Nov 30, 2009

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Nov 29, 2009

Will Facebook Vampire Wars Make You Weird?

Is Facebook Vampire Wars a Little Too Popular?
Any surfer who has been on Facebook, anytime since the invention of the internet has gotten one; the invitation to play Vampire Wars. Rumors around Facebook even reveal that some surfers are seeing one hundred or more invitations to play Vampire Wars
daily! With as popular as Facebook Vampire Wars is, it doesn't look like the invitations are slowing down anytime soon, either. Let's look at some of the real-world concerns over the fantasy of being the living dead.

Will Facebook Vampire Wars Make You Weird? Joining a sub-culture is not required.

As a fellow Facebook Vampire Wars player myself (Lucient your service) the big concern isn't about how to handle all of the invitations, it's the resulting sub-culture, and it's possible effects on our own personalities.

For the most part the crowd that plays the game are pretty friendly. Most of them seem to have lives outside of the game. But it's never the "average" player who develops a problem. There does seem to be a small number of players who seem to take the game a little too seriously. Their profile pics, the hours they keep, and their basic communication seem to reflect someone who really wishes they lived in that world.

Of course, most folks will avoid these people like the plague, once it's realized they're so serious. Even removing a clan member is a step a player might have to take. Well worth it to avoid a stalker. Just stick to folks who are a pleasure to play with.

Will Facebook Vampire Wars Make You Weird? Only if there is an existing mental problem already.

In spite of the fact that Facebook Vampire Wars players are submerging themselves into a game that's all about death, evil, playing with demons, and other nefarious critters, most folks are quite capable of distinguishing fantasy from reality with no problem.

The problem seems to develop for those who might already be struggling with reality, whether that struggle exists because of drugs, or other biological conditions within their brains. Whatever the reason for the original problem itself, these same folks will find themselves getting too deep into any game, regardless.

When all the rage was table-top role playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons, we had folks who thought themselves "fighters" and "magi." According to, those who seem to have a problem with identifying too much with their player character, are those who suffer from a mental illness which hasn't been stabilized.

For the most part, those who play Facebook Vampire wars have no more unusual cause for concern than, someone who reads a scary Stephen King novel might. Outside of an addiction to playing, most people don't seem to have a personality problem develop from the game, Facebook Vampire Wars merely reveals pre-existing conditions.


Facebook Vampire Wars
Mental health discussions at
Originally published here!

The Only Facebook Vampire Wars Cheat I Know by Donald Pennington

The Only Facebook Vampire Wars Cheat In The Game by Donald Pennington
Face Book Vampire Wars Doesn’t Offer Many Cheats. Use This One While It Lasts!

The Facebook version of Vampire Wars Doesn’t offer many cheat codes, does it?

The folks at Zynga most certainly do not offer many cheat codes at all on Facebook Vampire Wars. Since we the players of the game can’t put any coding of our own into the game we have to find other ways to eradicate opposition, make blood, and build minions fast. The strategy is simple: If no one’s stopping you so far, do it!

In trying this over the last few months, only one cheat has come to light for anyone of myself, or my 1100 clan. It’s a simple tool for those of us creatures of the night on the net. You’ll like it.

The one and only Facebook Vampire Wars cheat known to exist…until somebody else finds another:

When a player/character Nosferatu finds another player able to be beaten, and worthwhile in blood, the trick is to rip bat-boy (or girl) to pieces. Needing it to be quick and knowing how slowly Zynga’s Facebook Vampire Wars’ pages can take to load usually pre-empts any real shredding.

Once a worthy victim is found, go to the other player/character’s nocturnal profile, and right-click from the ‘attack’ tab. How many times can you attack someone in a minute? That depends: How many times can you right click, with sufficient rage and health?

Why tear someone apart on Facebook Vampire Wars with a cheat like this?

Picking up two or three million in blood isn’t unheard of in a minute. This is especially true when someone’s lucky enough to find a worthy victim on their first try! We’re not talking about a game where two players want to go picking flowers together. We’re talking about a game wherein players pretend to be a supernatural, mythical, destructive force! Why be nice? There’s plenty of time to leave a “Nuttin’ poisonal!’ on their clan wall after you’ve made the loot! Play Facebook Vampire Wars for real!

