Jul 7, 2010

Aromatherapy Herbal Incense from "Eyesight for the Blind" - a Product Review

What is aromatherapy herbal incense, and just who is this "Eyesight For The Blind"?

For those in the not-in-the-know-yet category, and for folks both just learning of the benefits of meditation, yoga, and living a peace/power centered life, it is the author's privilege to share a product of extreme benefit to visitors to this page. aromatherapy herbal incense is used the world over during meditation sessions, and during yoga to help students attain a state closer to Nirvana during practice.

How would someone properly use aromatherapy herbal incense from "Eyesight For The Blind"?

aromatherapy herbal incense is to be used, in small quantity as aromatherapy only towards relaxation, and breath control, during yoga sessions (sanas) (such as can be found here) as a simple scent in the air to aid a state of relaxation and calm. A wiff of the scent alone seems to trigger something in the human brain that, while within a state of meditation or casual concentration, helps the practitioner along as for concentration and focus.

Is aromatherapy herbal incense from "Eyesight For The Blind" easy to use?

Yes it is. Simply place the smallest amount in any appropriate burner and light. Most folks shape theirs into a pyramid shape, lighting the tip, just to coal. Blowing lightly upon it should easily ensure ignition. Be careful never to directly breathe in the fumes as they're simply not safe. Too much of anything can be a bad thing. Never risk your health in such a manner. *

Is aromatherapy herbal incense from "Eyesight For The Blind" expensive?

Visitors to "Eyesight For The Blind" will find the prices, including shipping, to be the most competitive in the marketplace. Not only are the prices reasonable, delivery time is fast. This last order came in just a matter of days, over the holiday weekend, no less. So, as a consumer, I'm extremely pleased over the whole value.

Is aromatherapy herbal incense from "Eyesight For The Blind" safe?

Yes. Be sure to use an appropriate incense burner for this dry, loose substance. Never leave burning incense, or any flame for that matter, unattended. Keep out of reach of children...almost goes without saying. Add to that to never use the product around any sort of combustible surroundings. Other than that, using aromatherapy like this is no more dangerous than burning a scented candle, and much more effective.

Does aromatherapy herbal incense from "Eyesight For The Blind" work? As in, is it effective?

We did just mention effectiveness didn't we? What used to take maybe twenty minutes to attain in regards to alpha picturing, swoosh methods, and all manner of N. L. P., now occurs within merely two or three. This gives me a lot more time in the mornings, and simply improves my overall day.

*Some special information about aromatherapy herbal incense from "Eyesight For The Blind":

"Eyesight For The Blind" assumes no responsibility for any consumer's misuse of product. Use of this product for any other purpose beyond the scope of it's intended use and design, might prove harmful, either directly, or indirectly. Herbal incense used properly and maturely, offers individuals the chance to plan and prepare for a better life, on all levels. Not legal in all fifty US states.


Personal experience, and

"Eyesight For The Blind" - Company website for inquiries, testimonials, and orders of aromatherapy herbal incense

Yoga Poses and Ideas for PracticingOriginally published on AssociatedContent from Yahoo!

Jul 5, 2010

Top ten reasons to decriminalize marijuana already! by Donald Pennington

Originally published under my name at Associated Content.com from Yahoo!

I know the subject of the possibility of legal marijuana and decriminalization is a sensitive one for most folks in the world today. I also understand that millions upon millions of good people have been hurt by bad people on both sides of the law on this issue of decriminalization already. This is merely an opinion piece in regards to a very common social condition and I would strongly advise against the participation in any activity which is currently illegal even while advocating decriminalization.

Personal discussion is welcome in the form of rational, mature, respectful comments. Questions are welcome. I'll do all that I can. I'll even admit if I find myself somehow "wrong." But, can an opinion be "wrong," or can they only be different?

You might even want to investigate whether it's even legal where you are, for you to be reading this sort of an opinion piece about decriminalization, in your community. I am presenting this particular topic of decriminalization solely for the purposes of, discussion as adults, at most, but at least for your entertainment, and consideration only. We Americans should all so exercise our freedom of speech...whether on the topic of decriminalization or any other topic.

It's time for America to discuss, through proper legal channels, the decriminalization of marijuana for personal use and possession. Doesn't it make some sense to rationally discuss reasons to legalize marijuana in the first place? There might be solutions to many of our country's ills by mere decriminalization. There is often more to the analysis of any given subject of unpopular topics than what seems apparent.

I'm not bringing up the subject of decriminalization as a wannabe comedian. There are serious issues we Americans are facing that can easily be solved by decriminalization of marijuana. And when I mention the subject, I'm asking decriminalization to be considered by acceptable processes first, and even then, still never the personal use of marijuana.

