: Want some cash back? Sell us your books!

Are you a college graduate, no longer in need of all those college textbooks? Might you happen to be needing a little extra cash? Sell us your textbooks!

Why not rid yourself of those burdensome, never-used memories, and help a new fellow student, in the process? US/UK/CA/AU and NZ students welcome to ask how much we'll pay you!

We pay top dollar on your good-condition, second-hand, current college textbooks. Visit us through our banner, and at least learn how much we'll pay you for those old texts.

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Unabomber Ted Kaczynski now suspected of 1982 Tylenol poisoning- Feds requesting DNA

Twenty-nine years later, Law enforcement always gets their man. Infamous as the Unabomber, Ted Kazcynski is now suspected by Federal authorities of involvement in the 1982 Tylenol poisonings, which killed seven.

According to a report from the Modesto Bee, Kaczynski is currently serving a sentence in the federal “Supermax” prison in Florence, Colorado. In an effort to compensate some of the victims of his bombing attacks, the federal government put his worldly possessions up for sale this last Wednesday, May 18, 2011. It was from this sale, other key pieces of information now point to suspicions against him as the poisoner.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Copyright: Public Domain

During the sale, the Unabomber Manifesto fetched a bid of $10,000, and his hoodie went for $3,000. But it's a letter he wrote, reminding investigators of initial suspicions, which have investigators requesting his DNA, all these years later. The convicted bomber's family did live in the Chicago area, at the time of the bombing. Other sleuths online have suspected him for years.

In his own defense efforts, Kaczyski wrote the court to stop a part of the auction, which he believes might prove his whereabouts, or some other exonerating information. He states "I have never even possessed any potassium cyanide," While anyone would deserve the chance to defend themselves, let's all wait and see what law enforcement learns.

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May 18, 2011

Why are we still paying politicians?

Have you ever asked yourself, if we have enough laws? Why do we endure politics, in the first place? Do we Americans, really have any further need of their jobs? I'm not talking about law enforcement. We need those folks. I'm talking only about law makers. Haven't they made enough laws by now?

Why are we spending such incredulous amounts of money, paying for, supporting – and further – donating to, these folks to help them just get re-elected? It's no longer a question of which party we might belong to anymore, as why haven't we retired all government lawmakers?

Being the job of a law maker is to...well...make laws, and those laws stimey a free market, aren't we doing nothing other than crippling our own free markets, and therefore our own lifestyles, by furthering the activities and existence of any sort of over-funded bureaucracy?

Why the hell do we even need putzes like this guy around, anymore? Come on!
Credit: Public Domain Wikimedia Commons

Why do we still need law-makers? At the very least, ask yourself, as an American, why do they need to be full-time, and paid so well? Why, on Earth, would we keep our professional busy-bodies in DC, on make-work, special-interest-funded, agenda-minded, vote-buying, “public works?” Do we really need to keep them all on, regardless of party, at full time? Can we even afford them, anymore? They've done their job, with some...what...10,000 existing laws?

And no! Before you even ask...I'm not talking about any form of “overthrow.” I merely hope to see both Congress, and the Senate, vote themselves as obsolete, and all-too-costly, given our current, economic crisis. Secretaries can pass the annual budget, as staff is dramatically reduced, and the president is furthermore, only “on-call,” in the event of military action. (Why are we paying them, either?)

I really doubt to hear from anyone who can argue the law-making side of government has filled it's role, and may very well therefore be obsolete. Politics, like war, might be totally unnecessary, behind it all. Our legislative body, may be an inefficient use of our own tax dollars, and should be done away with, as soon as humanly possible. If you agree, share, stumble, or Tweet the link. Share this everywhere you can, and bookmark it. Pass it along to everyone you can.

I'm not asking anyone for a penny. I'm only spreading an idea whose time has come. Government should be a tool of the people, not a bunch of tools, over the people. Stop the parasitism, upon our uniquely free, American society. Spread the word. There is no “divine right” to rule. Bring visitors here, too, please.

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A folk remedy to prevent diarrhea in adults which works for me personally

While the topic of diarrhea in and of itself, seems a disgusting topic, it's one that all-too-often affects the average adult at more than one time in their lives. Not only is the condition an uncomfortable and inconvenient one, diarrhea can pose a serious threat risk. Rather than waiting for an infection and then treating it, would it be better to prevent it?

