Oct 21, 2009

Where Successful Web Writers Find What's Popular on the Web Right Now by (the awesome) Pam Gaulin!

Where to Find What's Popular on the Web Right Now

Web writers who focus on celebrity gossip, entertainment news, and news can find out about what's popular on the web right now with these web sites.

These sites will list the most popular and current web searches, keywords and keyword phrases, spawning ideas for your articles and web

Where to Find What's Popular on the Web Right Now

This article is complete update of the previous article, which combined these popular search trend sites with other keyword popularity web tools. What is included here are just the Internet tools you can use to find what's popular right now online.

1. Google Trends
Web Site Address: http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends

Prior to May 2007, Google shared information about popular searches with their "Google Zeitgeist." The Google Zeitgeist listed the 10 ten most popular searches for the month. Each month was archived.

The Google Zeitgeist was of limited use for searching truly popular keywords and phrases.

Now Google instead offers Google Trends. Google Trends is much more useful for finding what's popular right now in web searches.

Google Trends lists "today's top 100 fastest-rising search queries" (Google Labs). What's key here is noting that these the top keyword and phrase searches that are on the rise...Go here for the rest!

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