It's foolish to smoke the stuff. But we should consider exploiting the market. I'm also not in support of "drugs" in general. The only substance that, should even be considered as an option for legalization, is marijuana. Tobacco should be under tighter controls than marijuana. Ideally, folks would be free of any external substance requirements in order to live long, prosperous, fulfilling lives but reality now is what it is, that decriminalization of marijuana might be a good option for public funding and other reasons discussed here today. Let's remain as totally objective as we can here.

Also, unlike 99.9975% of all other posters and bloggers speaking on the issue of marijuana decriminalization, I'm putting my usual name to it. It's something people need to speak up for if you're in support of the decriminalization of a natural substance.

I'm just hoping that folks will come to understand the details of the points I want to make today and share their views. If we all consider the points made here more of you will understand why marijuana should be legal here in the United States.

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Ten

I'm a Darwinian- It's a personal reason really. If somebody else is interested in spending their own personal spin on the globe smoking themselves stupid it's their right to live that way. No entity on earth, including government, should ever bear the power to tell individuals how to live or what to do with their personal bit of time in life. You can call this my own personal version of a religious viewpoint. The other reasons are based solely on logic.

Let the "peasantry" have their "buzz." If the government successfully control the pothead they will one day control the farmer. We are to be a nation founded on certain individual freedoms.

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Nine

Take a bite outta crime!- The units of operation that produce for their customers have enjoyed a long enough run from, the exorbitantly high mark up on their product, due to the incorrect, illegal, classification of marijuana. The organizations producing marijuana would either be forced to compete legally and legitimately or simply go out of business due to lack of certification, taxes, and other requirements. Gangs and organized crime will weaken soft.

In fact, before their demise, those groups will probably squander what fortunes they now have in an anti-decriminalization campaign to keep their profits high.

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Eight

Supporting industries would benefit too.- How many side businesses would spring up from any industry that millions and millions and millions of Americans support passionately?

Besides the farming, manufacturing, processing, and shipping needs of such a popular product, there will be business and cottage industries born within communities all over America. That's not even going into detail about the...

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Seven

...jobs.- Did somebody mention jobs? My "guesstimation" that a minimum 100 people, on average, per community, would find gainful employment, in every single community in America. In some communities, larger cities, thousands and thousands of people would find work in the legal marijuana industry.

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Six

Tax Dollars.- Now we have a bailout to cover. Why stick our grandchildren with it? Need we to discuss this point further? Then you just don't read enough. Sorry. I know. I know. Maybe we shouldn't have done the bailouts in the first place but we did. Now somebody's gotta pay for it.

GM and Chrysler could make a ton of federal reserve notes backing the new "green farmer."

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Five

By-products.- Clothing would become cheaper and of higher quality. Paper prices would drop. The edible components of the plant would lower many costs associated with food production. In fact, I'll make such a sweeping statement as: "There is no industry that would not benefit from the legalization of marijuana." Consumers would find it easier to buy at lower prices.

Money would flow again all over America. People would be making more money and spending less of it to get by. That means more "disposable" income overall. Prosperity is what it's all about after all. Right?

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Four

Health care.- How many back pain sufferers are there in America alone? How many thousands of people could benefit from the use of medical marijuana for their own treatment? How many new medical products that will branch off from pharmaceutical research?

Also, if people are allowed to be high on marijuana then the use of other, currently illicit substances will actually drop. And those still not able to stop any substance alone will be able to get help, in a more understanding society, without so much of the "stigma" attached. Who's not admired for being an ex-smoker? Overall addictions themselves would be recovered from throughout American society.

Freedom from the laws against marijuana would also make it reasonably fearless for the true addict to find help, should they want to quit, themselves. You can call the mass recovery my hidden eleventh reason.

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Three

Stricter health controls.- Illegal marijuana often comes mixed with other harmful, more toxic drugs (laced). Inspections and regulation of legal marijuana would ensure prevention of contamination.

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number Two

Other people's religious freedoms.- Just because I don't see your life the way you do doesn't mean you don't see your life the way you do. Some people just believe differently than others do.

Even I, the Meat Computer, claim my rights to believe the way I do...regardless of where anyone else stands and therefore must respect those same rights of others... ,but especially when they disagree with mine.

Top Ten Reasons for decriminalization of Marijuana Number One

Racism- The original reason that marijuana was classified as "illegal" in the first place, is that back in 1913, more people still believed in the myth(s) of "race" and a general consensus of European-descended government interests, determined to limit the influx of Mexicans into Arizona, by criminalizing marijuana. The original, initial intent to criminalize marijuana, was solely for hateful, mythical, racist belief systems.

Racial differences are not supported by genetic evidence. Humans are humans are humans. Since the initial reasons marijuana was criminalized under a false foundation as being based on racism then shouldn't we also debate the all of supporting logic against legal marijuana?

If said supporting logic was in support of a fiction and myths, then doesn't that alone, make such said support fictional and a myth? There are questions we're not asking ourselves about decriminalizing marijuana, in support of, a consensus, of a societal structure, that hasn't existed in decades.


Personal opinion

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