Nov 2, 2009

Another Hit Piece On The Giving Tree by Donald Pennington

Another Hit Piece on the Giving Tree
The Giving Tree is Being Slammed by the Arizona Star
Most of my current readers know about my personal story over the past couple of years, and how the Giving Tree, of Tucson Arizona saved my life. The Giving Tree hasn't just saved my life though. The only church I currently get along with, my little church in the desert, is being
attacked again.

I'm hoping my readers can forgive the common vernacular of my natural, and wholly inappropriate voice, in accounting this:

As I'm opening and processing one of the hundreds of emails I get daily, one message in particular, stands out. It bears the name of my minister (Yeah...I guess I do have one after all) and friend Libby Wright. The subject line reads two words I never wanted to see from The Giving Tree: "Please help."

Opening it I read the following message:

"I am not sure if this address is still correct. I hope so. The AZ Star is writing an ugly article LIES about us tomorrow. Please call me. 520-304-4232.

Libby Wright, BA, MA, PhD Candidate,
The Giving Tree Outreach Program
4888 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ 85711"

This bothers me to no end. My experience, and I do mean my own, individual, personal experience with Libby Wright, and The Giving Tree, of Tucson Arizona, is one of redemption, fighting back against irrational fears, and trying one more damn time...Go here for the rest!

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