Sep 28, 2009

I Double-Dog Dare You to Read This Bad Poem-Randy inman

I Double Dog Dare You to Read This Bad Poem

Yes I Am Bringing Bad Poetry to a New Level

More bad poetry by me the guy from NC. 'I double dog dare you to read this bad poem" was inspired by "Do Not Click" which shows a title can grab a reader.

My own bad
poems as opposed to April's good poems have defamed Halloween with a burning bag of poo and Christmas with a Peeping Tom deer hunter...Go here for the rest!

Sep 27, 2009

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Sep 26, 2009

Let a New Writer Find a Reader. Will Ya?

Hello my wonderful readers! I'm so glad you're back!

Have a seat. Relax. If you're willing to help me find 1 million visitors...JUST VISITORS...from the US then I'm willing to make it worth your trouble unto your favorite charity and mine St.Jude's Children's Research Hospital!Look, I'll make a deal with every single visitor that comes to my little blog post here, once every 24 hours: If this particular blog post of mine ever gets 1 million unique visits (every 24 hours), in any ONE DAY, from US surfers, I'll give $1,000 USD to St Jude's Children's Research Hospital!

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That offer breaks down to $1 USD per every thousand US visitors, within any day.

I know that's not a lot of money. But I don't think it's too bad considering I'm only asking you to visit and share once daily. If you 'look around' on the blog, that doesn't hurt either, but you're not even required to do that!. How's that for simple and affordable way to help a great charity?

We're completely sponsored already so we're not even trying to get you to buy advertising (visit the 'your ad here' link if you want!) or any sort of membership, trial, or other commitment. You will not be required to ever cancel anything to avoid any fees of any sort.

ALL I'm asking of you today is to try to enjoy me, and share me, for that is all I can rightfully ask with my art. Is this not so?

If you, the soul currently reading this page only share me successfully with two others who do the same, we will succeed! If every single reader who reads this, found those two within the next thirty minutes, we'll achieve this on the first day!! Realistically, we may not do this on the first day, but wait til you read the BEST part!

Even if we only try, and don't even come 10% of the way, St Jude's still earns!

Please bear in mind the number reflected in the counter below is an up-to-date counter and represents the total and not necessarily the number for any given particular month. Whatever level/amount of live, unique, US visitors you do share my blog with, I'll still donate $1 per thousand to St Jude's!

I'm not asking, leading, tricking, or cajoling anyone into buying anything/service/plan at all either (but for the idea of helping a great cause in St Jude's)!

Thus far we only need 999,921 more today! Please share us with all of your friends right now!

Many of you may be thinking "Great! Another guy offering to do a fundraiser to get page-views!" Well...yeah! But they have to be US page views to be funded. Yes. I want to give back a little and St Jude's is probably one of the few real charities left to help.

Seems the homeless situation here in Meadville is as repaired as anyone here wants it to be. So I'm moving on to another project. This one.

Thank you!

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Not all hits are eligible. All eligible visits must be US. Share us in a chain email please!

Sep 24, 2009

"Knock No More" by Linda Ann Nickerson

Recently, one of the websites I write for had a really fun little flash fiction contest.

They gave us writers the opening line...but that was it well...besides the usual contest rules and an 800 word limit.

Sadly, for me, I did not win. No problem.

But good for us all, this entry did win!

I'm not going to spoil it for you. Just go to the link mentioned and read "Knock No More"
by Linda Ann Nickerson...Go here for the rest!

Sep 23, 2009

So...what do you do about co-workers?

I've a lot of fellow writers. lots!

Most of them...and by that I mean 99% of them...are just lovely. Wouldn't trade any of 'em for the world!

But there's a small group of some of them that are so crude, nasty, and vicious, that they more than likely snarl when they tell someone thanks...if they're capable of saying thanks.

