Apr 30, 2011

Zombie by the Cranberries on YouTube April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 30, 2011 "Z"

So as not to miss day 26 of the A to Z Blag Challenge, here's a video post of Zombie by the Cranberries. Garr I think Dolores O'Riordian is a hottie.

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Apr 29, 2011

You might notice one less annoying pop-up April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 29, 2011 "Y"

Here we are at the “Y” point in this blog challenge, and I'm just now pulling my head out of my ass, and realizing what kind of chump I am for ever having dealt with Bidvertiser. I've carried Bidvertiser ads for years, even before the current owners, and possibly those before them. All this time, these bastards are claiming I've never, ever, ever received one click from a visitor. The odds of that being even possible are staggering. In fact, they're impossible.

I had a friend in another state click on one of their ads as a test, and even waiting four full days, I see nothing for it. This tells me only one thing: These bastards aren't giving me credit for revenue I've earned them! FUCK!

Now, if any of you out there on the Interwebz thingies hate me so much as to doubt what I say about these low-life thieves at Bidvertiser, then be my guest, sign up with them. No, really, do it. Even if you authorize their crappy “Congratulations! You're a Winner” pop-ups, they're not going to credit you for any earnings.

Bidvertiser is not interested in treating me right as a publisher, then they've no right to be anywhere near my blog. They're just not worth dealing with. I don't know what kind of criminal outfit they may be altogether, but it just aint worth finding out.

So, to my wonderful readers, I'm sorry for those annoying pop-ups in the past. I'm sorry for all the crappy, NSFW ads being ran on my blog. I'm sorry for ever having dealt with these thieving, filthy, dirty, low-lives at Bidvertiser. I hope they get raided by other scumbag criminals like them.

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Apr 28, 2011

Apr 26, 2011

Virtually painless direct deposit for all of your employees April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 26, 2011 “V”

Wouldn't it be great if your business could just go ahead and step into the 21st century, like your competitors? Imagine being the kind of company willing to put their employees first, and offer the least of benefits, and offered direct deposit.

Within different given industries, some companies come to realize just how valuable the employees are. Besides the customers, a company's staff are the most valuable people around management. Without them, management would be doing the hard work.

Workers might not always say it, but little things like direct deposit are appreciated. Having to cash, or deposit a paycheck into the local bank is a pain. The occasional overdraft/NSF fee is an unnecessary expense, few can afford.

A small investment in the staff will repay the business owners in more ways than money alone. You'll have somewhat more satisfied employees. Heck, one or two might even thank you openly. On top of these benefits, any company with a growing staff, would want such streamlining of their systems, anyway.

But speaking of money – after all, it is important – I think you'll like the rates charged by First ACH. Give 'em a look, and possibly a try. Once you see the convenience of their service (for everyone involved – that includes the company) you'll wonder why you didn't do this years ago!

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Apr 25, 2011

A useful resource for parents of graduating students April's A to Z Blogger Challenge April 25, 2011 “U”

One of the goals of any parent is to preserve the memories of their child's graduation ceremonies, Graduation being such a milestone, as it is. Besides the pictures and personal video itself, Mom and Dad might enjoy a good deal on the announcements. Sharing the good news need not break a budget.

Tiny Prints Graduation announcements are a great deal. Parents should save a buck on a great image. Even the guest of honor that evening will be proud.

Oh yeah, speaking of the student, they'll look great! Tiny Prints does high quality, full-color work, for a competitive fee. At least see what they have to offer, before buying through a heavily marked-up distributor or reseller.

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Apr 23, 2011

A two-minute, 30-day workout: Is it effective? April's A to Z Blogger Challenge, April 23, 2011 “T”

Long about the time I'm turning 41, I can't help but notice a bigger quantity of “chub” and a decrease in energy. So, even if there was enough time to put the 90 minutes in each day to workout, there's not enough energy left to keep up.

This puts an old man like myself in quite a quandary. How can I age gracefully, if I'm not in shape during my younger years? Now I'll never be a senior model. Dayum. There goes the chance at commercials and TV, too.

Fortunately, not being a doctor, personal trainer, or any other kind of “expert,” I found myself talking with people other than “experts.” I only asked people who had achieved the results I wanted, themselves, and disregarded anyone who spoke based upon any other form of “authority.” Fortunately, my perseverance paid off in 24-karat gold cascades.

Two separate individuals, who will each go nameless, shared a training method which they had learned from the U.S. Marine Corps. Hey, if a body wants to learn the quick, simple, and efficient way to “bad-ass” ask a true “bad-ass.” Ask a Marine, right? They live it. Notice I said quick, simple, and efficient. Nowhere am I using the word “easy.”

Join me from day two on of my own 30-day journey with this procedure. I'm going to continue following the procedure I'm sharing in the upcoming description of an exercise which I've been told will get a body in shape within 30 days. You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but I hope you read along. This way, we'll all know if it works, or not. Fair?

Here's the procedure, as best as I can describe: From a full-up push-up position, place your upper-bodyweight upon your forearms, and keeping the length of your body as straight as you can. Keep your feet together.

