Jun 9, 2014

The Bible Does NOT Give Anyone Permission to Beat Their Children and Christians Need to Stop Telling this Lie

COMMENTARY | What a nightmare it can be growing up in a Christian household. Most are simply tormenting the minds of little kids by planting thoughts of burning, forever and ever, for those arbitrarily-defined “sins” which just happen to be centered so often on the very-normal functions of sex and healthy, rational, logical thought.

Others are blatantly sadistic.

Take, for example, these monsters, Johan Glenn Jorg and Kimery Lynn Jorg, of Arizona. The Friendly Atheist tells us of the report about the conditions these two allegedly put the older two of their adopted children through. Tell ya what, I'm going to have to let you read it for yourselves, since I can't type in the rain.

Why I'm truly amazed is, "Spare the rod, spoil the child," is nowhere in the bible. The verse most of the god-damned retards try to pretend quoting is from Proverbs 13:24 (generically from EVERY version but here's a link for you to confirm) "He that spares his rod hates his son. But he that loves his son chastises him early." Here's the thing, even THAT verse doesn't say to beat them. The usage of the word "rod" is a mis-translation. It was supposed to be "staff" - and in the vernacular of the times was a metaphor for authority – as in parental authority - not a stick to hit children with.

And so few of you who call yourselves the “good guys” falsely are willing to even try and understand this one small point. (You REALLY need to do your own, honest reading of that book, for yourselves. Quit being so lazy.)

These god-damned retards who resort first to hitting their children instead of teaching them anything, do so, because a) they enjoy it and b) they are god-damned retards. Too stupid to live, think or even interact socially, they listen to other like-minded-sounding god-damned retards who need and deserve nothing more than a prison term for fraud, like the author of “To Train Up A Child,” Michael Pearl.

Too cowardly and/or lazy to teach children, they opt for the power trip of beating someone smaller than them, just because they're too small to fight back. Well, guess what, jackwagons. We grow up. And, if you're lucky, you'll end up with an angry, abrasive jerk like me – if not – then you create another sociopath like your god-damned, retarded, fraudulent preachers who constantly lie to you.

Fortunately, there are some Christians who, upon realizing they're on the opposing team to Humanity, will abandon this evil paradigm of thought, to then lend their words and actions to the cause of helping others escape.

This topic was originally shared on Bubblews, here.

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