While here on the web, there's an obvious variety of types of people to interact with, and most can at least be negotiated with. But some are so tiny-brained, thoughtless, crude, rude, vicious, and ignorant, that it's all but impossible to communicate with them.

Every website, company, or group has a clique of these bitter-hearted types. And anyone wanting to write on the web needs to be able to identify these losers from a block away.

I'm not going to mention this pile of sh**heads by name. They know who they are. I do sorta hope they come over here and identify themselves by their vicious actions. They were dumb enough to do it one can only hope they didn't learn anything from the last time. I hope they do because this time they'd need to go blatantly out of their way to make an attempt at being libelous and vicious. And I gots a leetle surprize for them when they do.

Let's look at a couple, or more, of their favorite strategies. Shall we?:

  • 1)They attack and then deny the attack. It's not a lack of social graces when they do this. It's their strategy. In fact, shy of other forms of dishonesty, it's really the only trick they know.
  • 2) They gang up. They're simply not strong enough on their own. So a few of them make all the noise and raucous they can, whether what they're saying is honest, logical, or whatever, and they continuously dogpile. They just can't handle a one-on-one fight with anybody. A$$holes...I mean wolves...always travel in packs. You can always tell who, out of groups like this, is the 'big dog,' and who is just one of the followers. Remember the old-time cartoon image of a big bulldog, and the runty little companion, who hung out with him because it was the only kind of strength he could muster? Yup. There's usually a good three or four little sh**s, running around the feet of 'big dog.' They're comically weak like that on their own...weak and pathetic. Ha!
  • 3) They get way too personal. Once an enemy is identified, and a weakness is painted, these losers like to try to go for blood. They'll make comments about your kids. They'll make cracks about whether you're sane (in fact...these idiot f**ks can't resist such bait. If these sh**lickers think they can really drive you to suicide they'll try to...and then they lie about it later of course. Lies are all they know. Too bad they can't recognize when they've taken bait.) Their joy is seeing people in pain which leads to the next strategy...
  • 4) They portray the "innocent soul" first. Then when they get disagreed with you get to see their true colors. There's usually some sort of a reference to 'being a Christian' or equivalent bulls**t religious smokescreen. This isn't to say that everyone who exhibits symptoms of Christianity are like this. It's simply to indicate the simple dishonesty of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Real religious devotees will recognize what I just typed. This clan of wild pigs will maybe use it in an attempt to label me as slamming on Christians. It's that 'problem' they have with 'honesty' again. There's just no truth in them.
  • 5) They exhibit no social graces and then chalk it up to being 'plain-spoken,' or some other similar term, when in truth the 'plain-spoken' types are quite courteous. It's all just part of the 'attack and deny' schematic. Remember: Dishonesty and viciousness is all these folks understand.
  • 6) Rather than discuss any points of anything...all they do is attack the person. They do their weak-hearted best to attack an individual as opposed to discussing the points, merits, or demerits of any topic. Their one and only hope of victory is to have enough of the intellectually lazy around them who agree with particular buzz-words used.

This list is by no means exhaustive. It's just a few of the more readily recognized signs.

With any luck, one or two will come to this page and "ragragragrag" about how terrible and awful I am. Maybe they'll go for the "mental health remark" approach...again. Maybe one of them will come over and make a crack about my kids...again. (Yup. I'd love to talk to that one eyeball-to-eyeball...f***ing coward) Whatever the approach they take it won't be to talk like a human being. They're not human nor strong enough, to do that. These f**ks can only respond like animals.

You can also bet, dear reader that, they won't be using their real names. That would be too honest. And they surely can't be that dumb. Can they? I sorta hope so. I could use the page views.

Sep 21, 2009

Developing Your Writing Gift-Magena Fawn

Developing Your Writing Gift
A good writer will read and study a variety of literary works by a number of authors. This past Memorial Day weekend, I picked up a short story by Ernest Hemingway called "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" while
resting at a bird sanctuary in Lexington, Virginia. This story is about the death of an author who is on safari in Africa. He is lying on a cot waiting for the vultures to devour his remains. He realizes he will not receive medical attention in time to be saved. Like most people, he has regrets as he lies at the door of death. He regrets that he didn't finish several writing projects. He mourns at the thought that "now he would never write the things that he had saved to write until he knew enough to write them well".

