Oct 25, 2009

Best SEO Practices to Get Traffic to Your Website by Donald Pennington on Factoidz.com

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ of online marketing. Some folks admit to being a bit confused about SEO methods. That’s understandable. There are so many companies online offering the ‘hottest new thing’, that an online marketer should expect to be confused.

Many of the e-books available on the subject are either just re-hashed SEO tactics from someone else, whose e-book you also bought, or they’re already outdated. Who can a marketer trust these days? You can trust me, that’s who.

Why trust what I share with you about SEO? Because after all, I’m no "SEO guru." I’m just another web writer who’s had the good fortune to learn about SEO from folks that’ve been doing it right for years themselves. There’s no trickery intending to fool web-crawlers (spiders), nor do I use incentives traffic (junk), and there’s no voodoo involved. The only voodoo is that voodoo that you do. I’ve no magic SEO bullet to sell you. All I’d hope for is you share this page on good SEO practices with others by linking here.

Basic SEO works just fine on its own. Basic SEO begins on your site and very few services can offer as effective a service as they might claim. Some are truly good, but even in those cases, website owners are dependant upon the systems that those services use.

So . . . Will you teach me the SEO Shuffle, Don?

You’re durn skippy I will. SEO practices are so easy to do that within just setting up a few pages you’ll be doing these like they’re second nature. So pay attention. There’s an SEO test at the end.

Best SEO Practices to Get Traffic to Your Website number one:
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