Oct 28, 2009

Holiday Appetizer-Shrimp scampi topped with rosemary focaccia and crusted pecorino romano

Who doesn’t love a micro-plane? If you haven’t got one- get one fast. They are so much fun to use and they make your work in the kitchen so easy. This recipe let’s you use your micro-plane three times, tripling the fun and easing the work.

Shrimp scampi topped with rosemary focaccia and crusted pecorino romano

Serves- 6 (recipe can be doubled or tripled- quadrupled depending on number of guests.)
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Items you’ll need:
Cupcake pan preferably with deep wells
One Cookie cutter or glass about twice the size of the cup cake hole. (Foccacia will shrink quickly and be just the right size by the time you put in on top of the scampi.)
One micro-plane- or fine cheese grater (if you must). Micro-planes are a must have tool. You’ll never go back.
One rolling pin or an unopened bottle of wine to serve as a rolling pin. (Mine must have been used in some act of violence because I can’t find it after having moved.)
Cookie sheet to put under cupcake pan in case champagne and butter bubble over.
Half pound extra large shrimp...Go here for the rest!

Oct 27, 2009

Top New CP Opens Up About Life as a Naval Officer-Turned-Homeschooling-Mom by Dr Jamie Y Marable

Exclusive Interview with AC's Brooke Lorren

If you're not familiar with the work of Brooke Lorren here on Associated Content, you've been missing out on the talent of one of the most prolific Content Producers, this site has to offer.

Although she has only been writing for AC since December of 2008, Brooke is nobody's rookie. She managed to crank out more than 100 articles during her first two months on AC and was aptly designated "Best New CP 2009." In many ways, Brooke is already a highly seasoned Content Producer.

Once a Naval Officer and now a homeschooling mom, Brooke is on a mission not only to help support her family as a CP, but also to continue enlightening readers with articles on a wealth of different topics. Her flair for intelligently and skillfully disseminating information that others can put to good use makes her a real asset to AC.

I recently had a chance to interview Brooke and find out more about her interesting background and what her motivation is for producing an ever-expanding collection of high-quality content.

Dr. M: First off, let me congratulate you on winning "Best New CP 2009" here on Associated Content. As a new Content Producer, you have really hit the ground running! You have produced more than 100 pieces of quality content since joining AC last December. What has been your motivation?...Go here for the rest!

Oct 26, 2009

AC's Sexiest Men of 2009 by Jenny Ferraro-Wagner

Once in a while we guys get to work with the office crush. By 'office crush,' I mean nothing untoward for the office crush. Nobody messes with her. But all we guys have a crush on the office crush!

There's one at every company. No matter what you do, every company has one or two gals that, every guy there loves to pieces.

Sometimes they just are so great to work with that we guys put them up on some sort of a pedestal. Sometimes their bright sense of humor puts us right back on one too.

How can a guy refuse the chance for all of that shameless self-endorsement?

FTC Notice: I'm receiving no payment from Ms Wagner...but lots o' love! Is love 'in-kind?'

AC's Sexiest Men of 2009

You've all been waiting for it, whether you realize it or not. Everyone on AC has been wanting to ask same question for ages, but until now no one had dared to speak it (or write it, as it were). Exactly who are the sexiest men on AC?

No need to wonder any longer, my friends. After a lot of sacrifice and time consuming research, I've compiled a comprehensive list of AC's Sexiest Men of 2009. Think you've got what it takes to make it on the sexiest men on AC list? You may be surprised! Let's face it, being sexy is a lot more than having rock hard abs and stunning good looks. After a few too many beers, those rock hard abs aren't so rock hard anymore. Stunning good looks? Who needs them? HA! I scoff at the idea of judging a man on his looks alone. It takes a lot more than physical beauty to make it on AC's Sexiest Men of 2009 list!

So who made the cut? In no particular order, here are my picks for the sexiest men on AC

...Go here for the rest!

Bloggers, Twitterers, and Others Will Have to Disclose FREE Products as of Dec. 1, 2009

One review site for which I write asks at the bottom if I have received a sample of the product or am affiliated with the company. If the answer is yes, then I am asked where I got it or how I am affiliated. This site, viewpoints.com was way before their time!