Next, allowing your feet to also turn to the side of your choice (I do left side, first, myself) turn onto one arm and sideways, holding your fore-arm parallel to your body length, and holding your other arm up in an equivalent position. Hold this position for a full 30-second count. Breathing abdominally, and fully during this count aids this part of the exercise.

Then, come back down onto both forearms, all the while keeping your bodylength as straight as possible. (If you're already feeling it in you lats, you did well.). Rest on both forearms for a full 30-second count, controlling the breathing- fully and in the abdomen.

Finally, Repeat the first step of this exercise, but on the opposing forearm. Remember: Do a full 30-seconds, keep the bodylength as straight as possible, and control the breathing. Once you're done, come back onto both forearms, and pop tall! (Stand up) You're done.

The total time this takes is one-and-one-half minute. Allowing a total of 30 seconds for positioning and recovery, this exercise takes a total of about two minutes. Look, if you say you want to be at least a little more fit, and you won't put two minutes a day towards the effort, then quit bullshitting yourself about wanting to be more fit, and accept the slovenly fatbody. But not I. Two minutes a day, for 30 days, is all this method asks of you. You'll likely enjoy it so much, you'll keep going on after 30 days. It's that simple.

As mentioned previously, this is only my own second day on this regimen. It's do-able, enjoyable, and can be done almost anywhere with a floor. There is no equipment to buy, subscription to endure, or spam. All I'll ever hope from sharing this discovery with you (and my process, itself) is that you'll share me with others, too. Readers is what this effort is all about. That, and the chance to do some real good. But please, don't just copy and paste the text other places. The legal, ethical, and right way to share is to just share the link with others. If a preview is desired, use up to 1/3 of this post, and please remember the link back to here.

Before all is said and done, we'll also provide a “before and after” picture set. The “before” picture is taken, but I gotta get it uploaded with the “after.” Besides, I'm a bit bashful about my chub.

And readers should know: This particular exercise is the primary component of my fitness training. But I also go for an hour walk, three times a week. My diet is standard American fare; a couple salads a week, two or three days of fast food (Taco Bell), and otherwise – meats, taters, fish, and sweet tea. This is Louisiana, after all.

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Apr 22, 2011

Simply Speaking April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 22, 2011 “S”

I was 12. I had wanted to die already, for a variety of reasons, for quite some time. I was alone, lonely, poor, hungry, dirty, and confused with misinformation, from those who knew not as well, themselves. On one of those odd, random days, in the junior high school library, I came across a book titled “Strangers Among Us,” by Ruth Montgomery. I checked it out with the lovely Ms. Cone, and read it immediately, and completely the first time that day, during the remainder of my classes.

What revealed to my young, impressionable mind was an offer of relief, release, freedom, and power, I found myself unable to resist a second reading, and this time with “notes.” Over the next two months, I would go to re-check this book out, a number of times. I now believe all of this to have been my most tragic of errors within my life.

Those who should peradventure a chance at reading this work will no doubt see the unmistakable come-on of only the chance to mentally frame one's own, young, already-beleaguered psyche to one of someone who only abdicates their own psychological autonomy/authority.

Whether this might have been intentional, for some reason - or not - Mrs Montgomery did me, and who knows how many other potential lives since, such great and grave dis-service that I should wish to see her book as the one and only book I would willingly burn every last copy of on the face of the Earth. To have authored such a tome of unhealthy self-hypnosis is, in fact, a reprehensible, and irresponsible act. To have planted this book into such a position of opportunity to reach the minds of young pre-teen kids, is an act only rivaled by those of the US CIA itself.

Whether such a harmful, destructive operation might be intentional, or merely the lack of true wisdom so abhorrently lacking within modern public education administration is irrelevant. My self examination has revealed this tidbit of my forgotten past to myself. Now, on to “reverse the polarity” (I have sooooo wanted any excuse to someday say that) and re-program myself, as simply Donald Pennington. Some day, people will search that name. (I really should market my self-examination procedures. Or, at least give them away on ad-supported pages. Suggestions, anyone? Comment, please and thank you.)

If you ever see anyone, anywhere, ever reading this particular book, please knock it violently out of their hands, hug them immediately, and tell them that, to give up at this point would be so foolish, and that all too many will need them to stop reading that bullshit right now. Say it loud and clear, too. Tell them it's going to be okay, even if you know you're lying. Tell them for me, would you, please? And say it in simple words which anyone could understand. Some things are too precious to let another person just throw away.

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Senator David Jabi is responding again

Well, well, well. My little buddy, "Senator David Jabi" is finally responding to me again. Of course, with some of the crap I've said to him to get his attention, I can't really imagine how a stupid, lazy, thieving, bastard like him couldn't.

When we last left our little buddy, I was of the impression Dum-dum was on to me. He may well be (I sent him my blog address after all). But if he is, he doesn't seem to understand English, because I've been getting some wonderful little responses from him.

After my last message to him, wherein I came clean, I had been not logging in to my spoof email, because life is busy. So, I was unaware of his responses. Then I checked, and Lo and Behold - There he was! I've never been so glad to see an idiot before.

