Oct 25, 2009

Introducing Darcy Sautelet!

I first met this next writer in an argument.

There we both were, really thinking that each of us was in the right, and as time has grown on, we now both realize just how wrong we both were.

She's still the prettier one though. She got the looks. I got the brains.

Her work is enjoyable. Her spelling, punctuation, and grammar is alright. Her content flows correctly enough and she uses a nice active voice.

But what tickles me the most is how fun this new writer is to get to know!

She's not only a writer, Darcy also tells me she's quite the expert with fashion, and then she mumbles something about a bunch of horses trampling down her lawn so anyway...

Moving on to a more positive topic, I'd like to know I had something to do with your discovery of this next author:
Darcy Sautelet

1 Whaddya Think?:

Mike Hatz said...

Darcy ROCKS!!!! Thanks for giving her her props!

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