While punctuation, spelling and grammar are certainly...Go here for the best!

French Men Drop Their Drawers to Save Their Jobs

French Men Drop Their Drawers to Save Their Jobs
And Put Together Something Special for Women
We all have one, or have seen one. Some are bigger than others; some don't quite measure up to our expectations. Some are thin, some are thick. Some are put together pretty good, some fall apart. Some sparkle, others are dull and lifeless.

Some have little glitches on them, some are smooth as silk. Some have a staple, some are just perfect. Some are dark, some are light. Some try to initiate a mood, while others just hang around. Some you would pass up, others you would pay a lot of money to see.

I bet you have one, and your dad to and your brother. I know people that have more than one. Some people have one in every room in the house. Some people could care less if they get a new one or not. Some people recycle theirs.

You have one, I'm sure you do. I have one also. As a matter of fact I'm looking at it right now. Yes, there it is. It's right here in this room where I can see's my wall calendar. My beautiful "Just Labs" 2009 wall calendar that it totally PG13 rated.

Some workers in France put together their own raw calendar. The reason 'behind' the calendar is to help save their jobs, or they say that's the 'point' of it. You heard me; they are letting it all hang out in order to draw attention to their potential unemployment. How this is going to save their jobs is way beyond me. I guess in the overall scheme of things this is much safer than blowing up the post office after you are fired, or kidnapping an x-boss to prove a point. At least no one gets...Go here for the rest!

Sep 20, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Just Decriminalize Marijuana Already by

Although I Touch the Stuff No More Here's My Position:

I know the subject of the possibility of legal marijuana is a sensitive one for most folks in the world today. I understand that millions upon millions of good people have been hurt by bad people on both sides of the law on this issue already. This is merely an opinion piece in regards to a very common social condition and I would strongly advise against the participation in any activity which is currently illegal.

(Personal discussion is also welcome in the form of rational, mature, respectful comments. Questions are welcome. I'll do all that I can. I'll even admit if I find myself somehow "wrong." But, can an opinion be "wrong," or can they only be different?)

You might even want to investigate whether it's even legal where you are, for you to be reading this sort of an opinion piece, in your community. I am presenting this particular topic solely for, the purposes of discussion as adults, at most, but at least for your entertainment, and consideration only. We Americans should all so exercise our freedom of speech.

It's time for America to discuss, through proper legal channels, the decriminalization of marijuana for personal use and possession. Doesn't it make some sense to rationally discuss reasons to legalize marijuana? There might be solutions to many of our country's ills by mere decriminalization. There is often more to the analysis of any given subject of unpopular topics than what seems apparent.

I'm not bringing up the subject as a wannabe comedian. There are serious issues we Americans are facing that can easily be solved by legalizing marijuana. And when I mention the subject, I'm asking it to be considered by acceptable processes first, and even then, still never the personal use of marijuana.

It's foolish to smoke the stuff. But we should consider exploiting the market. I'm also not in support of "drugs" in general. The only substance that, should even be considered as an option for legalization, is marijuana. Tobacco should be under tighter controls than marijuana. Ideally, folks would be free of any external substance requirements in order to live long, prosperous, fulfilling lives but reality now is what it is. Let's remain as totally objective as we can here.

Also, unlike 99.9975% of all other poster and bloggers speaking on the issue of marijuana legalization, I'm putting my usual name to it. It's something people need to speak up for if you're in support of the de-criminalization of a natural substance.

I'm just hoping that folks will come to understand the details of the points I want to make today and share their views. If we all consider the points made here more of you will understand why marijuana should be legal here in the United States.

