Oct 23, 2009

Before You Judge Him: Take His Shoes and Walk a Mile Away.

The first time you read this man you might not know exactly how to take him. Don't.

Give it to him with both barrels. Laugh your ass off the whole time you're doing it...but give it to him with both barrels just the same!

Leave no stone unturned in your search for the cliches to be found in this man's work. But one thin you'll have to admit to is: His information is good.

There will be some times when you might want to tell this guy to bite his tongue clean off and let the blood spray...and suddenly you realize he was right again.

It's not even so much that he says anything in too snarky of a manner. What he has to tell you is important enough to say even if he doesn't necessarily say it in a nice way. (He's not a bad guy at all.)

But say it anyway he does...Go here for the stuff!

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