What do you do with all of that blood on Facebook Vampire Wars earned from this cheat?

In spite of the bad advice of many un-named players around, banking is still a good idea, compared to being one of the vampires hunted down this way by another. Better to lose 10% once than to be a constant source of entertainment on Facebook Vampire wars! Save it up to buy all the law firms you can by ten at a time! It’s all about the blood on Facebook Vampire Wars!


Join the clan of Lucient Bog!

Nov 28, 2009

Are President Obama and Attorney General Holder Trying to Taint the Terrorist Trials? by Donald Pennington on

Statements Aired Worldwide by Obama and Holder Are Too Easy of a Defense Tool
According to Yahoo News Both President Obama, and Attorney General Eric Holder have made very public, very candid statements predicting the conviction of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in what is being called "the 9/11 trials." Are Holder and Obama trying to skew the trial in support
of their anti-American friends?

It seems to some Americans that, a lawyer would know better, than to make any sort of public statement that might give the defense a chance at grounds for appeal. President Obama and AG Holder are both lawyers. Yet these two lawyers did just that, and on a worldwide stage, no less.

What are President Obama and AG Holder trying to do?

In an earlier piece written by AC's own Tony Vega we are asked a very simple question: "Is Barack Obama Anti-American?" (Find it here.) With this recent news of President Obama and AG Holder opening their mouths, when they full well know the repercussions of such actions, even the most ardent supporters of the President...go here for the rest!

Nov 13, 2009

The Third Continental Congress: is the United States Government Being Recalled? by Donald Pennington

What Does the Third Continental Congress Mean to the United States Government?
The current American Government is being called to task.

Is the American government being recalled? According to Freedom.TV, it is. At the mentioned source, several individuals are organizing under what's known as the Third Continental Congress of November 11th, 2009 at the Pheasant Run Resort, in Saint Charles, Illinois.
This action appears to be brought together by a number of concerned, semi-prominent citizenry (No hit intended). The assembly of the Third Continental Congress, by American citizens, is the peaceable means by which we, the citizenry, can restore America's constitutional republic.

Why is the Third Continental Congress opposing the current government?

It seems many of the people of the United States have finally grown impatient with a government that is completely out of touch with the people and leading this once great land towards a socialist end. The individuals attending this convention, as many Americans do, feel our current system of government has gained too much in power, at the expense, of too many of it's intended subjects.

As found on a brief history tidbit on the First and Second Continental Congresses were
called...Go here for the rest!

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Nov 11, 2009

8 Tips for New Writers by Jennifer Wagner

There are a variety of fellow writers online Some are social butterflies. Some are hermits. Others are constantly out there, not just helping to promote their fellow writers, but also to 'uplift' others.

The piece I'm introducing you to today is by one of those latter. She seems in tune with when a joke, or a friendly comment, or help are needed.

In this piece done by my friend Jennifer, new writers will find the sort of suggestions they'll need to make money as a writer. Wouldn't you know...the information is free. Give her a read!
8 Tips for New Writers by Jennifer Wagner

If you are new to Associated Content, let me take a moment to personally welcome you. One thing you will quickly realize about AC is that the majority of the people on it are friendly and willing to help. When I first joined AC, I remember feeling a bit intimidated by the amount of
successful writers I saw, and was afraid to ask for help from anyone. Let me assure you that there is NO REASON to feel intimidated here. AC is a fun website that offers a real money making opportunity, and the atmosphere is friendly and non-competitive.

I'd like to also point out, that although I am referring to you as a writer, Associated Content can't seem to decide what we are. When I first signed up, we were "content producers". Then, Associated Content changed our status to "source". After many complaints, we became "contributors". With Associated Content, the terminology seems to be ever changing, but in my mind....we are all writers.

With that said, let's begin.

Tips for new writers on AC # 1

Don't be intimidated

Jump right in and submit your first piece. Whether you decide to submit it for upfront payment and wait while it's reviewed, or submit it for display only and see it published immediately, get busy and start writing! If you work hard and write well, people will begin to notice you. On Associated Content, the staff is very supportive and encouraging and they recognize your hard work.