But I still wanted to build up a little action before reporting back to you, dear reader. So, here's our latest few exchanges, with no editing, and a few back emails to bring noobs up to speed. (Yes, I'm writing all crazy and shit. It's all part of messing with an idiot):

Dnia 23 marca 2011 17:46 Dad Anus napisał(a):

I really want to collect on my uncle Richard's inheritance. Please, we can do this the easy way, and you send me that postal mailing address.

There's no need to bother with Western Onion, and cash is not traceable. Like I said, I'm willing to pay extra, for your trouble.

Please get in touch with me as soon as possible.

-Dad Anus

From: senatordavid-jabi
To: Dad Anus
Sent: Wed, March 23, 2011 12:22:35 PM
Subject: Re: Goog God, man! Why have you not sent me that postal address yet?

Sir the only option that we accept is western union or money gram.
The policy cannot be change because you. Bear in mind that you are not the only person going through this.
If you are ready to receive the inheritance follow my directives I will not disappoint you. The receipt of the western union or money gram that you pay will be used to issue the waiver clearance on your behalf in our high court here.
If you send the money by mailing it will take couple of weeks before it will get here. We don’t accept payment by mailing for security reasons.

Dnia 24 marca 2011 4:57 Dad Anus napisał(a):

No. I checked with the US Postal Service. They tell me a package can get to you within a week, and they can even insure it.

I'll gladly pay you double, if you accept cash. What do you say?

-Dad Anus

From: senatordavid-jabi
To: Dad Anus
Sent: Thu, March 24, 2011 4:41:16 AM
Subject: Re: Goog God, man! Why have you not sent me that postal address yet?

You cannot teach me what to do. If you cannot follow my directives please forget about the funds. I have nothing to lose. You are the beneficiary how you could send money through courier for this modern world.
I don’t think that you are serious. Keep on going through the back door it cannot help you.

Dnia 8 kwietnia 2011 3:42 Dad Anus napisał(a):

Hey asshole. Where are you?

Why are you ignoring me, asshole?


So, long about this time, things go quiet for a bit, which I find absolu-u-u-u-utely unacceptable. So, I just decide to lay the bullshit on thick, and a la weirdo:

Dad Anus
To: senatordavid-jabi
The money aside, I need some advice. Quite frankly, you're one of the only friends I have, here in this wheelchair. ( I aint really in a wheelchair. I'm just a dick.) I'm hoping we can overlook this whole ugly business with the money, and help me please. I've really nowhere else to turn.

There's this girl, you see. I really like her. I think she likes me, too. She's really great.

Just one small thing stands in the way: My cat, Rocky. I don't think Rocky likes her.

The last time she was over, Rocky didn't eat for three days after. I really love that cat, but I'm also very interested in this girl. And there's my dilemma.

Do you think I should perhaps just lock Rocky in the basement the next time she plans to come over? Or, should I just go ahead and kill rocky?

I'm so confused. Please help me with this.

Oh yeah. What was your mailing address again?

And what does idiot-boy send me as a reply?

Re: Hey asshole. Why are you ignoring me? I sent my payment.
senatordavid-jabi senatordavid-jabi@o2.pl
To: Dad Anus

Go to hell bastard.

Well, how else can I reply, but a little half-bent?

Dnia 11 kwietnia 2011 17:43 Dad Anus napisał(a):

No. Why should I?

Where's my money, you scammer?

And why won't you help me with my relationship advice, you sweaty prick?

Oh God. OH GOD!! I'm SORRY! Did I hurt your feelings?

(He's just got to know I'm an idiot now, right?)

So, this sad excuse for a dipshit tries dragging others into it:

To: Dad Anus
Sent: Thu, April 14, 2011 3:42:52 AM
Subject: Fuck your mother and sister with your daughter to make me happy fool.

Fuck your mother and sister with your daughter to make me happy fool.

See, dumbass comes from a place where sex is still used as a weapon. So, the best threat his tiny, little, thief brain can contrive is to threaten my mother, sister, and daughter with sex...because this is what animals like this guy do...they abuse women just as much as they seek out greedy chumps in America.

So, what's the best way to get under shithead's skin? Insult his dick:

Dad Anus
To: senatordavid-jabi senatordavid-jabi@o2.pl

You're a little bit too inadequate for my mother and sister, I do believe. That's what I hear about all Nigerian men, anyway.

So, you're not going to send me my inheritance from uncle Richard Anus?

Will you still at least help me with my relationship advice?

I guess a little man with itty-bitty baby dick like you wouldn't have enough experience with women old enough to give consent for you to have anything to offer, huh? Besides, I don't think any of them like flaccid, little gay men like you.

So, after I Western Onioned you the money you requested, you're not going to help Me get my inheritance?

Now I'm a gonna have to break out the woop-ass.

See you around, little man.


I could be wrong, but we may get the pleasure of hearing from dumb-ass again, soon.

Here's to looking forward to wasting his motherfucking time.

These posts are a documentation of an exchange between myself and an idiot, which begins here.

