Nov 29, 2009

Will Facebook Vampire Wars Make You Weird?

Is Facebook Vampire Wars a Little Too Popular?
Any surfer who has been on Facebook, anytime since the invention of the internet has gotten one; the invitation to play Vampire Wars. Rumors around Facebook even reveal that some surfers are seeing one hundred or more invitations to play Vampire Wars
daily! With as popular as Facebook Vampire Wars is, it doesn't look like the invitations are slowing down anytime soon, either. Let's look at some of the real-world concerns over the fantasy of being the living dead.

Will Facebook Vampire Wars Make You Weird? Joining a sub-culture is not required.

As a fellow Facebook Vampire Wars player myself (Lucient your service) the big concern isn't about how to handle all of the invitations, it's the resulting sub-culture, and it's possible effects on our own personalities.

For the most part the crowd that plays the game are pretty friendly. Most of them seem to have lives outside of the game. But it's never the "average" player who develops a problem. There does seem to be a small number of players who seem to take the game a little too seriously. Their profile pics, the hours they keep, and their basic communication seem to reflect someone who really wishes they lived in that world.

Of course, most folks will avoid these people like the plague, once it's realized they're so serious. Even removing a clan member is a step a player might have to take. Well worth it to avoid a stalker. Just stick to folks who are a pleasure to play with.

Will Facebook Vampire Wars Make You Weird? Only if there is an existing mental problem already.

In spite of the fact that Facebook Vampire Wars players are submerging themselves into a game that's all about death, evil, playing with demons, and other nefarious critters, most folks are quite capable of distinguishing fantasy from reality with no problem.

The problem seems to develop for those who might already be struggling with reality, whether that struggle exists because of drugs, or other biological conditions within their brains. Whatever the reason for the original problem itself, these same folks will find themselves getting too deep into any game, regardless.

When all the rage was table-top role playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons, we had folks who thought themselves "fighters" and "magi." According to, those who seem to have a problem with identifying too much with their player character, are those who suffer from a mental illness which hasn't been stabilized.

For the most part, those who play Facebook Vampire wars have no more unusual cause for concern than, someone who reads a scary Stephen King novel might. Outside of an addiction to playing, most people don't seem to have a personality problem develop from the game, Facebook Vampire Wars merely reveals pre-existing conditions.


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