Although the word free didn't have to be in the title it will be as of December 1, 2009. The Federal Trade Commission announced guidelines last week that bloggers, Twitterers and "many others who write online product reviews must disclose the receipt of free merchandise or payment for
the items they write about...Go here for the rest!

Oct 25, 2009

How I Made A Saline Nasal Spray to Fight Proliferation of h1n1/Swine Flu Within Myself

H1n1 (Miss Piggy Flu) Is a Lot Easier to Survive Than You’ve Been Told.

H1n1 flu is in the news (yawn) again. Since most of the focus on h1n1 flu (or the Flu formerly known as Swine Flu) has been on those few unfortunate souls lost, it seems a good time to give my friends, readers, and even a couple of enemies something to help them protect themselves from contagious infection.

I am no doctor. If you think you have acquired the swine flu and are in need of medical assistance, then please do so immediately. This information is intended only to inform others, about how someone might prevent any problems on their own, pre-emptively.

According to a report on the blog, KickaMidget.info, a Dr Vinay Goyal suggests a regimen of gargling once daily with saltwater, using a nasal spray to put saltwater into the nasal passages, and lots of hand washing.

Gargling with saltwater most people comprehend. The clear majority of people know what it means to wash their hands. If not, they probably have an aide with them that does. But most folks seem the most hesitant about the saline nasal spray. That’s a fear the author would be honored to answer to in the minds of his readers.

The saltwater sprayed into the nostrils, while sniffing, in not as uncomfortable as it might sound. Some sensation will be noticed the first time, of course, but it’s not altogether too bad in the author’s humble opinion.

When the saltwater is first introduced to the sinuses there will be a lot of mucous and such needing to be expelled immediately. Most people seem able to handle that aspect of it as well. The biggest question remaining from most of the author’s offline associates is where to find a saline nasal spray.

Easy! Make one! It’s worth emptying a brand new nasal spray bottle to fill it with average, everyday, household saltwater. As long as the salt itself is thoroughly dissolved, the saltwater is able to reach up into the nasal passages and kill the flu virus itself, with each daily spray.

Dr Goyal also recommends other good ideas in suggesting the gargling, which, does seem to ease up the throat pain for a flu patient. Flu sufferers will likely enjoy the relief that step brings, but it‘s that nasal cavity, which still needs to be cleared of flu viruses and a simple nasal spray bottle filled with saline will help you to simply side-step the h1n1 swine flu hysteria..


The previous post from October 24th, 2009
From Dr Vinay Goyal Preventing Spread of H1n1 /Swine Flu

Introducing Darcy Sautelet!

I first met this next writer in an argument.

There we both were, really thinking that each of us was in the right, and as time has grown on, we now both realize just how wrong we both were.

She's still the prettier one though. She got the looks. I got the brains.

Her work is enjoyable. Her spelling, punctuation, and grammar is alright. Her content flows correctly enough and she uses a nice active voice.

But what tickles me the most is how fun this new writer is to get to know!

She's not only a writer, Darcy also tells me she's quite the expert with fashion, and then she mumbles something about a bunch of horses trampling down her lawn so anyway...

Moving on to a more positive topic, I'd like to know I had something to do with your discovery of this next author:
Darcy Sautelet

Best SEO Practices to Get Traffic to Your Website by Donald Pennington on Factoidz.com

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ of online marketing. Some folks admit to being a bit confused about SEO methods. That’s understandable. There are so many companies online offering the ‘hottest new thing’, that an online marketer should expect to be confused.

Many of the e-books available on the subject are either just re-hashed SEO tactics from someone else, whose e-book you also bought, or they’re already outdated. Who can a marketer trust these days? You can trust me, that’s who.

Why trust what I share with you about SEO? Because after all, I’m no "SEO guru." I’m just another web writer who’s had the good fortune to learn about SEO from folks that’ve been doing it right for years themselves. There’s no trickery intending to fool web-crawlers (spiders), nor do I use incentives traffic (junk), and there’s no voodoo involved. The only voodoo is that voodoo that you do. I’ve no magic SEO bullet to sell you. All I’d hope for is you share this page on good SEO practices with others by linking here.