Top Ten Reasons To Just Legalize Marijuana Number Ten

I'm a...Go here for the rest!

Sep 18, 2009

Weight Loss Hypnosis - Ancient Secrets To Trick Your Mind to Do What You Want!

Many people today are interested in hypnosis for weight loss. It sounds so easy – just get put into an altered state and let the hypnotists work their magic. There are hundreds of web sites offering hypnosis downloads on the Internet, weight loss hypnosis on-line programs are available, so how do you know who to trust?

Hypnosis suffers from frequent misrepresentation by those who want to take advantage of the overweight individuals in search of easy and fast ways to lose pounds. Many of the claims about weight loss through hypnosis on the Internet are overly optimistic at best, if not fraudulent.

The material available on-line about hypnosis as a weight loss method is distributed by people trying to sell videotapes, audiotapes, books, or seminars. Almost everywhere you look, you encounter ads like these: "This one hour hypnotherapy CD which costs a mere $19.95 will quickly erase old habits and establish new ones–INSTANTLY!"


Sep 14, 2009

Meet the folks at Westy'!

Ripptoe #2 – Bulk Building, Mass Gaining, Muscle Makers!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 at 2:17 pm

Discover The Secret Truth About Building Muscle Fast!

I’ve added another Ripptoe workout voted best program to stack muscle on lean bodies on forums! It works!

Remember: If you’re new to lifting, get some good training advice and learn good technique! You’ll get more out of your training, and you’ll avoid injuries.

On to the good stuff (btw, it’s also published on the site here: )


Authors Note: This workout was originally posted on the Forums by the following member: MATTA114. It is based on a program from the book Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe & Lon Kilgore.


Week 1:

o Monday – Workout A
o Wednesday -Workout B
o Friday – Workout A

Week 2:...Go here for the rest!

Holy Hairy Harlequins! by Linda Ann Nickerson

Holy Hairy Harlequins
Bone-Chilling Bounty in Belleville

A Scary Short Story

Are you afraid of clowns? How about spiders?

These are not trick questions. Actually, these questions appeared atop a printed flyer the local schools distributed right before Halloween.

My children came home from elementary school on October 28th, simply buzzing about an impromptu all-school assembly focusing on stranger danger and first aid for spider

What web of mystery engulfed our quiet suburb?

The Skin-Crawling Tale

The last week of October, shoppers snatched the last masquerades from local Halloween costume shops. At the same time, the crime squads of Belleville gathered behind closed doors to plan their attack. Based on witness reports, something creepy was afoot.

Don Teller, the grizzled desk sergeant, had fielded the first call.

"We didn't hire a clown for our Halloween picnic this year, but one showed up," Mrs. May Bellows recounted. "At first, we thought it was a joke. She blew up a few balloons and created spiders from them. Then the real spiders appeared from under her frock. The spindly striped spiders crawled all over the children. We're afraid they might be poisonous."

According to Mrs. Bellows, the puzzling performer then cackled loudly and disappeared over the backyard fence.

"I'm not sure what charges might be filed, Ma'am," Sergeant Teller replied," but we will certainly look into it."

Several parents raced to the Belleville Memorial Hospital emergency room with their children, complaining of spider bites.

Within the hour, the Belleville police station switchboard shut down, overloaded with incoming calls. The crime-stoppers email address became clogged with messages reporting a crazed clown and a slew of spider bites at Halloween parties all over town.

The Belleville Post tagged the mysterious perpetrator Spiderclown, printing an artist's rendering on the front page the day before Halloween. The banner headline read...Go here for the rest!

Sep 12, 2009

The Author and Reader Connection in the Creative Mind -by M Fawn

As an author, you can spark life into your writings by allowing the stream of yourself to flow into your chosen words and phrases. Words are sometimes a limited form of communication anyway. As authors we can fear being misunderstood by the reader and hinder the creative flow of ourselves into our writings.

