Jan 18, 2010

About Haiti: How Hard Is It To give? by Donald Pennington on AssociatedContent.com

Haiti's Been Hit Hard. What's Going on with You?

Is giving donations, such as food, too much of a burden to help Haiti?

Credit: Donald Pennington | © Donald Pennington
How hard is it to give to Haiti? You've just come in from another day's labors. That was two hours ago, really, that you got off work. Since then you've ran the kids around, checked on Dad, dropped two kids off and ran to the store. Still, there's supper to cook. So, when you see the commercial on TV all you think is "They keep playing that same message." You're tired and annoyed.

Then, in the corner of your eye, you see the image come over the television screen, from the news coverage, of a ten year old boy clutching his Mother. The shot switches to a man, whom you'll never meet who just lost all he owned in the world, along with his son and wife. Really. Couldn't you text just one message to donate $5 for the sake of all like that young boy?

How hard is it to give to Haiti? You've been fired. This bites. That new lease was just signed two months ago! Now, just to make sure you and her even have a roof over your head-in this economy, you'll probably need to go to the dept of public welfare. Food stamps suck too. They never give enough and all you can buy with them is...literally...just food.

Why did this have to happen now?...Go here for the rest.

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