Basic SEO works just fine on its own. Basic SEO begins on your site and very few services can offer as effective a service as they might claim. Some are truly good, but even in those cases, website owners are dependant upon the systems that those services use.

So . . . Will you teach me the SEO Shuffle, Don?

You’re durn skippy I will. SEO practices are so easy to do that within just setting up a few pages you’ll be doing these like they’re second nature. So pay attention. There’s an SEO test at the end.

Best SEO Practices to Get Traffic to Your Website number one:
...go here for the rest!

Oct 24, 2009

From Dr. Vinay Goyal: Preventing the Spread of h1n1 Flu Virus

Please Note: This information was handed to me three days ago. Please share it with everyone that you would. Of course, please cross-reference this information along with your physician if you will. I've followed these steps and my sinusitus cleared up as well.

Per future FTC regs: I am receiving no payments in cash or kind from any sort of a medical, pharmaceutical, or salt distributor. My sponsors love me according to how many visitors stop by...but that's it. Muah back to my lovely sponsors!

Share this page with everybody. Send the link in an email. Give this to everyone you know, if you will, and follow this advice if you so choose.

This information is not intended to replace the advice of your personal physician. If you wish to confer with your own doctor before making any medical decisions then that is highly encouraged.

Prevent the Spread of H1N1 Flu Virus - Good Advice by Dr. Vinay Goyal

Dr. Vinay Goyal is an MBBS,DRM,DNB (Intensivist and Thyroid specialist) having clinical experience of over 20 years. He has worked in institutions like Hinduja Hospital, Bombay Hospital, Saifee Hospital, Tata Memorial etc. Presently, he is heading our Nuclear Medicine Department and Thyroid clinic at Riddhivinayak Cardiac and Critical Centre, Malad (W).

The following message given by him, I feel makes a lot of sense and is important for all to know

The only portals of entry are the nostrils and mouth/throat. In a global epidemic of this nature, it's almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with H1N1 in spite of all precautions. Contact with H1N1 is not so much of a problem as proliferation is.

While you are still healthy and not showing any symptoms of H1N1 infection, in order to prevent proliferation, aggravation of symptoms and development of secondary infections, some very simple steps, not fully highlighted in most official communications, can be practiced (instead of focusing on how to stock N95 or Tamiflu):

1. Frequent hand-washing (well highlighted in all official communications).

2. "Hands-off-the-face" approach. Resist all temptations to touch any part of face (unless you want to eat, bathe or slap).

3. *Gargle twice a day with warm salt water (use Listerine if you don't trust salt). *H1N1 takes 2-3 days after initial infection in the throat/nasal cavity to proliferate and show characteristic symptoms. Simple gargling prevents proliferation. In a way, gargling with salt water has the same effect on a healthy individual that Tamiflu has on an infected one. Don't underestimate this simple, inexpensive and powerful preventative method.

4. Similar to 3 above, *clean your nostrils at least once every day with warm salt water . *Not everybody may be good at Jala Neti or Sutra Neti (very good Yoga asanas to clean nasal cavities), but *blowing the nose hard once a day and swabbing both nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water is very effective in bringing down viral population.*
Neti pots and sinus rinse kits are available at the drug store and relatively inexpensive...under $15!

5. *Boost your natural immunity with foods that are rich in Vitamin C (Amla and other citrus fruits). *If you have to supplement with Vitamin C tablets, make sure that it also has Zinc to boost absorption.

6. *Drink as much of warm liquids (tea, coffee, etc) as you can. *Drinking warm liquids has the same effect as gargling, but in the reverse direction. They wash off proliferating viruses from the throat into the stomach where they cannot survive, proliferate or do any harm.

I suggest you pass this on to your entire e-list. You never know who might pay attention to it -- and STAY ALIVE because of it.

Introducing Sevastian Winters- AC Contributor and More...

As a writer Sevastian winters will keep someone reading. His voice and style are professional enough. His online persona strikes most folks as someone having a brewski (or alternative beverage) with but also the kind of co-worker that won't hesitate to tell the team (the whole damn team) if they're screwing up.

