May 27, 2014

Feel Like Beating the Crap Out of the NSA?

Nearly one year ago – June 5, 2013, Edward Snowden released his first piece of information exposing the domestic spying program of the NSA. It seemed like half the world was shocked by the revelation of a domestic spying campaign here in the “Land of the Free.” The other half sat back and regurgitated the phrase, “I have nothing to hide,” thoughtlessly and like a well-trained slave.

I truly believe there are many in the US government who might not be interested in power-lust. I say, “might not be.” But, for every decent, reasonable, thinking human in government, there are even more who can only make ecisions based on how it affects them and screw the founding documents, human rights, free expression or liberty. For each agent who might convince me to trust them, I know there are at least a dozen more who can not the rest here, on Bubblews.

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