Oct 24, 2009

Introducing Sevastian Winters- AC Contributor and More...

As a writer Sevastian winters will keep someone reading. His voice and style are professional enough. His online persona strikes most folks as someone having a brewski (or alternative beverage) with but also the kind of co-worker that won't hesitate to tell the team (the whole damn team) if they're screwing up.

Some folks are just 'comfortable in their own skin' and they usually pull a few readers along with them as they work.

Sevastian brings his writing talent to the world in a variety of ways: a) Here's his Facebook fan page. From this page you'll find his literary work. Any work on AssociatedContent.com is free but I can't speak for whatever else he might choose to market here. So...ask him.; b) Here's the guy's actual home page. Follow his work from here whether you're a Facebook user or not. Trust me on this. Don't judge this guy's ability based sole-ly upon the poor man's mug. Give him a read. And c) Sevastian's Silly Social Media Game! In this final entry on my blog for the man, you'll find a game that could only come from a creative and productive mind. Have fun with this and feel free to tell your other friends about your introduction to the guy as well.

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