Some folks are just 'comfortable in their own skin' and they usually pull a few readers along with them as they work.

Sevastian brings his writing talent to the world in a variety of ways: a) Here's his Facebook fan page. From this page you'll find his literary work. Any work on AssociatedContent.com is free but I can't speak for whatever else he might choose to market here. So...ask him.; b) Here's the guy's actual home page. Follow his work from here whether you're a Facebook user or not. Trust me on this. Don't judge this guy's ability based sole-ly upon the poor man's mug. Give him a read. And c) Sevastian's Silly Social Media Game! In this final entry on my blog for the man, you'll find a game that could only come from a creative and productive mind. Have fun with this and feel free to tell your other friends about your introduction to the guy as well.

Oct 23, 2009

Before You Judge Him: Take His Shoes and Walk a Mile Away.

The first time you read this man you might not know exactly how to take him. Don't.

Give it to him with both barrels. Laugh your ass off the whole time you're doing it...but give it to him with both barrels just the same!

Leave no stone unturned in your search for the cliches to be found in this man's work. But one thin you'll have to admit to is: His information is good.

There will be some times when you might want to tell this guy to bite his tongue clean off and let the blood spray...and suddenly you realize he was right again.

It's not even so much that he says anything in too snarky of a manner. What he has to tell you is important enough to say even if he doesn't necessarily say it in a nice way. (He's not a bad guy at all.)

But say it anyway he does...Go here for the stuff!

Oct 22, 2009

Business Reviews: We Need to Interview Mom and Pop.

All over America, small business owners of all sorts are trying to get their marketing messages out against the chains, and the multinational corporations, and and even the news itself, regardless of the economic forecast.

These businesses are the back bone of the American Way. We, as writers, have in our hands the best way to share some of the best little companies we know, and help to fight the trend of bad economic weather.

Some little flower shop in NW PA, is read about by a hopeful groom in VA, and ba-da-bing! A deal goes through.

We writers may not be able to do much for the auto industry (or can we?) but we can still do something for the small independent businesses ran by folks who live within your local community.

Give those little places your business. Give them a fair review. Help bring your neighbors some traffic of their own! Your pages will love you for it.

Oct 21, 2009

Where Successful Web Writers Find What's Popular on the Web Right Now by (the awesome) Pam Gaulin!

Where to Find What's Popular on the Web Right Now

Web writers who focus on celebrity gossip, entertainment news, and news can find out about what's popular on the web right now with these web sites.

These sites will list the most popular and current web searches, keywords and keyword phrases, spawning ideas for your articles and web

Where to Find What's Popular on the Web Right Now

This article is complete update of the previous article, which combined these popular search trend sites with other keyword popularity web tools. What is included here are just the Internet tools you can use to find what's popular right now online.

1. Google Trends
Web Site Address: http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends

Prior to May 2007, Google shared information about popular searches with their "Google Zeitgeist." The Google Zeitgeist listed the 10 ten most popular searches for the month. Each month was archived.

The Google Zeitgeist was of limited use for searching truly popular keywords and phrases.

Now Google instead offers Google Trends. Google Trends is much more useful for finding what's popular right now in web searches.

Google Trends lists "today's top 100 fastest-rising search queries" (Google Labs). What's key here is noting that these the top keyword and phrase searches that are on the rise...Go here for the rest!

Oct 20, 2009

Focus on a Writer-Heather Michelle

I'm very honored to share a certain someone with you today. This young lady I'm about to share with you is one of the sweetest and friendliest people you could hope to find online.

She's quite the writer. Something that makes here really stand out is how she goes to bat for other writers that she knows too.

Heather is sometimes seen as the person that folks go to when they need help...and she's right there.

Several people already know what kind of a gal she is. I'd like to recommend you look into at least a dozen of her pieces published.

What else can be said about her? She's just a darling. ...Go here for the rest!

Oct 18, 2009

Normal by Maria Roth

Another Poem for Audrey

Let me carry you, Baby Doll
Let me kiss your hair before it's all gone

I wish we could be normal again
Right now

Let me do this for you--
I'll take the medicines,
The needle-stings,
The pain
I'll wear the scary mask and hold very still so you don't have to

Give me the radiation!
Give me
the chemo!

