Oct 22, 2009

Business Reviews: We Need to Interview Mom and Pop.

All over America, small business owners of all sorts are trying to get their marketing messages out against the chains, and the multinational corporations, and and even the news itself, regardless of the economic forecast.

These businesses are the back bone of the American Way. We, as writers, have in our hands the best way to share some of the best little companies we know, and help to fight the trend of bad economic weather.

Some little flower shop in NW PA, is read about by a hopeful groom in VA, and ba-da-bing! A deal goes through.

We writers may not be able to do much for the auto industry (or can we?) but we can still do something for the small independent businesses ran by folks who live within your local community.

Give those little places your business. Give them a fair review. Help bring your neighbors some traffic of their own! Your pages will love you for it.

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