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Apr 20, 2011

Pushing the envelope on a blog post April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 19, 2011 “P”

I don't know about you. But I've been too busy to post anything for today, until about 11:30 pm. But I'm not going to miss it, for sure. While most of my fellow bloggers wrote their entry for “P” way earlier today, I'm admittedly way behind.

But a lot got done, today. I've been in the middle of a deep self-analysis. I must determine where I'm keeping myself back from prosperity and success, so the journey must be made. I'm damn near 41, and nothing to show for it.

And, besides a somewhat fruitful self-analysis session today, we now have a pussycat living in our back yard. Pussycat starts with “P” too. Dang. Now I feel like Grover, which doesn't start with “P.” Thanks for following along. I'm going to do everything to make sure “Q” is actually worth reading. Also, I don't give a damn what Blogger says. This was published on the 19th in my world.

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Apr 18, 2011

Going to the April 18th Motley Crue show in Houston? Listen up!

Motley Crue is coming to Houston, and they're asking fans to pick the tunes played

On Twitter, it's reported that @NikkiSixx wants fans to stop by the band's official website (Motley.com) and help pick the songs played at the upcoming Houston, Texas show on April 18th, 2011.

So, for those of you fans of the Crue who have your tickets, read up on what my friend Kristi Rivera wants you to know.

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One more retweet on Twitter: Simple steps to 10,000 more computers minimum April A to Z Blog Challenge April 18, 2011 "O"

This information just feels so "right" sharing here today. I'm so glad to share something so helpful, in celebration of passing the midway-mark, in April's A to Z Blogger's Challenge.

So, how are you going about getting retweets on Twitter? Are the 140-character-counted thoughts those of love, inspiration, motivation, and dreams? Or, is the “Howard Stern-esque” approach working better for you? Oh my goodness, please don't tell me you're one of those folks paying some gum-slapper to market on Twitter for you. Oh no. That is not acceptable.

If you need retweets on Twitter, all a body's gotta do is follow @RetweetLister. It's really that easy. Following him, and having him follow back, this Twitter account will retweet any direct message that's appropriate for younger eyes.

When direct messaging (DM'ing) @RetweetLister, 31 of the characters are already used up from the share of the message. This is because the account shares your message with those connected to him, who also retweet. So, while severely limiting all you might want to say, the account will get your link to the systems of anywhere between 10,000 to 25,000 others. That number will increase, as well, like it's done thus far.

Let's review how to get massive quantities of retweets on Twitter: StepOne - Follow @RetweetLister on Twitter. (There's a free utility listed on the profile page, too. You might like that one.) Step 2 - Once @RetweetLister follows you back, Send direct messages of 109 characters maximum, including (absolutely) absolute links.

No porn, gambling, offensive, abusive, chain-letter, spam or racist links/messages. No auto-responders. @RetweetLister will not tolerate it. You have been warned. We're all grown up enough to know what “offensive” means. “Business opportunities” must be approved by @RetweetLister first. Musicians/other artists encouraged to respond. Account holder reserves all rights to remove any follower from the service, with or without notice or obligation at any time. Account holder also reserves the right to alter, adjust, or change in any way all aspects of this agreement, and any followers sole recourse will be to stop following. Hey. Sometimes, things change.

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Apr 16, 2011

Never use Microsoft Office again! April A to Z Blog Challenge April 16, 2011 “N”

Okay. Some of you might not see why a Microsoft product like Office could end up the “N” entry for the A to Z Blog Challenge. It's not. I'm opening with an N-word (but not the-n-word) because I'm almost desperate to tell everyone how we can finally tell Microsoft where to stick their line of products (which probably won't have any support in 3 years anyhow) and keep your money!

Instead of using Microsoft Office, go over to OpenOffice.org and download the free OpenOffice suite of utilities and tools. It's 100% free and not just a “trial run.” I'm not even earning anything just for sharing it with you.

Learning about this product won't just save you money, either. It actually works better, in the opinion of many, than Microsoft Office even could. This just happens to be my opinion, as well. My favorite aspect of OpenOffice is how whenever I'm copying and pasting to any other document, there's no need to use Notebook first, to eliminate prompts and commands from Microsoft Office's programming. Frankly, it's amazing people actually paid for something so crappily made, but that's old history anymore.

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Apr 15, 2011

Crafter's Corner, DeRidder, Louisiana 70634: A YCN Business Review

When Kim Haney, of Crafter's Corner in DeRidder, Louisiana handed me the business card for her and her husband's little shop, she had no idea how big my mouth is. Nobody gave the poor lady a warning about how many people I'd like to bring into her quaint, comfortable, and well-stocked store. She had absolutely no idea how many people out there might like to try a little mayhaw jelly on a biscuit.

Why did we experience Crafter's Corner of DeRidder, Louisiana 70634? We needed a few things. Some appliances, among other little things, and to tour the store located at the corner of Highway 26 and 171 in DeRidder, Louisiana. Their hours are published as Tues through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm,but if you still have questions, they can be called first at 337-396-7612. Being a quick drive for us both,we took the day and visited in person (but I'll bet they'll take an order for mayhaw jelly to be shipped.)