I'm not a doctor. Nor am I any sort of medical professional. So, if you're looking for actual, traditional, licensed medical opinions, a reader may be better served by WebMD (Or, I'll save you a step. Just go into the Emergency Room at your local hospital.). I'm only sharing a traditional folk remedy for diarrhea that works consistently for me. This can not, and will not, be put forth as any medical advice. Check with your own health care provider, should you have any questions.

Barring any food allergies, this simple tonic works miracles to keep a case of diarrhea from getting the chance to inflame the digestive tract, in the first place. Most households already have the three (yes...three!) ingredients. If they don't, these are easily bought from any grocery store. So, without further ado, here's the tonic recipe:

In an 8 oz. Glass of water, add two Tablespoons of honey (any variety) and two Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (again, any variety/brand).

Stir the ingredients until all oh the honey is dissolved. This can take a minute or two. It might even help to use a teaspoon to work the honey off of the Tablespoon while stirring.

Drink this concoction prior to eating any meal, at least three times a day. Ta-daaa! That's it!

Even if you do manage to skip this, every once in a while, the overall benefit is there not only in the obvious hydration to the body (People are often woefully dehydrated), but the apple cider vinegar serves to kill off many harmful bacteria, and thereby preventing (sometimes, in my case, treating) the cause of the condition known as diarrhea.

Some of the bigger health-nuts on the dubydubydubya lay claim to beneficial aspects of the honey, too. As well, the grapevine in health circles sometimes lays claim to this tonic being beneficial in weight control, too. But, thus far, for myself, that's turned out to be just rumor. That's all above my pay-grade anyhoo, and I'm not going there. The honey seems to improve the taste somewhat, and was part of the original recipe I learned years ago. So I left it in.

This has worked for me when I was out of honey, also. So, the biggest contributing factor seems to be the apple cider vinegar. Start with smaller amounts, if that's more comfortable for you. Use this in good health. Subscribe to me. It's free.

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May 17, 2011

Brian and Shannon Gore tragedy in Virginia opens discussion forum on child abuse and neglect

In a story so shocking, most folks likely had to stop reading for a moment in order to process the mental images summoned, the case of Brian and Shannon Gore of Gloucester County, Virginia couldn't be imagined as beneficial to anyone – even in the long term.

Image credit: Gloucester County Sheriff's Department

But from the disgusting behavior of these two sub-humans posing as parents, human nature has once again chosen to try to turn such a negative, into something hopefully positive. In response to the heartbreaking case of the Gore's four-year-old daughter being caged like an animal, and starved, child-abuse awareness activists are hoping to discuss something in recognizing cases of abuse and neglect, this May 18th, 2011.

According to, here's a reader's chance to ask questions about child abuse and neglect. What constitutes abuse? What should you do if you suspect abuse? Tune in for a live Web chat Wednesday, May 18, at noon, EST. Join Betty Wade Coyle, executive director of Prevent Child Abuse Hampton Roads, and representatives from Child Protective Services in Newport News to find answers to your questions. Can't make the chat? Email questions in advance to

With as sad as a case as that of the Gore “family" is, it's all so much more important for the average lay-person on the street, to be able to speak up, and prevent another such tragedy. Learn when, why, and how to say something, on behalf of a defenseless child May 18th, 2011 at the fore-mentioned link. This video conference is free and open to the public. Come visit me on Yahoo!

It's not just Louisiana: Millions of acres of land in multiple states, and tens of thousands of people, displaced by flooding (Video)

The Great State of Louisiana is living a veritable nightmare. Along with those 25,000 Louisiana residents – favorably referred to as “Cajuns” - being forced out of their homes and lives, the state also reports millions of acres of land being temporarily unusable. Farms, homes, and entire communities will be inundated with up to 15 feet of water until Mid-or-late June, 2011.

The following video covers the interview with Sheriff Martin Pace of Warren County, Mississippi shows it's not Louisiana alone, suffering. Sheriff Pace's opening answer of “It's as bad as it gets,” probably surmises the scene for Southern states, better than any reporter could. CNN did a great job by opening with that reply.

Fortunately, thus far anyway, there have been no reports of loss of lives, as in death. But to lose a home, a business, or an entire community, is still a traumatic experience to endure. In the small Mississippi community of Vicksburg in Warren County, Mississippi, the numbers of those fleeing the area is estimated at just over 1700 people impacted by displacement. That's just one county in Mississippi.

