Mar 17, 2014

I Want To Start A Few Small Free Libraries

Have you ever seen them on Facebbok? Those little mini-libraries! Little miniature libraries, which sit on one post, from which neighbors can borrow or donate books, for others to read for free.

I wish I could legally use an image. I'll need to wait until I build one, I guess. They're not complicated, at all, really. I want to place them under awnings around Amarillo, Tx, in my neighborhood. I could re-introduc reading to a wealth of young minds.

Sponsors would fund it, too. I know of a few local businesses which would love to be seen supporting young, urban literacy.

A mad genius once said, “Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read.” -Groucho Marx

Kids the rest here.

My Room Is Complete

It took me about 5 straight hours of physical work total – and I've just recently slept the first mandatory 4 to make it official, but I finally have a room. This isolation is exactly what I've been needing.

It might not seem like much of a thing to most but I have not been able to close a door on the whole world in months. I haven't had a little space to regularly write for months. Life as been a bit of a struggle and I have missed this like I cannot describe in mere the rest here.

My Next Great Long-Term Bubblews Experiment; Buying a Car

Here's an idea I know of already, but needed to be reminded of, by my Aunt &mysgeek . My Bubbles and/or other blog posts should benefit of it, my readers will benefit of it , ergo my bank balance should benefit of it too, to such an extent, Bubblews buys me a car.

It's do-able. We're only talking a grand or so, here. I'm a cheap date.

So beneficial is it, I'm aiming to buy said car with my Bubblews earnings, within just 3 months (13 weeks)! I think I'm even going to just have &Arvind “Buy Me This, in regards to a car. I'll want the evidence and who can't forget being mentioned someday, right?

Then, it would be “official.” Bubblews will have bought me a car. OOOooOOOOO I'm picturing a rich green car. Something gas-miserly. I will also have proof for my experiment too.

How's this experiment going to work, you say? What will I do to make my future posts so much more valuable, you ask? I'll tell you.

I posit, a brain will increase their earnings-per-post averages if they' the rest here.

May 23, 2013

Free stock images and pictures images to use for link and credit

I don't mind if you ever happen to find this image useful. All I ask in return is you give me credit and link back to this page. Fair enough?

The area around Meadville, Pennsylvania is rich with scenery, background, texture to spare! Any photographer, artists,painters alike would enjoy working in Meadville, Pennsylvania, 16335. I'm offering the use of any and all of my non-human images for anyone to use anywhere legal. Just remember the credit, copyrights and attribution (link).

Tell everyone you've ever known, loved, or hated. Tell the world. Free non-human images to use in exchange for your site's...Go here for the rest.

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Pain management an issue?

May 19, 2013

Amateur Photography; Barns Around Georgetown, Kentucky

A fellow Bubbler once asked me to grab a few shots of some barns for her. Well, since I'm in Kentucky, there's no better chance to do just that.

The farms around here are amazing, although many of them no longer have what we might call a “barn” but rather, a metal building.

According to what a couple of these old horse farmers (horse ranchers?) around here tell me, the traditional wooden barn is now an endangered species. Most modern horse farms replace old barns with metal buildings and sell the barn-wood to artisans, furniture makers and flooring companies.

So, I guess grabbing a few shots of these old...go here for the rest and some more great pictures.
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Today Is The Day I Must Leave; The Four Reasons

*UPDATE* In spite of my having just posted this earlier, I've encountered a delay. I will be taking off in the morning.

I must make it back up North to take care of some business for myself and for my four children. As much as I hate leaving Louisiana and Janet, I must go on the road for a good length of time. There are – for those of us fortunate enough to really live – sometimes more than it seems we can even do. But do it, we must.

Going from this world and back into that world is not easy. It is hard, lonely, sleepless work. But I have the best of four reasons to do it. I'm a fortunate man and I know it. Besides, I have nothing to fear. I am very well protected and very deeply...For the rest, go here.

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