Nov 11, 2009

8 Tips for New Writers by Jennifer Wagner

There are a variety of fellow writers online Some are social butterflies. Some are hermits. Others are constantly out there, not just helping to promote their fellow writers, but also to 'uplift' others.

The piece I'm introducing you to today is by one of those latter. She seems in tune with when a joke, or a friendly comment, or help are needed.

In this piece done by my friend Jennifer, new writers will find the sort of suggestions they'll need to make money as a writer. Wouldn't you know...the information is free. Give her a read!
8 Tips for New Writers by Jennifer Wagner

If you are new to Associated Content, let me take a moment to personally welcome you. One thing you will quickly realize about AC is that the majority of the people on it are friendly and willing to help. When I first joined AC, I remember feeling a bit intimidated by the amount of
successful writers I saw, and was afraid to ask for help from anyone. Let me assure you that there is NO REASON to feel intimidated here. AC is a fun website that offers a real money making opportunity, and the atmosphere is friendly and non-competitive.

I'd like to also point out, that although I am referring to you as a writer, Associated Content can't seem to decide what we are. When I first signed up, we were "content producers". Then, Associated Content changed our status to "source". After many complaints, we became "contributors". With Associated Content, the terminology seems to be ever changing, but in my mind....we are all writers.

With that said, let's begin.

Tips for new writers on AC # 1

Don't be intimidated

Jump right in and submit your first piece. Whether you decide to submit it for upfront payment and wait while it's reviewed, or submit it for display only and see it published immediately, get busy and start writing! If you work hard and write well, people will begin to notice you. On Associated Content, the staff is very supportive and encouraging and they recognize your hard work.

Tips for new writers on AC # 2

Be active in the AC community

When I first joined Associated Content, I spent a lot of time reading the work of other writers and leaving comments. Once I became comfortable, I sent private messages introducing myself, and I followed and subscribed to a lot of writers, and I let them know I was doing it. Most (but not all) of the writers on AC will return the favor and subscribe to your work as well. If they are simply overloaded with subscriptions, they will usually, at the very least, add you to their favorites....Go here for the rest!

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