Tips for new writers on AC # 2

Be active in the AC community

When I first joined Associated Content, I spent a lot of time reading the work of other writers and leaving comments. Once I became comfortable, I sent private messages introducing myself, and I followed and subscribed to a lot of writers, and I let them know I was doing it. Most (but not all) of the writers on AC will return the favor and subscribe to your work as well. If they are simply overloaded with subscriptions, they will usually, at the very least, add you to their favorites....Go here for the rest!

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Nov 3, 2009

Martha Stewart, Bam Margera to Appear in King of Prussia Area in November by Victoria Leigh Miller

Although I learned of this just a tad late for fans of Ms. Stewart, others may still like the additional information!
Just in time for the holiday season, celebrity authors are coming to the Philadelphia area to promote their latest books. King of Prussia book stores will host two book authors who couldn't be more opposite: television and magazine maven Martha Stewart and MTV Jackass star Bam Margera.

King of Prussia Mall, the largest mall on the East coast, will host celebrity style maven Martha Stewart next week. Stewart, who is best known for her television show and magazine, Martha Stewart Living, will appear at the Williams-Sonoma store in the Plaza at King of Prussia on Monday,
Martha Stewart, Bam Margera to Appear in King of Prussia Area in November
Date: November 2, 2009
King Of Prussia, PA
United States of America
November 2, 2009. Stewart will sign copies of her latest book, "Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home" beginning at 11:00 am.

Stewart has published dozens of books, including a beautiful coffee table book," Entertaining". Her latest book is aimed at busy cooks who want to make great meals in under an hour. The book also features 13 menus for each season, for a total of 52 quick meals....Go here for the rest!

Nov 2, 2009

Another Hit Piece On The Giving Tree by Donald Pennington

Another Hit Piece on the Giving Tree
The Giving Tree is Being Slammed by the Arizona Star
Most of my current readers know about my personal story over the past couple of years, and how the Giving Tree, of Tucson Arizona saved my life. The Giving Tree hasn't just saved my life though. The only church I currently get along with, my little church in the desert, is being
attacked again.

I'm hoping my readers can forgive the common vernacular of my natural, and wholly inappropriate voice, in accounting this:

As I'm opening and processing one of the hundreds of emails I get daily, one message in particular, stands out. It bears the name of my minister (Yeah...I guess I do have one after all) and friend Libby Wright. The subject line reads two words I never wanted to see from The Giving Tree: "Please help."

Opening it I read the following message:

"I am not sure if this address is still correct. I hope so. The AZ Star is writing an ugly article LIES about us tomorrow. Please call me. 520-304-4232.

Libby Wright, BA, MA, PhD Candidate,
The Giving Tree Outreach Program
4888 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85711"

This bothers me to no end. My experience, and I do mean my own, individual, personal experience with Libby Wright, and The Giving Tree, of Tucson Arizona, is one of redemption, fighting back against irrational fears, and trying one more damn time...Go here for the rest!

Honesty is the best policy! by SJ Pierce

A fellow writer of mine is asking for just a little help from us guys on the subject of sex.

Maybe I worded that wrong. She's looking for help with research on the topic of sex.

Just a few questions regarding men and one tiny little aspect of their sexuality. You'll find the questions easy to follow and the answers easy to give.

Hopefully, you'll have the courage to answer honestly. You're welcome to identify yourself or keep your id a secret. She's not out to embarrass you. Just don't embarrass yourself since she is asking for honesty.

Out of respect for this young lady I'm going to ask that anyone who does participate be honest in your answers. Your answers can affect society later...Go here for the rest!

Nov 1, 2009

Pick Your Nose by Rachel de Carlos

Credit: Rachel de Carlos on

Pick Your Nose
And Eat It, Too
According to Dr. Friedrich Bischinger, a lung specialist based in Innsbruck, Austria, picking your nose and eating it is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

He goes on to state that people who pick their noses are probably better in tune with their bodies and happier people in general. Society has frowned on the habit of nose picking and mothers are frequently heard telling their kids to get their fingers out of their noses, pushing their
hands away and wiping their fingers with a tissue before they can pop that little treasure into their mouths.

The Austrian doctor believes that society should change their views about nose picking and encourage children to do so, rather than making it...Go here for the rest!

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