What do they offer at Crafter's Corner, of DeRidder, Louisiana? After Janet and I walked through the appliances outside, we admired the woodwork of several various pieces of furniture, and reveled in its splendor. The work was fantastic. We won't discuss...Read the rest here.

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Apr 14, 2011

Losing is a choice, too. April A to Z Blog Challenge April 14, 2011 "L"

All-too-often I find myself facing a decision on how to handle a given situation. This decision could be over a poker hand, which purchase to make, maybe what to say in response to any random comment, or any host of other situations. Also all-too-often, these hypothetical scenarios involve myself and another, in a chance for one of us to either win or lose. While many people understand the decision to win is an active decision to select, many more are unaware that to not choose to win, is also active choice.

Does a body invest their time into working, investing, and/or building something of worth to others, to pay their own way? Or, is said body continuously looking for some sort of temporary, immediate gratification? Is a reader of mine, at this point, choosing to buy into what they're always wanting – or what they're wanting right now? I've even found myself not winning “the prize,” but usually ending up with another.

We do that, we humans. We knowingly go into challenges as if we're heading for number one, when three is an acceptable point of conession.

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Apr 13, 2011

Killing time and bugs: My take on J & J Exterminating 70634 April A to Z Blogger Challenge April 13, 2011 “K”

Having had the good fortune to recently move into a bigger, better, and more costly residence, we've also came across the few and several uninvited guests – aka bugs and critters – so we've decided to call in the cavalry. Around Itty- Bitty, Louisiana the most recommended choice was J & J Exterminating. We called them at 337 239-4499, but others might want to try 1-800-472-3755.

We naturally had to unload the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for Chris to come in and treat the house correctly, as he clearly explained in his courtesy call to confirm the appointment. Although it was a pain-in-the tail, while packing up we saw plenty of our unwelcome guests to make the effort more motivated.

The morning after, Chris arrived about four minutes early. He explained what final steps I'd need to complete (turning out the pilot-lights, and such), and what to expect from the efforts today. Ever the salesman, he next explained the total process of why it's not a one-shot deal. The best part was how he was clear and concise.

So, while the house is getting fogged, I'm outdoors for a few hours. Our visit today is courtesy of the Beauregard Parrish Public Library, and the weather couldn't be more co-operative. This being such a beautiful, little town, it's hard to not cruise down a couple of previously unexplored roads, but not too many, gas prices being what they are.

Still, even a short jaunt into the back roads of any small, Louisiana town will take a visitor at least a few decades back into the past. Old buildings out here seem to wait for one last perusal, before crumbling. Farms, timber wood lots, and old country homes seem the norm as the road drifts, pulling your car along. Old folks walking along the roadside still wave friendly as you zoom by at the full 25 mph speed limit.

It was worth packing everything up last night. It will be worth having to having to sweep up all of the dead bugs, eggs, and such. It's obviously worth the little bit of money they charge for the labor and supplies (Downright fair, in fact, I'd say). But, in a little town this friendly and lovely, with such incredibly perfect weather, it's actually worth being out in this, anyway.

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Apr 12, 2011

A Journalist I am not, apparently – April's A to Z Blogger Challenge April 12, 2011 “J”

Journalists exist on a different level of existence, out here on the web, from folks like me. We bloggers offer up what we see, hear, feel, and taste, while professional journalists know the difference between reading “active,” or “passive.”

We bloggers try to share funny jokes, while journalists are served up on the other half-page, with that day's comic. A real journalist had to go to school. Reporters, photographers, editors, titlers, web-site design and implementation, all have to go through some sort of extra training, or otherwise specialized school, while we bloggers just sorta make our way to the publication, by what we've learned by ear. We're mouths where there otherwise is no qualification for one.

As long as our sources are backed up, and a blogger avoids out-and-out defamation or libel, there's not too much a blogger won't cover. We'll do restaurant reviews, product evaluations, opinion polls, amateurish, non-scientific opinion polls, and interviews. We'll cover those topics we must, in order to get what page views we're able. The competition is huge. The competition is tough. The critics are mechanically harsh.

Real journalists ensconce themselves in positions of public platforms, where they remain free of rebuttal, commentary - or most-feared - questions. Actual real-world professional journalists have the good sense to speak from a position of public “authority,” while still ignoring the commentary from the general populace. We bloggers make it all into a part of our leathered souls.

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Apr 11, 2011

My Top Six Oldest RedGage Buddies

My Top 6 Oldest Redgage Friends Thanks for your support! Redgage.com is a social network which ivites members to share links, pics, video, audio, documents, and/or blogs, and get paid for it all the while!

If any readers are of the mind to, they're more than welcome to give it a whirl. They've done nothing but send me money. Sign up is totally free.

Number one oldest Redgage.com friend: Anamika. Other than being my first friend connection on Redgage.com, I'm not even sure if I've ever communicated with this individual. But, give 'em credit where credit's due, right?

Number two oldest Redgage.com friend: lkristensen. I'm thinking maybe this gal and I have written for a mutual website, at least once before. She seems nice.

