May 27, 2014

Feel Like Beating the Crap Out of the NSA?

Nearly one year ago – June 5, 2013, Edward Snowden released his first piece of information exposing the domestic spying program of the NSA. It seemed like half the world was shocked by the revelation of a domestic spying campaign here in the “Land of the Free.” The other half sat back and regurgitated the phrase, “I have nothing to hide,” thoughtlessly and like a well-trained slave.

I truly believe there are many in the US government who might not be interested in power-lust. I say, “might not be.” But, for every decent, reasonable, thinking human in government, there are even more who can only make ecisions based on how it affects them and screw the founding documents, human rights, free expression or liberty. For each agent who might convince me to trust them, I know there are at least a dozen more who can not the rest here, on Bubblews.

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Pain management an issue?

Texas gun activists scrub videos after shaming from restaurant customers: 'You're a dumb*ss.'

Texas gun activists scrub videos after shaming from restaurant customers: ‘You’re a dumb*ss’ (via Raw Story )

The group Open Carry Texas has removed several videos from its YouTube account after members were forced to leave two San Antonio restaurants for carrying assault-style rifles. In one video obtained by Mother Jones, several gun activists are perplexed…

May 21, 2014

An Open Letter to Allegheny Township Police Assistant Chief L.J. Berg Re-post, Share, Please

Dear Chief L.J. Berg,

I've just finished reading a story about your ham-fisted, authoritarian response to a fellow American who exercised his right to protest and to speak freely. I want you to know, you are a disgusting example of abuse of power and do not deserve to wear the shiny badge or the costume which you do.

For those just now learning about this, here's the story:

You arrested one Joshua Brubaker for doing exactly what he is guaranteed to do under our nation's founding documents – protesting. While you and all others who lack the brain capacity to grasp the concept of free speech accuse Brubaker of “insulting” the flag, what you failed to understand is, the “desecration” of the American flag is precisely what those freedoms allow.

Here, let me give you the direct quote from our nation's founding documents: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Chief Berg, we have you – on record – saying, “I was offended by it when I first saw it. I had an individual stop here at the station, a female, who was in the military and she was very offended by it.” Do you mind showing me where the Bill of Rights of our nation protect you, or anyone for that matter, from being “offended?”

You won't be able to find it, Chief Berg. Your sensitivities and lack of understanding are not protected. However, Mr. Brubaker's rights to speak, are: And, for your violation of his right to freely express himself, I can only hope you're forced to find another line of work where you get to impose your small-minded, petty authoritarianism on others and not on the citizens of your town.

Perhaps the local mall needs some additional security. You have no business wearing your costume or carrying a gun. A mall will support you in your clean-up efforts to control what others do, say or post onto a wall. Out in the real world, though, you have no business trying to control the words of others – only criminal behavior. Beyond this, you really need to keep your meat hooks off of others.

Actually, you just need to quit law enforcement. You're doing it wrong.

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Originally published on Bubblews, here.


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From a Friend; LG agrees to Washer Refund, but Lowes Throws a Kink

When my only months old LG washer went on the fritz in March all I wanted was to have it fixed. This meant replacing the power board within the display because of the damage from condensation. However, the repair to my washer created more problems than I ever had because of modifications to the new boards that were being manufactured. After many calls, and 3 visits from the A&E repairman, LG has decided to give me a refund. However, this is just another can the rest, here.

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