I'll stay home while you go out and
Play wherever you want, with all the normal kids
Among the germs and viruses
Without hand sanitizer

Take my body to protect you
Take all of my blood
Whatever you need
Take my stomach
Give me your nausea and constipation
Take my strong legs
And run

If one of us must be sick, let it be me

Even when God says no
I'll still try to take it all away

Let me carry you, Baby Doll...Go here for the rest!

Fat Burger: A Burger Joint with a Sense of Humor by Cate O'Malley

I'll Have a Laugh with that
Billing themselves as "the last great hamburger stand," Fatburger has just started creeping their way onto the East coast, although those out West have been enjoying them for awhile now. Not really a restaurant, but not really fast food, it falls somewhere in between. When I saw this sign

outside their location, I laughed out loud and knew we were in for a treat. How can you not love a restaurant with a sense of humor?

Decorated in 1950s retro style, complete with chrome and red leather, it features a nifty jukebox that is web-based and holds 200,000 songs - pretty cool! I, for one, love jukeboxes. The chain has been around since 1952 and was the brainchild of...Go here for the rest!

Lemme Introduce Seth Anderson

Official address: On the road, Oklahoma.

Seth Anderson comes along and dares the average reader to lose himself withing the confines of an illogically infinite insanity.

While other writers are advising how readers should baste their turkeys, Seth is asking you to consider independent deductions and reasonings as to why one might abandon some traditions.

In case you happen to be a reader of all things unique you sure want to make certain to ketch the textual works of this young man: Seth Anderson

Oct 17, 2009

So...How Do You Answer the Question "What Do You Write?"

It happened again.

Somebody else asked me what I do for a living. When I told them I'm a web writer, they asked, "What do you write?" I replied: "Whatever the client tells me to."

But this time, this curious consumer wanted to push for a few more details. This gregarious Gregorian wanted names of some of the folks I write for. They pushed.

So my only reply had to be: "Why? Are you looking for work?" My intention was to make money helping a few other folks make money. My question was sincere...as well as pithy.

So imagine my shock when the "average American Wal-Mart shopper" got offended! After a small exchange of words that the author can't quite conveniently remember, at this moment, the author basically told Joe Six-pack (and the author likes six-packs) that his questioning was just a little nosey then.

Good ole' Joe didn't seem to understand that I've worked hard for my contacts thus far to date. He needs to build his own empire. Maybe I'm just answering people wrong or something. Hahahahaha....yeah. That's it.

So...how do you handle the question when people ask you?

Oct 15, 2009

Sign up here to win yourself and your referrer $100 each on November 15th, 2009! Free!

I just want to see who is visiting the page. So badly, in fact, that I'm willing to pay $200 altogether to find out!

All you need do is put in the basic information below, confirm the message that comes to you, and we're all good to go!

On November 15th, at 2:00 pm Eastern, a winner will be selected at random to win $100 via PayPal. The winning entry's referrer will also be awarded a matching $100 prize as well!

So, the big secret is, send out as many referrals to this particular link as you can!

There are no limits as to the numbers referred possible! All entrants must be 18 or over. US residents only please at this time.

Tweet/#RT http://tinyurl.com/ykpavtk

Share this contest any way you wish other than spam. Any spam complaints disables the sweepstakes. So let's everybody be nice and refer friends!

Remember to refer others to the contest as well! http://tinyurl.com/ykpavtk
If I referred you just put "St Jude's" in the referrers name field.

I send one daily reminder (ten total) email messages to you about sharing the contest. Each reminder has pieces I've written linked to each. You're not required to read to enter...but I hope you do. The reminders are there only to increase your chances of winning.

Referrer name:

  Powered by Sendfree

Sometimes I just have something to share with friends. by Don Pennington.info

Oct 12, 2009

A Letter to My Daughter's Cancer by Maria Roth

When you read Ms Roth's very real letter to her very real daughter's very real cancer, not only will you sense the hope, strength, courage, and love for her little girl, you'll also be helping her and her family support themselves with your readership and to help them fight back the medical bills.