Overall, Southern states affected by the flooding will also endure hundreds of millions of dollars in agriculture losses, during the weeks during which the spillway flood-gates of Morganza, Bonnet Carre, and New Madrid stay open. Bonnet Carre is already reporting handling more water than anticipated. With 330 of the 350 bays open, the water capacity is expected to be 250,000 cubic feet of water per second. They're calculating the reality to be 316,000 cubic feet per second. (Fun fact: Each cubic foot contains 7.48 gallons of water. Crunch those numbers, dear readers.)

Sadly, in spite of all that is being endured, Baton Rouge might still flood. Water levels in that city are already at 45 of the 47.5 feet, which would surpass the record set in 1927 flood of 47.3 feet.

Still, there are some reports of good news for Louisiana. Unlike 1973, the last time any spillways needed to be opened, the ground is drier this year. That equates to a slower flow of the released water. While a total of 396 million acres are expected to be flooded, at least those affected, are experiencing a slight delay. In spite of the water's delay, there are still many affected, even now. Please take the time to contribute to your local Red Cross, or Salvation Army. Louisiana, and other Southern states, are in dire need of every American's help.

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May 16, 2011

Aerial images of the Morganza Spillway opening to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans

Last May 14th, 2011, the United States Army Corps of Engineers had to decode whether to purposefully flood the Great State of Louisiana, or let the cities of Baton Rouge, and New Orleans, be destroyed. Although even now, the two cities aren't guaranteed to be safe from flooding, the Corps decided to at least try. In so doing, the call was made to open three spillways altogether.

The first spillway was the Bonnet Carre. Then, the New Madrid, and just last Saturday, it was the Morganza. The excellent reporters and camera-persons of WAFB/WLBT did a sterling job of capturing us all footage for this commentary, and they deserve a hat tip here.

In the first image, we have the news chopper making their approach for a visual on the opened bay. While it's small, in comparison to the entire spillway, this one small bay allows 125,000 cubic feet of water per second.

As the news chopper gets closer to the Morganza Spillway, the workers and observers on the pavement above are seen scurrying excitedly about. No doubt, some of these folks are somewhat emotional. Literally thousands of acres of land are expected to be under upwards of 15 feet of water, within 48 hours of the event documented here.

A broader shot of the Morganza Spillway shows a better view of how many workers and others were on hand for this historic event. There might not have been any ribbon-cutting, but this event will prove historically significant.

One final close-up of the opened bay shows a bit of the power of the current. One cubic meter weighs a metric ton. So the forces behind the current from the spillway would destroy a building. Even when most of the current is slowed, some 25,000 people are still expected to lose property to the flood waters, until this June, at earliest.

By opening the Morganza Spillway, the Army Corps of Engineers hopes to divert water away from Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Unfortunately, not only does the map show how much other land will flood, their own disclaimer states the results cannot be guaranteed. Both cities, and all of this rural countryside might still flood.

On the other hand, doing nothing will all but guarantee the two cities' destruction. To lose these two major metropolitan communities – one being a state capital – would cause pain on a national level. Baton Rouge and Louisiana are both worth saving. Now, the rest of us need to be there for those negatively impacted by this gambit ordered by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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Aerial view, as Morganza Spillway opens: Louisiana needs your help (Video)

On May 14th, 2011, the Army Corps of Engineers made the difficult choice of opening the Morganza Spillway, for the first time since 1973, in the hopes of saving both Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana from flooding.

An estimated 25,000 people are purposefully being displaced from their homes and lives, in order to save a greater number, within the two cities. Besides the simple math of Louisiana's Great Gambit, to destroy Baton Rouge or New Orleans with flood-waters would be to cripple a state's economy, and those ripple effects, would be felt nation-wide.

As the Morganza opens, some adventurous camera crew and reporter thought enough of us all to capture some of the moment, from an overhead perspective. In the video, readers can see the first of the thee bays officials have opened. From just that one, 125,000 cubic feet of water gush.

Two other spillways have been opened already in the effort to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans: The Bonnet Carre, and prior to that, the New Madrid in Missouri. Of the mostly rural areas flooded in the move, Butte La Rose has enjoyed the most coverage from CNN, but to forget all of the good, Cajun folk impacted by this event, is impossible.

