Nov 13, 2009

The Third Continental Congress: is the United States Government Being Recalled? by Donald Pennington

What Does the Third Continental Congress Mean to the United States Government?
The current American Government is being called to task.

Is the American government being recalled? According to Freedom.TV, it is. At the mentioned source, several individuals are organizing under what's known as the Third Continental Congress of November 11th, 2009 at the Pheasant Run Resort, in Saint Charles, Illinois.
This action appears to be brought together by a number of concerned, semi-prominent citizenry (No hit intended). The assembly of the Third Continental Congress, by American citizens, is the peaceable means by which we, the citizenry, can restore America's constitutional republic.

Why is the Third Continental Congress opposing the current government?

It seems many of the people of the United States have finally grown impatient with a government that is completely out of touch with the people and leading this once great land towards a socialist end. The individuals attending this convention, as many Americans do, feel our current system of government has gained too much in power, at the expense, of too many of it's intended subjects.

As found on a brief history tidbit on the First and Second Continental Congresses were
called...Go here for the rest!

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