Number three oldest Redgage.com friend: kfuentes1216. I'm pretty sure this fellow RedGager and I have written for the same website somewhere. To avoid the need for permissions, let's not plug anyone but RedGage.com in this tonight.

Number four oldest Redgage.com friend: JanetHunt (aka “My sweet Babbette”). I like this fellow member so much I moved to Louisiana to meet, and fall for her, and her whole family. Good people.

Number five oldest Redgage.com friend: desertdarlene. I'm absolutely certain this fellow Redgage member and I have written for another mutual website.

Number six oldest Redgage.com friend: Kylyssa (aka “Kitten.” Kylyssa is of such a talent, amongst those web writers calling for reason, she deserves additional referrals. The young, virile mind of my little buddy challenges myth and superstition over the entire known web simultaneously! This writer is worth reading.

Grab my Redgage RSS feed.

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Are Britney Spears and Rihanna about to rock together?

I just noticed a Tweet from the ever-lovely and talented Britney Spears to Rihanna. Well, it was sorta to Rihanna, when really the method seemd like a hint to all of us Britney Spears fans. The text of the Tweet went: “@rihanna You think they're ready Ri Ri?... -Britney,” and is located at this link.

No telling what kind of music might come from a joint venture between these two major Divas. Britney Spears, even at her worst, has always been worth giving a listen to. Rihanna, struggles and all, could very well just be coming into her own as a musical presence. It seems like the message from Britney Spears to Rihanna could very well be a major hint to us all.

Well, according to HuffPo, they are! At about 9:59 am today, the post went out about the re-mix they plan together. I might've been too late to scoop Arianna, obviously, but at least I'm ready for the creative genius of this work. Hit it, ladies.
Oh my goodness! Why wait? Yum!

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Apr 10, 2011

Election 2012: Why I Really Am Afraid President Barack Hussein Obama is Going to Be Re-elected

President Barack Obama Will Find Himself Working Another Four, as a Lame Duck President, Sadly President Barack Obama has low approval numbers in slanted polls, but folks are carrying more wealth around on them, than they were during the Bush administration. Even those who have endured majorly catastrophic job loss are finding themselves employed again. Although the money isn't what it used to be, it is what it is. We make due with what we have around here, but money's not the reason he'll be re-elected.

President Barack Obama still has the majority of the "minority" vote. I get it. I'm also perfectly fine with it. I'm glad to see the chance for a non-European, person to have the chance to introduce African-American lineage to the American presidency, and vice-versa. But even with all of the intense emotions a racially-directed discussion will no doubt ensue, skin color still is not the reason he'll be re-elected.

Although the job has aged him, like it does all, he still carries televisable charisma, and will use the tv pulpit. He still, in the words of S. Colbert " 'looks presidential.' " But were Barack H Obama's looks to remain near "Howdy-Doody" state of perpetual existence, his looks would not be the answer as to why He's going to find himself re-elected, as America's latest lame duck presidential retard.

The main reason President Barack Hussein Obama is going to be re-elected as President of the United States of America in 2012, to serve out four final years of the greatest enemy American industry and business has ever known, because Republicans will not advance a credible opposition candidate. We're stuck, working with our Catfish-in-Chief.

While the country is in need of a business-minded leader on the executive end of government, who also considers our uniquely American, exceptional, individual rights, what we all too often get from both Republican and "independent" candidates, is someone whose beliefs get in the way of their political functionality. It's not some small group of men in Western Germany, Switzerland, or Austria who decide our chosen leader for each of the next four years. We'll be picking President Obama again, because Republicans won't leave the abortion and gay rights issues alone, and get back down to business.

Rather than get a money-focused candidate like Dr Ron Paul, or Donald Trump (Trump/Paul? Paul/Trump anyone?) the Republican leadership will advance a candidate who "speaks the right magic words" to the religious extremists in the country, thereby having the effect of getting support from other quasi-idealistic type public figures' support.

It would be nice to see the Republican leadership to rubber-stamp a presidential candidate for 2012 who speaks to the not-as-silent-anymore-majority of Americans. But sadly, no. The only opposition up against President Barack Obama will be an idiot, with several consuming distractions. Even if one of the "big 10" were to win, we'd only be worse off. And I am sad for it, sort of. Still, I have no doubt we'll negotiate our way around Obama, as the lame duck he will be, like we've had to, with so many others before.

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Apr 9, 2011

Happy marriage is possible remembering a thing or two April A to Z blog Challenge April 9, 2011 “H”

Whomever it was that said a happy marriage is 50/50 is way off the mark. A happy marriage, full of honest love, support, and joy takes 100%/100%. Both of you need to give towards the goals, plans, and dreams before you. The most fruitful unions are those where both sides realize they're not always management.

1. Don't “add up fouls” or “keep score” over infractions of the family's “respect” policies or other incursions of marriage rules. If you feel the spouse has wronged you on something, speak up about it. Not complaining and setting bounds isn't some mystical “showing of respect.” Speaking freely and communicating openly is the highest form of respect and decency. Noone need wait until they're angry to speak up, ever. If you're partner has a problem with this feature of your personality, you might want to re-think things, now.