The Red Cross is reported to have made 3,000 beds available. But with a number like 25,000, it's a matter for most to find shelter with friends, family, or other resources. So, for those of us in the world, still able to do so, it's imperative you visit, and make any contribution possible. While, fortunately, this isn't so much a blood drive, as it is a food/clothing/supplies drive, it still requires funds to be executed.

We Americans have been great about helping other countries. Japan, Haiti, and Indonesia come immediately to mind, so we can also be just as good to our fellow Americans in Louisiana, hurt by the flood resulting from opening the Morganza Spillway.

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May 14, 2011

Morganza Spillway opening in Louisiana to save Baton Rouge, New Orleans

After opening the Bonnet Carre Spillway last May 9th, 2011, officials have also decided to open the Morganza Spillway today, in an effort to spare Baton Rouge and New Orleans inevitable flood damage which would otherwise occur. While the clear majority of Louisiana residents would agree the two cities are worth saving, the costs to those affected are tremendous.

According to, the event planned at 3:00 p.m. today marks the second time the Morganza Spillway needed to be opened, the last time being 1973. Out of the 125 bays, only one will be opened today. Authorities anticipate opening one or two more on Sunday, May 15th.

In a report from CNN, it's the community of Butte La Rose, Louisiana soon to be under-water, to an expected depth of 15 feet, within 48 hours. Those waters aren't expected to clear out until mid-June. Approximately 800 households are going to be affected. But with flood-waters around Baton Rouge already reported at nine feet, Louisiana officials and the Army Corps of Engineers have no other reasonable choice.

Image Source: Army Corps of Engineers

Copyright: Public Domain

Engineers in charge have pre-determined the Morganza Spillway will be opened when the volume reaches 150,000 cubic feet of water. At full capacity, Morganza can transfer 600,000 cubic feet of water per second. The initial opening today will release 125,000.

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May 13, 2011

Can social networks like Redgage help with marketing affiliate programs?

Imagine having a range of products and services available, at the click of a mouse, and thousands of social network contacts who view your content. What would you have? Most folks are optimistic, and assume they'll have a vast fortune set on auto-pilot, from there on out.

While such a scenario would be ideal, were it possible on Facebook or Twitter, it's just not. Few affiliate marketers find raging success on either social networking platform. Why? There are just too many distractions from the goal.

How many different apps might the average reader of this piece get sent daily? How many game invitations, gifts, and “questions?” Now, how many different groups and/or events have come in, this past week alone? Anyone who has ever experienced Facebook knows exactly the experience of getting Facebooked.

Now, imagine having a vast array of those same products and services, and a vast, growing, friendly readership, who make money from their social networking activity? How many more of your shares might you imagine being read, now? Imagine a social networking platform where a marketer gets paid to just find readers to see offer links!

Regardless of who clicks-through, reads, bookmarks, shares, or simply skims, branded-affiliate marketers can use to share their wares, and in return for using the ad-supported template, get paid for placing those links, images, videos, and music tracks to share. It's that simple. Artists and musicians encouraged (pleaded with and cajoled, also) to join. Sign up right now, by clicking here! Membership is 100% free to all!. Nothing to buy, or join, other than our social networking community. We're so glad to have you aboard.

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May 12, 2011

Pat Condell: First President of Planet Earth?

I always enjoy what Pat Condell has to say about current events, society, politics, and religion. Whether it's a reply to a gum-slapping fool, or fresh perspective on the death of Osama bin Laden, Mr Condell is obviously one of the web's true "critical thinkers," and I'm grateful for him.

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May 11, 2011

NATO strikes on Libya and a refugee crisis (video)

In the midst of a refugee crisis of historic proportions, another airstrike by NATO forces was reported out of the capital city of Tripoli. Witnesses are stating the sound of four explosions, in quick succession, and each followed by a familiar “whooshing” noise commonly associated with cruise missiles.

According to an AP report on, reporters were unable to ascertain the exact targets hit today, due to not being allowed out of their hotel without government handlers. At this point, no further details on the attack are available, other than it came mere hours after the appearance of Moammar Gadhafi on television, in hopes of silencing rumors of his demise

But, along with a toppled government, and the obvious property damage, is the cost of the hardship put on the Libyan people. First, there are the deaths of hundreds, possibly thousands of soldiers and rebel fighters. Add to that, the collateral damage of the as-yet-unknown numbers of civilian casualties. Also being reported today are more than 1,000 deaths and counting of refugees while fleeing Libya.

