Apr 8, 2011

FWIW: Your opinion isn't really always necessary April A to Z Blog challenge April 7th, 2011 "F"

It's been at least a hundred times. I'll be reading someone's blog post on a particular topic, and for some fool reason, I feel the need to blurt out my big-headed opinion. It's not like I really have anything of value to share. I think I just want to be heard. Rather than sharing some sort of thought which might contribute to a valid discussion, what I find instead is that I'm inviting trouble.

It happens on certain topics like divorce, religion, and politics. But more on divorce, than any other. It'd be extremely unfair of me to ever expect anyone to write on these types of topics without some sort of personal slant. But (especially in the case of divorce) we all have our own perspective on such a touchy subject. As for religion or politics, it's easy to just call "bullshit" and be done. It's just a topic like divorce carries with it so much pain that sometimes I want to blurt it all out.

See, here's the thing though: It's a no-win scenario. Either I'm going to open my yap and hurt someone's feelings. Or something I say will be used against me later. Or, just by being a man and speaking, someone will feel threatened by me.

It's a curse I try to live with, not being allowed to speak on something which hurts so bad. I'm going to always be surrounded by folks I won't always agree with, if I'm lucky at all. The chip on my shoulder doesn't like the chip on the shoulders of others, so I need to just keep my yap shut. If someone needs to say something, I'll give them a wide berth, whether they're capable of returning the courtesy or not. Oh, by the way, I'm not seeking any sort of advice with this post, so just keep it. And I don't give a crap if anyone agrees with me on this.

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