2. If the spouse has a person in their lives who they are not close to, or do not trust enough – for whatever reason – with discussions, conversations, or other relations, do not discuss your partner with said individual. Trust and respect are like bank accounts where withdrawals cannot be replaced by future deposits. If there is anyone in your spouse's life they choose to avoid, or do not like for any reason whatsoever, seeing you associating with this person will be seen as fraternizing with “the enemy” on an emotional level. Your partner needs to be able to trust you for backup in any situation. Show them you're on their side. If you're not, then, re-consider being married to them.

Starting on building a venture like a happy marriage, is similar to many other joint ventures a person might take on in life. Just as all joint efforts and partnerships require care from all parties involved, so too a marriage needs to have consistent, reliable effort from both parties. You'll both have plenty-on-the-plate as it is. But remembering these two points will aid in the growth process which is a happy marriage between two people.

Apr 8, 2011

Getting older, we all die April A to Z Blogger Challenge April 8, 2011 "G"

No matter the reader's age, were they to live a good, average life-span of 80 years to-the-day, they'd find themselves living a grand total whopping 29,220 days alive on Planet Earth. That's 29,220 days,and not a single one more. Once they're gone, there's no return.

Out of those 29,220 days alive on this sweet Planet Earth, soaking up the warm sunshine, a reader has no doubt advance themselves already, at least some portion of those wonderful 29,220. How many, the author would not know, only the reader. A simple act of subtraction puts us at the number of days we have left, if we're to live to 80. And that, dearest reader, is if we live to 80.

Let's say any given reader has only a 40 years of age estimate of 19,610 days exactly. Of the remaining 19,610 days a soul might hope to make, there could be placed a value on each, using whatever figure a mind might pick. For each day lessened from the actual number of days lived, the value of each of all the rest magnifies exponentially, day by day. We must also subtract the days shy of 80 years of time from the total overall number of 29220 days.

For those of the readership who do get to go on and enjoy every blissful day alive (because Life is bliss, after all) what value do you place on each one of the final remaining days, in the final balance of life?

For those who may know, with a reasonable medical certainty (death being very medical, after all) they will not be making it to the full 80 years, how much more of a value do you place on each of your remaining days?

Then what value, today? What price would any reader-in-general give for just one order of "Today of Your Life?" And, would you like fries with that? What value this very hour? This very minute? This very second? This very word? All words, all seconds, every minute, of every hour, of every day of any readers life should hold such value.

It was a much older and wiser man who shared with the world we should be mindful of what we do with each day of our lives, "because it costs you a day of your life." Sadly, the author is unaware of who the original quote was sourced from, or if the phrase is exact. (Help in the comments would be lovely.)

So, dear reader, exactly how are you going to invest each moment in the sands of time, from now on? What little days we have left, are what we have left. Share with us, please, what would that action be, if there was no risk of failure?

FWIW: Your opinion isn't really always necessary April A to Z Blog challenge April 7th, 2011 "F"

It's been at least a hundred times. I'll be reading someone's blog post on a particular topic, and for some fool reason, I feel the need to blurt out my big-headed opinion. It's not like I really have anything of value to share. I think I just want to be heard. Rather than sharing some sort of thought which might contribute to a valid discussion, what I find instead is that I'm inviting trouble.

It happens on certain topics like divorce, religion, and politics. But more on divorce, than any other. It'd be extremely unfair of me to ever expect anyone to write on these types of topics without some sort of personal slant. But (especially in the case of divorce) we all have our own perspective on such a touchy subject. As for religion or politics, it's easy to just call "bullshit" and be done. It's just a topic like divorce carries with it so much pain that sometimes I want to blurt it all out.

See, here's the thing though: It's a no-win scenario. Either I'm going to open my yap and hurt someone's feelings. Or something I say will be used against me later. Or, just by being a man and speaking, someone will feel threatened by me.

It's a curse I try to live with, not being allowed to speak on something which hurts so bad. I'm going to always be surrounded by folks I won't always agree with, if I'm lucky at all. The chip on my shoulder doesn't like the chip on the shoulders of others, so I need to just keep my yap shut. If someone needs to say something, I'll give them a wide berth, whether they're capable of returning the courtesy or not. Oh, by the way, I'm not seeking any sort of advice with this post, so just keep it. And I don't give a crap if anyone agrees with me on this.

Apr 6, 2011

Thank you, Dierdra.

Well, now isn't that nice? Someone was kind enough to give me an award for creativity. But, I have a confession. I'm not very creative. I just make it all up.

Anyhoo, here's the award my day was bightened by, and I must say, after coming in from a job where I'm none too appreciated, it was touching. Thank you, Dierdre Coppel.

Election 2012 Already Has Me Pissed Off! April A to Z Blog Challenge April 6, 2011 “E”

I wouldn't be so upset about the very real possibility our current President Barack Obama were probably going to be re-elected because he had managed some improvements in the overall health of America, but he hasn't. It wouldn't yank my chain that Obama will likely sit out his next four as a lame duck president, spewing his socialist agenda as far and as wide as possible, were it due to any sort of positive achievement on his end.

