Jun 4, 2012

Islam is Dangerous, Outdated and Should Be Rejected by All

COMMENTARY | Of all the world's religions, Islam has proven time and again to be one of the greatest threats to modern thought, freedom and life. Compared to the dangers of Islam, Christianity is relatively benign - and I say that as an atheist, myself.

Reuters reports of Hamad al-Naqi, a Kuwaiti who was convicted of "insulting the prophet Mohammed" and given a 10-year sentence for this victimless crime. Al-Naqi is losing a decade of his freedom for insulting a dead man. Also, there were some in the courtroom who wanted him executed for this so-called crime of "insulting" a mere man some 1400-plus years dead. Somehow, I'm of the impression no dead man feels the sting of any insult and even if he did, is it worth taking a man's life over?

Islam is a danger to society and humanity for other reasons too. Consider the point in Sharia law that calls for the death of anyone choosing to leave Islam. It matters not if said apostate is a convert or born into this brand of faith. Allah is considered so great that, should you choose to not follow him, your life is moot, your value as a human being null.

Some Muslims will argue this law is not stated in the Quran but rather in the Hadith and Sira. The fact remains many Muslims are comfortable with the idea of executing apostates and infidels. This is not acceptable within modern civilization. Any group that uses death threats to retain membership has no place in modern life and is a direct threat to individual freedom.

We must remember the violence in response to a Danish cartoonist's publication of images of Mohammed in 2005. Altogether, the protests resulted in 100 deaths and the controversy lasted until as recently as 2012. Any religion with such vehement hatred for free expression must be kept in check.

Add to these points the recent, numerous "honor killings" in the West - and elsewhere - oppression of women in general and a disdain for any open discussion questioning Islam and we have a religious cult scarier than anything Christianity could dream up.

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