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone who doesn't quite speak your language? They may actually speak your native tongue; but they have assigned a different meaning to your words based on their individual understanding or experiences.

It can be especially difficult to communicate with someone who has no understanding of other possible meanings "or insights" we have assigned to the words we choose as writers. Writing with a fear of semantics can literally stop the flow of creativity in a...
...Go here for the rest!

Evading the question-The Onion

Press Secretary's 'Zumtrel Flooby' Answer May Be Attempt To Evade Question

Halloween: A History

Splitting a Pumpkin Before Feasting on a Thanksgiving Turkey
Halloween traces its roots to the Celtic people from northern France, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Britain. The Celtic people were primarily hunters and herders celebrating two seasons of the year: the beginning of winter when the herds were brought into shelter and the beginning
of summer when the herds were outside in the pasture.

Winter came early in northern Europe - around November - and lasted approximately six months. Celts recognized the first day of winter as New Year's Day and only the best animals were brought into shelter on this day. All other animals were slaughtered for a New Year's feast and celebration. This New Year's feast was dedicated to Samhain, the Celtic Lord of the Dead.
...Go here for the rest!

Sep 11, 2009

Can FaceBook Be Used in an Emergency?

Can Facebook Be Used in an Emergency?

According to a recent report out of Australia covered by two young girls, ages 10 and 12 years old, used their FaceBook status updates to alert friends that they were stuck in an underground sewer in Adelaide, Australia. Their FaceBook friends did contact emergency services for them, and they were rescued, but the emergency services personnel who did the rescue were upset the two girls hadn’t called them directly.

Though those heroic firefighters did manage to rescue the girls, some of them are upset that the two didn’t call them directly, and opted to contact friends instead. While the author would certainly agree that calling emergency services is usually the best answer, it’s also noteworthy that the two young girls might’ve been smarter to have used the update system of FaceBook and Twitter.

Here in the US, and especially in the larger cities, our 911 system can get busy. Being put on hold with a dying cell phone battery could have resulted in tragedy for the two un-named Australian girls. Information shared via social networking sites like FaceBook can get information around faster since most people are contacting friends and family with a status update.

But what about other life-threatening situations, such as home invasion, for example? Do you want the burglar to overhear you whispering to the 911 operator? Would it be good if the criminal heard the 911 operator answering you? While such a scenario might realistically scare an invader off, it’s not a bet many of us would like our loved ones to make. A FaceBook status update could serve well under such circumstances.

With the technology of today, it seems that 911 emergency services should

...Go here for the rest!

Ask Lyn - Article Writer for Hire!

Ask Lyn Lomasi

Have a question related to parenting, homeschool, writing, or another topic Lyn may be interested in writing about? Just ask Lyn Lomasi.

If Lyn feels your topic is unique and will interest a wide audience, your question will be chosen to be featured and answered in an article.

The form will not submit unless ALL fields (except website) are complete. If you'd like to remain anonymous
...go here to fill out the form! oooOOOooo exciting!

Sep 10, 2009

"Smarter" by Mike Hatz...just in time for Halloween!

The fading light of the setting sun barely illuminated the filthy little motel room on the outskirts of town. Occasionally, the throbbing orange light from the annoying neon sign in the parking lot would lend a intermittent splash of fiery glow on the dingy bedclothes. The old,
tarnished doorknob rattled and turned with difficulty until the door finally forced open. A trio of rural south Georgia cockroaches fled the harsh yellow rays of the naked 75 watt bulb as a hairy, simian hand flicked the switch by the door.

Possum and Fish-head walked in with the monstrous sack of greenbacks of varying denomination, and spilled them out on the lopsided queen bed before closing the door behind them. They both stared at their stolen booty with great satisfaction. Possum was the mastermind of the plot to knock off the ol' widow Jenkins and take her hoard of cash. It was actually quite easy, though, since the old woman had no living relatives or any close neighbors; just the 25 cats that made her house smell like the world's biggest litter box.

