Jun 8, 2014

Perp Francis the Talking Mule Sure Is Getting Desperate

COMMENTARY | Way back in the day, when the world refused to accept anyone else as “God's elect” or any claims of dominion over them, the ancient Jews invented the religion of Christianity, in an attempt to bring all Gentiles under the control and enslavement of their archetype, thereby usurping Human psychic energies under the control of a select few.

As Christianity was inflicted upon Humanity via the Inquisition, free-thinking rebellious souls refused this template for the mindset required for obedient slaves, so, Islam - under the just-as-mythical Elijah Muhammed - was the next attempt at preventing humanity from discovering their own spiritual power.

And, for quite some time, those select few did enjoy unchallenged power over the world. The latest monster-at-the-helm is known as Pope Francis.

Then, with the invention of the Internet, the free flow of information began. With this knowledge – the revelation of who is behind the world's ills - all of Humanity has been exposed to the truth of their own enslavement. This knowledge has shaken the very foundation of power, enjoyed for far too long by those who saw the non-Jew as nothing more than “goyim.”

Now, those who would bring back the Dark Ages – given the chance – are finding themselves facing the very real threat of irrelevance. Their false guilt has failed. Their threats of Hell as punishment for the “disobedient” has failed. Their false claims of “love” are exposed as nothing more than the type of love a farmer would have for his cattle.

They are desperate. They are scared. This is good.

According to Alarabiya News, the Vatican is hosting Islamic prayers at the Vatican, for the first time in history This author cannot help but see this as an act of desperate solidarity against the free-thinking Human minds which will no longer accept their own enslavement and the abuses suffered for so long. We have had enough.

The National Catholic Register announced this event last Friday and this author is only surprised to have missed the announcement. This event comes as a follow-up to the meeting between Perp Francis the Talking Mule and the Nation of Israel last May.

How can any thinking Human not be thrilled by such news? It seems, finally, we are witnessing the death-throes of an abusive, monstrous, vicious and tyrannical reign of the very people who would destroy evreything and everyone they can not control.

And, mark these words down – They will not control us. We are not your cattle.

The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author alone and do not necessarily reflect those of any agent, employee, member or sponsors of this website – or quite possibly anyone else, for that matter.

Originally posted on Bubblews here.
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