Jun 29, 2012

I've been confused about the idea of a multi-verse cosmos

Scientists, on their best days, can have a reader referencing forth and back between a statement and a dictionary. But once they begin to get into quantum mechanics multi-verse theory I usually get lost. On qm, I've so much to begin learning. Multi-verse makes a little more sense now. Who's to say our entire cosmos is not just a quantum-level crumb in someone else's sub-atomic structure pie? I happen to posit that each quantum part in our bodies are entire universes unto themselves as well. I doubt we have much to worry about trimming our nails though, being a part of the infinity of universes we all are.

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Jun 24, 2012

Use the Power of Your Mind to Determine Your Own Limits

A Simple Exercise

Most folks today are followers. We're given a kind of set of 'instructions' from birth to death and we seldom, if ever, deviate from them.

Being taught, for example, to never question or 'disrespect' authority leads many of us into a life of obedience and un-necessary self-sacrifice to folks who do not even deserve such a position of power over us or anyone else.

I was once like you. I was taught through all of my youth that some people are just 'born to' do certain things. Sadly some of these 'things' included being happy, free, prosperous, and self-determining of one's future. Others, like myself I was told, had to just accept what life handed them.

Well, fortunately for me I'd ran into some problems just a few short years back that made me decide to choose whether I'd just accept what life had for me or to choose my own destiny. Without going into too much detail I faced either going to prison for a crime I never committed or to stand and fight the injustice, abuse of power, and blatant dishonesty all too common within the ranks of those who lust for power.

I chose the latter.

It was a struggle to be sure. After so many years of blind trust in religion, the police, family, and well-meaning 'friends' it was difficult to rely solely upon my own mind, reasoning ability, thought capacity, and courage. In addition, many of these 'friends' fell by the way-side when I began to question, and even disagree with, their well-intended, but all too ignorant, advice. When all was said and done all that were left were those all too precious and rare true friends.

At the end of the day though isn't that all any of us ever really want...our true friends?

But I digress...

In the midst of this particular struggle, I'd come across a book about something called NLP or Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (Neuro=Nervous system, Linguistic=Language or talk, Programming=a set of commands or instructions for pre-determined responses or actions for any computer-including the human brain). Now I'm not going to try to claim any sort of expert status here. I'm not even going to engage you in any sort of elaborate training.

I'm only here today to offer you one simple exercise that will demonstrate the effectiveness of how your brain, and what you tell yourself, can directly and measurably affect results obtained in your body and your life. From there, I'd suggest that you do a Google search for the term NLP, or maybe even, Anthony Robbins himself.

This maneuver will show you just the tiniest example of how you can take yourself beyond what you now believe to be your own limits. Here it is:

It's much easier to do and more 'fluid' if you read these instructions all the way through first and then do the exercise.

Standing with your feet together and your legs straight, bend over and come as close to touching your toes as possible. If you're able to touch your toes, fine, go as far as you can comfortably and without 'bouncing' or hurting yourself.

Make a note of how far you went. Did you reach all the way to your toes? Or, did you go all the way to the floor? Or are you like my incredibly agile children and put your palms flat on the floor (most folks never get that far the first time-believe me)? Regardless of how far you reached comfortably just make a mental note. Standing back up, close your eyes, picture in your mind how far you got. Then see yourself standing back up.

Without opening your eyes see yourself going a little farther in another imaginary attempt. I don't mean just an inch or two. If you reached, in reality the last time, to your toes then see yourself going out to the floor...maybe even resting your fist on the floor. See yourself going this far two or three times. With each mental repetition tell yourself, in a casual and relaxed fashion, 'I can do this.' Remember; you're only doing this part of the exercise in your mind.

Now, with your eyes open, actually do another stretch in reality. Again be careful not to bounce or strain; just don't limit yourself to your last result. Go for the distance that you visualized.

At this point; I bet dimes to doughnuts (because I do like my doughnuts) that you very well might have gone as far as you visualized.

Pretty amazing isn't it?

Basically what just happened is you've re-programmed your mind to let you relax enough to achieve a different result than you were used to. If you're from this planet, you're muscles are at a certain level of tension at all times, you're used to a certain level of physical activity, and you have a 'status-quo' as far as what you normally picture yourself doing, all due to what you've been taught, told or believe about yourself; and now you've given yourself a new set of instructions. As you now go and study NLP for yourself, you'll learn a wide variety of ways to apply this basic approach to all areas of your life whether it's physically, romantically, financially, or vocationally.

