Nov 29, 2009

The Only Facebook Vampire Wars Cheat I Know by Donald Pennington

The Only Facebook Vampire Wars Cheat In The Game by Donald Pennington
Face Book Vampire Wars Doesn’t Offer Many Cheats. Use This One While It Lasts!

The Facebook version of Vampire Wars Doesn’t offer many cheat codes, does it?

The folks at Zynga most certainly do not offer many cheat codes at all on Facebook Vampire Wars. Since we the players of the game can’t put any coding of our own into the game we have to find other ways to eradicate opposition, make blood, and build minions fast. The strategy is simple: If no one’s stopping you so far, do it!

In trying this over the last few months, only one cheat has come to light for anyone of myself, or my 1100 clan. It’s a simple tool for those of us creatures of the night on the net. You’ll like it.

The one and only Facebook Vampire Wars cheat known to exist…until somebody else finds another:

When a player/character Nosferatu finds another player able to be beaten, and worthwhile in blood, the trick is to rip bat-boy (or girl) to pieces. Needing it to be quick and knowing how slowly Zynga’s Facebook Vampire Wars’ pages can take to load usually pre-empts any real shredding.

Once a worthy victim is found, go to the other player/character’s nocturnal profile, and right-click from the ‘attack’ tab. How many times can you attack someone in a minute? That depends: How many times can you right click, with sufficient rage and health?

Why tear someone apart on Facebook Vampire Wars with a cheat like this?

Picking up two or three million in blood isn’t unheard of in a minute. This is especially true when someone’s lucky enough to find a worthy victim on their first try! We’re not talking about a game where two players want to go picking flowers together. We’re talking about a game wherein players pretend to be a supernatural, mythical, destructive force! Why be nice? There’s plenty of time to leave a “Nuttin’ poisonal!’ on their clan wall after you’ve made the loot! Play Facebook Vampire Wars for real!

What do you do with all of that blood on Facebook Vampire Wars earned from this cheat?

In spite of the bad advice of many un-named players around, banking is still a good idea, compared to being one of the vampires hunted down this way by another. Better to lose 10% once than to be a constant source of entertainment on Facebook Vampire wars! Save it up to buy all the law firms you can by ten at a time! It’s all about the blood on Facebook Vampire Wars!


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