"Lock th' damn door, ya dipshit!" Possum yelled to Fish-head, "Jesus Christ, do I have to think of everything?" Clearly, Possum was the brains of the outfit, with his six-foot-eleven, three-hundred pound, mildly retarded younger brother Fish-head doing the muscle-work during their almost lifelong career in petty crime. After a few successful armed robberies, they gained enough confidence to pull their biggest
...Go here for the rest! Happy Halloween!

Sep 7, 2009

Come Join "Stinks2bme" on FaceBook!

Are you bored? Are you alone? Are you alone because you're funnier looking than a meth-head trying to find a job? Are you weirder than a four dollar bill? Are you one of those people who gets along fine with your friends . . . it's everyone else's friends you hate? Does it stink to be you? Are you the guy (or gal) who owes FaceBook friends?

Do strangers avoid you? Have you ever noticed when you're walking across the street homeless people pack up their cardboard signs and cross into traffic to avoid you? Witness any Mormon Missionaries fleeing anytime recently? (Why are you bitching and whining by the way? Hmm...)

Well if there's still a half an ounce of mature, sociable, civilized spirit left within you, why not join FaceBook Stinks2bme and we'll all help you drive the remainder of it out! At FaceBook Stinks2bme , you get to lay out your ragging, whining, sobby sob story to us all. When you're done you enjoy the benefits of a loving, kind, caring, and helpful support group.

Why would that stink? Well . . . It wouldn't. What stinks is that you also develop a crowd that comes along and torments you. Better put your "sense of humor" on under yer kilt there boy! FaceBook Stinks2bme members have a habit of coming upon you from behind and trying to slap you there in a figure of speech.

Since we are all well too aware of how difficult life can be, we have all developed something of a skin that protects us from certain 'barbs.' The beauty of a group like FaceBook Stinks2bme is that members get a chance to exercise that part of their own individual psyche.

Alison Lewis, founder of FaceBook Stinks2bme tells me that she and a few friends were out of any sort of worthwhile entertainment; shall we say . . . bored? (If I say too much I just know the woman will kill me.) 'Alison and Pals' wanted some sort of entertainment that wasn't the same old blase-blah, yet, didn't cost any of them money. So a FaceBook group was just the ticket! She continues on telling me the inner workings of the group only upon both of us receiving clear confirmation of FaceBook status . . . the secrecy of which is so well guarded that we never even mention it.

Alison also taught me that Stinks2bme is approximately two years old as of this release/post. The group motto was: "Rebuilding shattered lives one stupid comment at a time." Seems to work. As an "Exclusive" to this publication, the new group oath:

Standing with proper posture, raise your right hand, and turn your palm in. Give a hearty one-middle-fingered-salute, and repeat the words: "On my honor, I shall do my duty, to tell you just like it is, whether you like it, or not."

Impressive stuff. Would any reader not agree? Who on earth would want to miss out on this?

The focus seemed to remind me of just how beneficial it would be to all people, were everyone to have a place to go, to remind us of our own foibles, and fallibility. So on that note, I visited FaceBook Stinks2bme and have begun my own saga of the Bald Man. If you can find it I hope you enjoy yourself. Ideally, it would be better, were you to post yours. We want to read it. Give us something to laugh at--I mean with--you about.

FaceBook Stinks2bme might not to be to everyone's tastes, but that's actually one more advantage of the group too, though. On the bottom-right-hand corner, there's a link for those who feel that, life stinks and it isn't funny. The folks who built this group understands that sometimes life's one of the toughest things to go through. We're just here trying to make each other laugh. Nothing said on FaceBook Stinks2bme is ever to be held against someone off of the group. Be mature!

Even though, at the moment of posting this share, I'm only one of the personalities dwelling within our author tonight, my favorite part of FaceBook Stinks2bme is the 'Mental Breakdown Prevention' area. One click and you might just find yourself in near-accident mode from laughter quick!