After you've made significant progress in your life; feel free to stop back and say hi.

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Jun 7, 2012

Imonbrinsomwoopassupinhyah!; Keeping your pie-hole shut on Facebook

COMMENTARY | When I first heard my daughter on Facebook asking my ex's new hubby how old he was, because that's what it takes for him to feel big, to go (censored) herself, I admit to all sorts of emotional responses - we'll not discuss here – and all sorts of suggestions for comment came up...I wanted to rant.

Knowing, however, this was my daughter's page and might someday, in some way, affect her chances at employment, kept my typing tongue in check. A wiser man than I recently told me: “It's sometimes not what you say, but what you don't say, that means so much.” Since that simple glimpse of just a few words so altering of my behavior, I've noticed there's something to be said for staying silent on Fb – as well as any other site too. There's power in shutting the f*ck up, at least every now and then.

Any discussion, along with every word, will be marketed to any sort of company or sponsor at all. Not all of those sponsors will be companies wanting to sell you a product or service. Some of them could be anything or anyone from researchers to government agencies wanting information about you and/or any group of individuals. We Americans are volunteering up our information to everybody.

Even more importantly, though, soon there will be a resource for anyone, anywhere to know anything and everything about you at any time in your life. Even if you “set your privacy settings” in the most paranoid style, you're still wide open and fair game to data marketers. Do I really want to throw such data about my daughter's life, out there to data marketers?

I asked concerned family to delete their comments. My daughter also wisely deleted her comment – but not until I caught a screen capture.

I also won't deny what I think of this guy, my ex's new boi. I don't like how I hear he talks to my kids. I've accepted that it's not my say who she chooses. She has the right of prerogative, after all. There's nothing I can say in relation to that and wouldn't use the prerogative if I had it. Who on earth would want to control another's intimate life anyway? But I don't like what I hear he says.

It just seems to me, mom might just be the biggest risk the new guy faces, should he make any sort of errors in judgment in his treatment of his step-daughter. She and I might not have made the best of couple, but there's no doubt she's a mother bear over those kids. And she's not alone.

This poor guy has no idea of the level at which he's out-numbered. Let him mis-judge his place or behavior with our four children and let's see how long he might enjoy his little indoor vacation. He'll never be able to say I've threatened him with violence. I just want him to know justice itself would exact its price for any bad choice he may make. If it's the only thing I might ever do as their dad, I'd see he pays the utmost possible.

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Jun 4, 2012

Islam is Dangerous, Outdated and Should Be Rejected by All

COMMENTARY | Of all the world's religions, Islam has proven time and again to be one of the greatest threats to modern thought, freedom and life. Compared to the dangers of Islam, Christianity is relatively benign - and I say that as an atheist, myself.

Reuters reports of Hamad al-Naqi, a Kuwaiti who was convicted of "insulting the prophet Mohammed" and given a 10-year sentence for this victimless crime. Al-Naqi is losing a decade of his freedom for insulting a dead man. Also, there were some in the courtroom who wanted him executed for this so-called crime of "insulting" a mere man some 1400-plus years dead. Somehow, I'm of the impression no dead man feels the sting of any insult and even if he did, is it worth taking a man's life over?

Islam is a danger to society and humanity for other reasons too. Consider the point in Sharia law that calls for the death of anyone choosing to leave Islam. It matters not if said apostate is a convert or born into this brand of faith. Allah is considered so great that, should you choose to not follow him, your life is moot, your value as a human being null.

Some Muslims will argue this law is not stated in the Quran but rather in the Hadith and Sira. The fact remains many Muslims are comfortable with the idea of executing apostates and infidels. This is not acceptable within modern civilization. Any group that uses death threats to retain membership has no place in modern life and is a direct threat to individual freedom.

We must remember the violence in response to a Danish cartoonist's publication of images of Mohammed in 2005. Altogether, the protests resulted in 100 deaths and the controversy lasted until as recently as 2012. Any religion with such vehement hatred for free expression must be kept in check.

Add to these points the recent, numerous "honor killings" in the West - and elsewhere - oppression of women in general and a disdain for any open discussion questioning Islam and we have a religious cult scarier than anything Christianity could dream up.

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