According to the following video, UN authorities are counting an estimated 746,000 Libyan refugees. While UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres is making a plea for all of Europe to receive them, the UK is on record as wishing to not share the burden. He does also report the Swedish are showing a fast response in interviewing refugees. Over 1,000 refugees are said to have died during risky flight over water, on over-crowded boats.

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Battlestar Galactica: The game

If the creators of Battlestar Galactica, the game have put half of the effort into the programming as did the creative genius did into the show, players are in for heck of a good time! Well they did!

The same people who brought us Dark Orbit, and Sea Fight, now bring Battlestar Galactica to the ravenous throngs of video game players around the world!

Even those folks new to gaming might enjoy this one. The beautiful 3-D graphics and functionality make for a great time to be had. Who knew a game which runs on your browser could rival the elegance of a client-based game? Give it a try. you'll have a ball fighting Cylons.

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Sign the petition to investigate the BATFE

On December 14, 2010, Brian Terry -- a U.S. Border Patrol Agent protecting our southern border between Arizona and Mexico -- was brutally gunned down by Mexican drug runners.

Brian Terry’s MURDER was supposed to give the gun-grabbers another statistic -- “proving” the need for more funding and more anti-gun agents for the out-of-control Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE).

And with any luck, they hoped, it would also allow anti-gun Attorney General Eric Holder to set the stage for a new, PERMANENT “Assault Weapons” Ban.

But that was BEFORE news broke that the BATFE had been sitting on its hands for years while it watched Mexican gangs use “straw purchasers” to buy firearms in the U.S. and then walk the guns over the border.

And now, thanks to “Project Gunrunner,” one of those firearms was likely used to MURDER Brian Terry!

That’s why it’s vital you click here and sign the petition to your Congressman and Senators DEMANDING they fully investigate the BATFE’s “Project Gunwalker” -- and stop any funding increases for this rogue agency.

The truth is, the BATFE has never been afraid to spill innocent Americans’ blood in their headlong rush for more money and more power.

But today, they’re asking Congress for 200 new agents and $54 MILLION in anti-gun slush funds to terrorize law-abiding Second Amendment supporters -- even while BATFE agents are refusing to talk about “Project Gunrunner!”

The reason is simple. They’re flat-out terrified at just how high up in the Justice Department this scandal could go!

Well, I hope you agree it’s flat-out UNNACCEPTABLE for an over-funded, power-hungry and entirely unnecessary law enforcement agency to enable criminals to do their worst -- just to grab more funding power and further their anti-gun agenda.

That’s why it’s vital you take this actions IMMEDIATELY.

Please click here and sign the enclosed petition to your Congressman and Senators DEMANDING they fully investigate the BATFE’s “Project Gunwalker” -- and stop any funding increases for this rogue agency.

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May 10, 2011

Father charged with killing boy buried in NW Ind. - From msnbc

A northwest Indiana man was charged with murder and neglect Tuesday in the death of his 13-year-old son, whom prosecutors said he kept locked in a dog cage for more than a year before he died.

Riley Choate, 39, of Hammond, also was charged with battery and criminal confinement in the April 2009 death of Christian Choate, whose apparent body was found last week in a shallow grave where Riley Choate told police he buried it with lime to make it decompose faster.

Lake County police released the charges just hours after Riley Choate pleaded not guilty to preliminary charges of altering the scene of a death, a felony, and failing to notify authorities of discovering a dead body and failing to report a dead body, both misdemeanors. Officials say it could take months to confirm the body's identity through DNA testing.

The same charges were filed against the boy's apparent stepmother, who was identified in court documents as KImberly Leona Kubina, Kimberly Leona Kubina-Choate or Kimberly Leona Choate. She was 45. Lake County Police Deputy Commander Rob Arnold said it wasn't clear whether the pair were married, but Kubina told police the couple were married in 1999.

Both were being held without bond Tuesday in the Lake County Jail.
Speaking before police released the additional charges, defense attorney Randy Godshalk said there appeared to be "inconsistencies" in some witnesses' stories included in the affidavit. The prosecutor's office said Kubina did not have an attorney.

Police began investigating on May 1 after Christian's mother reported she had received a phone call from her teenage daughter telling her about the...Read more here.