When you also make it a point to share it you're magnifying that love by as many people as read...and share...and it just keeps building up like that.

And...it's such a soul-stirring piece. Please enjoy

"A Letter to My Daughter's Cancer" by Maria Roth
Be touched here.

Mystic Kick: Modern Rock Music Band on the Rise!

Mystic Kick: Modern Rock Music Band on the Rise!
Like rock and roll music? Then you're going to love Mystic Kick. Discovering them on one of the many social networking sites available today was such a lucky find. Hearing their works in rock music at http://www.MysticKick.com reminds us all that the music is still growing, and evolving, and that new music is still worth listening to.

I like my rock music neat...and by neat I mean...like Scotch sort of 'neat.' Good Scotch whiskey doesn't need an ice cube to screw it up. Good rock and roll music doesn't need a bunch of special effects and flaming runaway zombie ponies to be enjoyable. Mystic Kick doesn't bring anything but the one thing they do so well: Singing, instrumental, and drums! Okay! That was three things. That just shows you what a music value this band will be for you and your family's rock music
...Go here for the rest!

Oct 7, 2009

Writing for Associated Content - One Year into My Journey by Jennifer Wagner

Here it is. One year of writing for Associated Content. I can honestly say that I didn't believe you could get paid to write online, but I am pleased to admit that I was wrong. Writing for Associated Content has opened new doors for me in other online writing jobs, and I have slowly learned how to make money writing online.

In one year of writing for Associated Content, I have earned over $ 700.00, which is not earth-shattering, but that is my own fault.
Let met express the importance of learning SEO writing. If I had taken the time to learn SEO writing when
I...Go here for the rest!

Say It -Blue October These guys kick my ass!

Oct 5, 2009

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Supercharge Your Pirate Clan on MySpace by Patricia Mayo

On first blush, Pirate Clan for MySpace seems simple enough - right up until you reach "The Point." It's that one particular level where you just can't find anyone to beat up. It's that clan you lost to and can't
understand why. It's that moment in time where you actually consider giving up just because it seems like you won't be able to go any further.

Well, despair no more. This strategy guide for Pirate Clan on MySpace contains tips for clan development, skill point distribution, battle picking, and a few little known tricks to increase your clan's strength - without adding random "friends" or using favor points.

This strategy guide is meant for the player relatively new to Pirate Clan. You will learn the structure of the game, and how to manipulate the basics to create a strong foundation. In a later strategy guide for Pirate Clan, I will delve into greater detail on achievements, adventures, bounties, counter attacks, and other key strategies for those in triple digit levels (add me to keep updated and pick my brain, if you would like).

There are definitely a lot of ways to approach the strategy for Pirate Clan, but you basically have two good choices. You can either level up quickly and get stuck at a higher level, or level up slowly and surprise the mightiest of swashbucklers with your strength. Depending on what stage of the game you're in is the strategy you should choose.

Building Your Pirate Clan

For each captain in your clan, you can bring 10 mateys, 10 weapons, and 1 ship into battle. This includes mateys, weapons, and ships gained through adventures, gifts, or the special limited offers. You want to make sure you always have the strongest possible clan, so definitely do max out your matey, weapon, and ship count according to your captain count.

Also in order to have the strongest possible clan, you want to only bring into battle the best mateys, weapons, and ships available to you. If you have more mateys, weapons, and ships than you do captains, Pirate Clan will automatically pick the best of the bunch to bring into battle until it reaches the maximum count, so no need to worry about extras.

To this end, each time you have new clan inventory available, you want to sell all the weaker mateys, weapons, and ships (except what you need in adventures), and fill your counts with only the very best. Which ones would, in fact, be the very best depends on your skill point distribution and your rule strategy.

For example, if you don't have a lot of coins and therefore don't have a lot of hourly income from your rule, your preference should be to mateys and weapons with a lower upkeep cost. However, that means you are significantly stronger on the attack than the defense, and so you would need to spend a great deal of skill points to balance the strengths of your pirate clan.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of coins and hourly income from rule, then your preference would be to mateys and weapons with higher upkeep, but a more balanced or powerful attack and defense ratio. This will enable you to spend fewer skill points to balance things out, or result in a significantly more powerful pirate clan.

