Jun 30, 2014

Don't Keep Those Non-Existent Eggs In One Basket

As an online web-writer, it's hard enough to make a living. So, in the event one of the sites you write for goes belly-up, make sure you're keeping yourself spread around and not just getting screwed over by just one site.

I recommend variety. Each site has its own style of not paying. And, it keeps things interesting. You might find it best to write for one site which seems to hold their religious/political beliefs against you, while another site has a staff of functionally-illiterate editors preventing you from being published.

(Extra points if they behave like it's all worked out between you two and they chortle along about how much they care about you on Facebook and publicly – just to be extra cruel. The extra points are theirs by the way. You get nothing. To hell with you. Fuck you, in fact.)

But that's not enough variety, I say. To keep yourself jumping and collecting cans – perhaps even getting to the point a “Will work for food” franchise starts sounding like a raise, you need a site with vague, arbitrary rules and an unidentifiable staff telling you “as long as yous don't break rule, you gets pays.”

Remember, you need multiple reasons why you can't send in child support or support your own smoking habit, as some way to numb the pain. This way the ambivalence and frustration makes death seem like the only relief. Then, admin can profit from your work long after you're dead, since, while you're alive, mere lack and want isn't enough satisfaction for the ranchers controlling the cattle.

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