Jan 19, 2010

Help Haiti - Many Ways to Help by Bridgette Ilene Delaney on AssociatedContent.com

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti. It was measure to be 7.0 on the Richter Scale. The damage that occurred from the earthquake was great. The majority of Port-Au-Prince was completely ruined. Many landmarks were ruined. People were buried in the rubble and the death toll constantly seemed to rise. Many people were also injured and to make things worse, the hospitals were also destroyed. It is estimated that aftershocks will occur for up to two weeks after the initial quake.

No matter what the cause of the quake was, as some may believe it was due to a pact with the devil almost 300 years ago, or one that was more recent, it is time for people to show that they are there to help. Haiti needs help, and no matter what, donating in any way possible is the best way to help.

Remember that the links are the blue words without underlines and they change to black or gray with an underline when the mouse is hovering over the words.

There are the obvious organization that people use to donate, and they are good.

Red Cross...Go here for the rest!

Jan 18, 2010

Help Me Win A Contest! Please!

There's a movie being made called "She's Out of My League." The producers are doing a promotion of letting guys have a chance to win a part on the digital billboard to promote it.

All you need do to cast a vote my way is to visit the following url and click "Digg it!" Ta-Dahh! Your support is registered!

I truly need this gig. I'd do it for you!

Feel free to enter too...but only after you've voted for me. :P

...Digg This!

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About Haiti: How Hard Is It To give? by Donald Pennington on AssociatedContent.com

Haiti's Been Hit Hard. What's Going on with You?

Is giving donations, such as food, too much of a burden to help Haiti?

Credit: Donald Pennington | © Donald Pennington
How hard is it to give to Haiti? You've just come in from another day's labors. That was two hours ago, really, that you got off work. Since then you've ran the kids around, checked on Dad, dropped two kids off and ran to the store. Still, there's supper to cook. So, when you see the commercial on TV all you think is "They keep playing that same message." You're tired and annoyed.

Then, in the corner of your eye, you see the image come over the television screen, from the news coverage, of a ten year old boy clutching his Mother. The shot switches to a man, whom you'll never meet who just lost all he owned in the world, along with his son and wife. Really. Couldn't you text just one message to donate $5 for the sake of all like that young boy?

How hard is it to give to Haiti? You've been fired. This bites. That new lease was just signed two months ago! Now, just to make sure you and her even have a roof over your head-in this economy, you'll probably need to go to the dept of public welfare. Food stamps suck too. They never give enough and all you can buy with them is...literally...just food.

Why did this have to happen now?...Go here for the rest.

Jan 16, 2010

President-issimo Obama...

President Obama: Fix National Healthcare Before It's Broken!

Please read this carefully: I'm no supporter of President Obama. Anyone who's read me over these last couple of years and odd days has seen me publish pieces that rated an occasional angry response. I've called President Obama a various amount of names, along with all other politicians included, unapologetically. None of that changes.

But seeing that real-world Life is sometimes all about making deals with the devil it seems only fitting to try an approach at ensuring that a game played, is a game won. If nationalized health care is going to happen, then I'd like to see it be functional. If we Americans are going to have socialized health care, then we Americans need to show the world, how American health care can be.

Since it's not in my hands to determine how anyone else's world should be, but for mine, then all I'm asking for right now is the opportunity to make one simple (not necessarily easy) suggestion: Make it work. Read on to see exactly how I recommend we do that. First a little back-story Mr. President...Go here for the rest!

Are The Dixie Chicks Splitting Up? by Donald Pennington on AssociatedContent.com

Are the Dixie Chicks Splitting Up?
I like My Dixie Chicks Just like They Are Thank You!

© Donald Pennington

Some time back, country sensation The Dixie Chicks, made a few splashes in the shallow end of the swimming pool by criticizing our then-lubberly President George W Bush-issimo. A few of the waders were told they should be upset by the comments and so
they started splashing back at the Dixie Chicks, especially the beautiful Natalie Maines.

Hah! Betcha didn't know I was a Dixie Chicks fan, did ya? Especially that Natalie Maines!

In my humble (yeah right) opinion, it's Natalie Maines, that made the Dixie Chicks all that they were. Not that Martie McGuire or Emily Robertson are without talent themselves, but that Natalie was the fire brought to the campground. She's the flame that burnt their rear ends.

Is Natalie leaving the Dixie Chicks?...Go here for the rest!

Jan 14, 2010

Why Do I Love Blue October? by Donald Pennington

Why Do I Love Blue October? What's the Deal? by Donald Pennington

Blue October Only Appeals to a Certain Segment of Your Society
Credit ©2010 Donald Pennington
Blue October's main benefit is reminding the mentally ill of our worth.
Credit: Donald Pennington | © Donald Pennington
If anyone wants to see the appeal of Blue October to the masses of us listening to them, one need only catch a rendition of "What If We Could Be," "The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down," or perhaps "Dirt Room," to understand the message supporting those of us
folks around the world who wake up in the morning, not very much in love with ourselves

...Go here for the rest!

Jan 10, 2010

Writer's Block: Writing for the Trashcan by Donald Pennington

How to Get Past Writer's Block by Not Giving a Damn

Credit: Donald Pennington | © Donald Pennington

How many times has it happened to you? Everything's in place: coffee, cigarettes, and internet connection all fired up and...wham! Writer's block! All of the planning and scheming for a little productive computer time with nothing to show for it but brain farts.

Is this familiar? What could it possibly be that's causing writer's block this time? Believe it or not, the culprit behind the stammering and delay could be a deep fear of criticism. This may not mean the presence of a neurosis, just a simple fear of criticism. How can it be defeated
and let the words (and the angels) fly?

Writer's Block: Writing For The Trashcan-What's there to fear?

For the most part, we humans don't like looking stupid in front of friends or strangers, whether it's true or not. Writer's block can happen just because we are afraid of not getting every little detail right, or more often, simple...Go here for the rest!

Jan 7, 2010

Top Ten Time Wasters for the Chronically Bored Individual by Janet Hunt

Totally Pointless Activities...

Okay, the festivities of the holidays are gone. Everybody's company has gone home. You are just finishing off the rest of that leftover turkey. Now what to do? Are you bored? Here are a few suggestions on how to waste a perfectly good evening.

Top Time Waster #1: Write ridiculous haiku riddles for others to solve. No, wait, that's my thing, you have to find something else. Just in case your interested, take a look at these little




Top Time Waster #2: Complete that pulisher's clearinghouse sweepstakes entry. Then, wait for the Prize Patrol to come knocking on your door!


Top Time Waster #3: Play Bejeweled on Facebook. Annoy all your friends by achieving the highest score. Then you can send them all little quirky remarks about how they will never beat you because you RULE Bejeweled! Be prepared for arthritis to set in your elbows and fingers and to see double for a few hours...Go here for the rest!

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