Don't worry if you don't understand yet, you will in the section about skill point distribution. For now, just try to balance your attack and defense as best as you can.

One last note, don't go crazy buying those rare special offers on the Pirate Clan home screen - especially if you don't have a lot of captains. Each time you buy one the captain requirement goes up, and you can only arm one of each kind. Although your captains can use the spares, do you really want them to? Think before you blindly buy! The next special weapon could be a better fit for your strategy.

Rules of thumb for building your pirate clan:
Always have 10 mateys, 10 weapons, and 1 ship per captain.
Always sell the less powerful mateys, weapons, and ships when you can get better ones.
Always fill your matey, weapon, and ship counts with the very best.
Hold on to one of each kind of matey, weapon, and ship for adventures.

Picking Your Battles

The number of mateys, weapons, and ships used in battle depends entirely on how many captains you have. Therefore, it stands to reason that your maximum possible strength is directly related to how many captains are in your clan - and the same is true for your opponents.

As a result, you are almost guaranteed to win against a clan with fewer captains, and if you have developed your skills properly, you can also go up against well developed clans with 5 or 10 more captains than you and win too. However, you should hoard your coins before picking a battle with someone a bit bigger than you - and before you log out, for that matter.

If you are finding it difficult to find clans with fewer captains than you, go through your rival clans (Battle → Rival Clans) to see if you can exact some revenge. Since it doesn't tell you how many captains they have, only their level, look for clans of a lower level and how many times they attacked you. If they only attacked you a few times, say 1 to 5, chances are they lost the battles and didn't care to lose any more, which makes them your perfect target.

There is another way to go about this as well. On the Pirate Clan home screen you will find an activity stream. Look for captains who recently attacked you and lost, and attack them for all they're worth. Try to remember their names too so you can pick them out of the pack in your rival clans list later on....Go here for the rest!

Oct 1, 2009

Han Van Meegerin Introduces and Interviews Abby Greenhill

I am pleased to Introduce Greenhill. She became an Associated Content Contributor on November 1, 2008 and began publishing on February 12, 2009. As of this interview, Greenhill has published 220 articles and received 81,304 page views. She has a significant fan base that numbers 174. She
Costumes | Party Ideas | Kids and Safety | Movies and Music | Scary Stories | More »
is a multi-talented Contributor. She writes poetry, fiction and other types of articles and has even included some beautiful photographs of Tennessee.

However, without taking away from her other literary work, her recent claim to fame has been her extremely popular and successful Hot News Quickies series. This series came to life on May 7, 2009 and is continuing to flourish, growing bigger and stronger every day. These Quickies are generally are among the most commented articles every day and as a result her page views are soaring like an eagle.

As you read through this interview, I believe you will find a friendly, genuine and down to earth woman who has much to offer beyond Hot News Quickies. Greenhill also is a Contributor who takes the time to frequently comment on other Associated Content Contributor's articles. Before we hear from Greenhill, I will give a plug to some of my personal favorite articles that Greenhill has published on Associated Content. If you have not read them, I urge you to. Here they are:
1) Pride: Whatever Happened to It?
2) The Snowman
3) My Secret Life
4) Associated Content Contributors: Who are We?

Lastly, for these that might I have missed Han Van Meegerin Introduces and Interview Janet Hunt, Janet indicated that Greenhill was the one that led her to Associated Content. So all you Janet Hunt fans have one more reason for being thankful for Greenhill.

Now, Greenhill, now it is your turn. I for one am anxious to learn more about you.

1. When did you discover you had a passion for writing?

I am not sure if passion is the word. I can't actually describe it and I must not be a good writer since I can't come up with the words to explain it! Possibly since the time I realized that if I wrote something down someone might read it.

2. Have you always considered yourself a good a writer?

I still don't know if I'm a good writer or not! I think I am until I read some of the top producers at AC then I feel like I'm not quite adequate! I will never have 3 million page views, but that's ok with me.