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May 7, 2011

Latest economic report shows increase in number of available jobs while unemployment still grows

It looks as if the American economy just might be on the mend. Although there's still no guarantee our financial health fully recovered, the latest economic report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the number of available jobs in the US has risen by 244,000. Both private and public sectors are seeing an uptick in the need for more labor.

Meanwhile, the same government report shows unemployment edging the rest of the way to a full 9 percent, which seems to contradict an increase in jobs. Unemployment figures are derived from applications for unemployment applications, not necessarily all of those not working.

That apparent contradiction is also due to an illusion created by available figures not being in “real time,” or instantly available, as they occur. What we Americans hear reported are numbers from at least a month or two. Also, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, not every household in America is sampled in the calculation of unemployment figures for any given month. The same economic report can say unemployment is up, and job growth is being seen at the same.

In short, even though unemployment figures might sound bad, the numbers aren't exactly a clear picture of what's actually happening at any given time in the jobs market. Companies can be hiring, even though unemployment seems to be growing, because the reports aren't an accurate picture in the first place.
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May 4, 2011

Brian and Shannon Gore face child abuse and murder charges in Virginia

In a story which could break the coldest of hearts, police have rescued a 5 or 6-year-old girl found caged in a home so hungry, she was attempting to eat her own skin. Her “parents,” Brian and Shannon Gore are facing charges of child abuse. In addition to charges of felony child abuse, the mother is being charged with attempted capital murder, and both are being charged with murder, after the discovery of a second child's body by police, buried in their yard.

According to a report on police were following up on a lead in a burglary investigation which led to the home of Shannon Gore, where they made the grisly discovery.

In addition to the little girl, police also found a one-month-old baby boy, who is reportedly in good condition. Fortunately for both children, they're now in the care of Gloucester County's Department of social Services. A neighbor is also reported to have said that during the six years of being a neighbor of the Gores, he had never seen a little girl, and was only aware of the boy.

Far too many parents confuse strong emotions for their children, with love for their children. Parenting is more than mere “feelings.” In cases such as these, society can be grateful for the thankless job done by social workers. Our little ones have no choice but to rely on the care of parents, until they're big enough to fend for themselves. Here's to both of these two rotting in a filthy, miserable prison cell, for their willingness to harm their own.

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South Korean taxi driver found crucified in empty stone quarry

Personal religious beliefs aside, this is one strange case. Authorities in South Korea are reporting the discovery of a body found in an apparent crucifixion. The dead man, identified only as Kim, was said by neighbors to have “hard core religious views,” but law enforcement agents there are not declaring yet whether his death was a suicide, or a homicide.

According to a report from, Kim was found with his hands and feet nailed to the cross, as well as a hammer, nails, a guide to building a cross, and near his body – a mirror – allegedly so he could watch himself suffer. Also beside the corpse were two smaller crosses, which bore no bodies, but appear to be an attempt to replicate the biblical account of the original crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Even if this violent act were something Kim had wished upon himself, the scene reported by South Korean police begs the question: Who was his accomplice? Logic alone would require someone's help in nailing both of his hands and feet to the home-made cross. Besides the likelihood of severe pain bringing such plans to a halt, how else would his second hand been nailed, if his other was already secured?

Is the scene discovered by police some form of bizarre ritualistic killing? Or, might this simply be a case of one, or more, particularly sadistic killer(s)? Only a thorough investigation by police will ever reveal the truth behind the death. Until then, those close to Kim have only the tragic loss to deal with, and so little to go on.

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May 2, 2011

One final note of gratitude on the April A to Z Blog Challenge

I just want to thank the folks who started the April A to Z Blog Challenge. The good you did me was more than I expected, and I'm grateful. I've really enjoyed myself in all of this, and those things I learned can't be measured.

But the best thing which happened to me from all of this is my oldest daughter (almost 15) decided to give blogging a try. She's now the creative force behind KatieSpeaks. I sorta owe all of that to you folks. I can't thank you all enough.

When Marie Anne St Jean first told me about the challenge, I'll admit to my reservations. But, needing a challenge, this seemed to fit the bill. The Challenge was something requiring consistent, daily effort, goals, and it didn't involved me talking to retail customers.

Since then I've picked up 17 new, regular readers, met a whole pile of bloggers, and learned what it means to take crappy pop-up ads off of my blog. (Only wish someone had told me way before I got yo “y.”) So those things gained alone,are reason enough to be a part of next year's challenge.

But to think, a young child out there in the world, is now inspired also. That's something.

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