FaceBook Stinks2bme offers a little more of the 'brown-out' time, as opposed to a personality ending up in complete 'blackout' stage. Anyone that deals with any level of stress in any areas of their lives, whether it's work, relationships, or FaceBook, will find it fun and educational and freeing all at the same time. It's like push-ups for your sense of humor. Who can find something wrong with that?


Go here to join

Sep 5, 2009

The Five Best Group ABBA Videos I Could Manage to Find on YouTube.Com

Wasn’t Group ABBA the best thing to ever happen to music? Come on! Admit it! You know as well as I do, that you wanna get up and dance when someone plays a Group ABBA tune, anywhere you are. They were one of my most memorable, personal early music influences in my life. Most of the songs I remember enjoying on the radio were Group ABBA hits.
Sure. Most of their music was so girly it inspired Air Supply. But a few of their songs were rather poignant.

I’m always glad to repay a favor for a friend…especially a good one. So why don’t we take a friendly, relaxing stroll down memory lane for just a bit and reminisce with me over one of the most beautiful sounds of...Go here for the rest!

How to Make Death by Orange Chocolate Milk

Buddha warned me. He said "Desire is suffering." He was right. I want a glass of chocolate milk every now and again but going to the store is such a drag. Yet, here in my domicile I know I’ve all the necessary ingredients to make my own chocolate milk.

The birth of Death By Orange Chocolate Milk . . . at least I think it’s the first I’ve ever heard of it!

So, If I’m going to have to work for twenty minutes, then I’m going to make the best a man can make, and now I’ve the recipe for "Death By Orange Chocolate Milk" - so good your tongue will knock your eyes out looking for more!

While my recipe for Death by Orange Chocolate Milk takes the time it does for cooking and mixing (around 20 minutes at most), the end result is worth it. Recent medical news reveals that cocoa, in all of its forms, helps to lower blood pressure . . . so . . . let’s all relax and have a glass of ice-cold, frothy, Death By Orange Chocolate Milk.

So you know: If you’ve any sort of allergies to orange or citrus, just replace the OJ with water and you’ll still enjoy some killer Death By Plain-Old Awesome Chocolate Milk.

What you’ll need to make Death By Orange Chocolate Milk:

I’d recommend...Go here for the rest!

Sep 4, 2009

Best SEO Practices to Get Traffic to Your Website

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ of online marketing. Some folks admit to being a bit confused about SEO methods. That’s understandable. There are so many companies online offering the ‘hottest new thing’, that an online marketer should expect to be confused.

Many of the e-books available on the subject are either just re-hashed SEO tactics from someone else, whose e-book you also bought, or they’re already outdated. Who can a marketer trust these days? You can trust me, that’s who.

Why trust what I share with you about SEO? Because after all, I’m no "SEO guru." I’m just anther web writer who’s had the good fortune to learn about SEO from folks that’ve been doing it right for years themselves. There’s no trickery intending to fool web-crawlers (spiders), nor do I use...Go here for the rest.

...and now...for an email test! Is this thing on?

As you get to know this blog, you might occasionally find an entry or two as odd as Michael Jackson, or UFOs, or maybe how to fix that leaky faucet!

Are you looking for a loan? Need car repair? Want a job?

The more optimized the posts we have here the easier it'll be for folks to find us via search engines! It's really that simple!

This is a test message.

Donald Pennington - Associated Content

Just saving an image...

Welcome to Writers Wanted!

We want your fiction and your non-fiction works posted on our blog. So I'm going to pay you to do it!

Pretty neat. Huh?!

And...being a web writer myself...I'm somewhat aware of what I like as far as treatment goes.

Soon, we'll be announcing how much we pay, the terms, and all of that etcetera stuff!

Keep your eyes glued! It's gonna be a big one! Stick around every few days as the plan comes together and we begin our offer.

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