Jun 9, 2014

My Review of PersonaPaper

Well, yet another online writing site is showing up. This newest one is named PersonaPaper. I can't help but wonder if it's going to work this time. It seems, to me anyway, were one of these sites operated correctly from the very get-go, someone could make a big old steaming pile of cash. But, for some reason, it just never seems to happen.

I mean, site admins always mean to do things right, right? It's never “their fault,” they “meant to,” “they were gonna.” But it just doesn't seem to happen.

So, I thought, “Heck, I'm going to sign up for this new site, find their flaws and rip them to shreds.” So, I signed up. Here's my experience, so far.

The sign up process is, of course, free. It's easy and fast, too. Okay. This is good. But, perhaps I'll see the great, big, glaring warning sign in the next few steps. I'm certain of it, in fact.

The next logical step is to read their rules and see all the legalese which is really just an admin's way of play-pretending to know what they're doing. Usually, they're jam-packed full of jargon and terms meant to both confuse the dog-biscuits out of members as well as make sure the only party to benefit will be the admin, should they so choose to screw the members over.

Hmm. There's a list of clearly-defined rules and an easy-to-understand acceptable-use policy. But I'm not seeing one of those “Just-as-soon-as-we-get-ours-well-then-screw-you” types of agreements. Instead, their terms of use take only a minute or so to read and, by golly, I understood what I was reading as well as gett in to.

Pardon me for the little “eep” sound I just made. This site seems so...different already.

Well now, surely, this Personapaper must have some other flaw, right? I bet it's the submission process is a pain-in-the-neck or takes forever. Yeah! THAT'S GOTTA BE IT! PersonaPaper has a major weakness in their armor and I'm going to exploit it, in order to shame them in front of everyone on EARTH! MUUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!

Wrong! The submission process is awesome! They have a high-quality online text editor, which offers functions I've never had before – not all in one place. Never before. Not like this. Oh my Guido Sarducci. (Wait until you discover the restore cache function I think I might almost have peed myself just a bit ooooooOOOOOOoooo)

And, once your post is published, they do those “little things” right, too. I remember once being “chewed out” by a site admin for sharing a piece more than once on Google Plus and Facebook. When I replied I h d only done it once, they replied with, “Well I don't know what's wrong...but don't do it anymore,” or something to this effect. It was how THEY put the site together. It wasn't me. It was them. I suppose they just really had no clue what they were doing with their own site.

Anyway, the folks running PersonaPaper seem to be doing those little things right. And little things, well, they're everything. This is only my first day on the site but, like I said, they seem really, truly different. I can almost feel my faith in Humanity being restored as I write this.

Come check out what I'm talking about here. It will cost you nothing but a couple minutes.
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