No, what has me wrankled about President Barack Obama possibly winning the presidential election of 2012 is it will be due to no viable political opponent coming from the GOP. They're just not going to introduce an electable enough candidate, who is going to have the good sense to let the gay rights, abortion rights, or other religiously-transfixed topics go, and get down to business.

Just as soon as a presidential candidate from the Republican camp steps forward, the third word out of his mouth is something about pleasing the Lord®, or “defending this great nation” from the “perils of Satan®,” or some crap like that. How about an opponent against the business-hating Barack H Obama, who understands principles like individual liberty, the free market, and who doesn't play with imaginary friends, as a grown up?

What if we, as a people, began demanding the political parties of the US advance a candidate to out-campaign Obama, and not try to pander to delusional extremists of any special interest? What a thought, huh.

I've already griped about this once.

Apr 5, 2011

Online Dating: Can mature, stable, sincere, single adults meet online?

Sure. You've seen them. You've seen the myriad of pop-ups for singles sites from all over the web. There are dating, ethnic, religion-based, lifestyle-based, and even income-based dating sites. And the ever-present “swinger” sites are still up!

Most of the time, a single consumer, looking to at least make a friend or two in the area, should be able to hope for some sort of sincere meeting. It seems, at least one person, out of the advertised “thousands in your area,” would be able to actually sit and have a drink with you...maybe lose at a game of bowling...or something. But no, after spending the membership fee on most sites, the most anyone ends up meeting is maybe a pen-pal.

Then a sponsor brought up maturedatingonly.com. Unlike most sites which are really centered around something or other which seems “naughty,” maturedatingonly.com serves only a crowd of real people seeking real relationships. The site membership consists of those only looking for a little fun to pass the time, all the way up to hoping to still find that one, full-blown, cherished relationship. They don't offer “the club life,” only “real life" singles.

Apr 3, 2011

Crime commentary can wear on a writer's soul April A to Z challenge April 4th, 2011 “C”

Crime commentary can prove to be a difficult topic to write on, in short time. Wanting an established career as a crime commentary news writer for a major news outlet, and actually doing it, are two completely different things for any hopeful writer. While the obvious benefit of highly newsworthy links being published is obvious, sometimes the topics covered are disturbing, to say the least. Enduring a non-stop feed of bad news – even if only part-time – is an unimaginably tiresome burden. Before setting off into a career of writing on crime commentary, readers would be wise to focus on remaining emotionally detached from the news feeds.

Normally, the rational adult human mind powering the actions of an ambitious writer can be stunned by haunting images from reading a few too many stories of parents hurting their own children, strangers stealing and murdering entire families, and atrocities on foreign shores costing the lives of thousands sometimes.

Can an ambitious writer hope to publish along the lines of crime commentary, without growing a jaded outer candy shell? Well, sure, but then, why would anyone want to? It's good to mature, and to learn to only share what's been confirmed, relay the details, and avoid the emotional scarring that can be brought on. The safest and surest way a news writer can avoid emotional impact from the constant feed of bad news is to remain emotionally distant to the words on the screen.

Writing news with the twists necessary for a crime writing career requires reading the topics with an emotional distance. If it's at all possible, a purging of the mind of the news making names will best help workers to keep their private minds separate from their work minds.

In particular, a news writer going through any sort of personal trauma such as divorce, recent death, illness should refrain from covering news topics similar to the contributor's private life. Eventually, the topic will be easily covered. But, for the time being, keep a private life and work topics separate.

Originally published on the Y! Contributor Network

Apr 2, 2011

A to Z April Blog Challenge April 2, 2011 B Believing in yourself is related to how much you like yourself.

There will be plenty of times the only support team you'll have in any solo venture will be yourself. This position of self-reliance will determine how successful you're willing to let yourself be. Like Mark Twain said “A man's got to accept himself...” I'm paraphrasing.

Whether a business person is willing to go through all an entrepreneur must go through is going to determine how often a start up capitalist is willing to take themselves to make their venture work. So liking yourself is of the utmost importance.

Remember that taking shortcuts, cheating, or otherwise competing in the most honorable ways possible, are whether you feel good about yourself or not. Take every chance and make the decision you know you'll feel good about making, in order to keep liking yourself, more and more each day, incrementally.

When an adventurous, heroic capitalist is embarking on an adventure of any sort, for profit and glory, one must always be their own best ally.

Apr 1, 2011

A to Z April Blog Challenge April 1, 2011: Making Applesauce!

To make 2 1/2 cups of applesauce, core and chop up 2 cups of fresh raw apple, into small pieces. Place them in a sauce pan with 1/4 cup of honey, and 1 cup of water, with a pinch of cornstarch dissolved thoroughly between the fingertips. Bring to boil and hold for one minute, stirring.

Remove from heat, let cool some, and mix in blender. Serve up when chilled. Be sure to blend while the mix is still a little warm, on high for a full minute. Refrigerate leftover portions. Eat quickly.

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