3. Who have been your biggest influences in fueling your desire to write and in developing your skills as a writer?

Wow, that's a hard question - do you stay up all night coming up with these questions? I think this is something I've done pretty much on my own and nurtured myself. I'm not easily influenced nor do I like to be told what to do.

4. How did you discover Associated Content?

On a mystery shopping forum believe it or not. There are special websites mystery shoppers use and one section has a list of 'other ways to make money' and there was a thread about AC. I read it and asked a few questions and that's when I signed up.

5. I see your Associated Content Start Date was 11/1/2008, but you did not actually publish anything until 2/12/2009. Was there a reason for the delay?

I signed up, and proceeded to read some articles. The first one I read had so many typos I couldn't read it. The site overwhelmed me and I was totally confused and I decided to move on. I then signed up with IP, which went belly up after a few months. I did pretty well on there, which gave me the courage to try AC again and actually submit an article.

6. I understand you write for a pet blog called Responsible Pet Ownership. Would you share the mission and the history of this blog? Also, feel provide a website address for this blog.

"The Responsible Pet Ownership Blog is dedicated to helping pet owners take good care of their dogs and cats. We provide helpful information on nutrition, health care, training, vacation travel with pets, dog breeds and a variety of other pet-related topics. The blog is sponsored by CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods."

(Han - on my content page under affiliations is the pet blog name with the link)

7. I read that you own one dog now. What breed is it? Why did you select that dog and/or breed?

Abby is a yellow lab. My parents owned a black lab, my sister owned a black lab, and I knew that was the breed I wanted. We actually went shopping for a black one but they didn't have any. Please don't tell Abby that, her feelings would be hurt!

8. Have the articles that you published more recently out performing your first few published articles?

Yes, definitely.

9. Do you have any articles that standout with exceptionally high or low page views?

The high for me is a just short 4,000 and that was Golden Girls Star Bea Arthur Dead at 84. Also Tax Free Shopping Days just hit 4,200. Lisa Marie Presley is about 3500.
My lowest was Informative Post's Demise at 69, which was my third article at AC. Seems only Janet Hunt and I knew about IP!

10. Which of your published articles on Associated Content are your personal favorites?

Two of them actually tie for my favorite: " Associated Content Contributors: Who Are We?" and "Things I am not allowed to touch, smell or play with". But the Hot News Quickies has taken off and although it is a lot of work 5 days a week I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy reading all the nice comments!

11. As you approach the nine month mark (6 months of actually publishing content) with Associated Content, how would you describe your overall experience as an Associated Content Contributor?

So far overall it has been good in most respects. Early on it was scary and I will say I was ready to throw in they towel many times. If it wasn't for some of my AC buds I would have given up.

12. How has your writing evolved over the course
of your time publishing with Associated Content?...Go here for the rest!

"For It Is I" A Forgivable Amateur Poem by Donald Pennington

I originally published this at:

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2235935/for_it_is_i_a_forgivable_amateur_poem.html?cat=42 ,

and while I certainly enjoy publishing there, since I did it as Display Only I've decided to also use it to grow this blog.

There's gold to be had in them thar blogs! While I hope you enjoy this piece, I'm sure asking you to survive one more amateurish piece like this one, is survivable for you.

...for it is I who gets to tell you of a fateful coming day
Of the old and new in passing that ends an age and starts a way
Where happy everlasting calms the quotes and sets the say
Into the all and ever-lasting until the rebel starts the fray.

For it is I who's seen the workings of wondrous wonder's plot
To steal the mind and other values and turning all to what is not
What seems to be so ever mindful of effects of till or rot
And through the time of filth and sot...

...we think we've bargained what we bought...

For it is I who laid the open into freedom's final hold
As I thought I served my masters with the eyes so dark and cold.
To having seen the evil makes a hatred hard and bold,
And, be it ever in my memory even when I'm gray and old.

...be it ever in my memory even though I'm gray as told.

For it is I who read the passages and felt another's mind.
For it is I who found the fabled keys within another maze's find.
For it is I who understands the power of simply being kind.
For it is I who takes the journey now to "see what he can find."

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