Oct 25, 2009

How I Made A Saline Nasal Spray to Fight Proliferation of h1n1/Swine Flu Within Myself

H1n1 (Miss Piggy Flu) Is a Lot Easier to Survive Than You’ve Been Told.

H1n1 flu is in the news (yawn) again. Since most of the focus on h1n1 flu (or the Flu formerly known as Swine Flu) has been on those few unfortunate souls lost, it seems a good time to give my friends, readers, and even a couple of enemies something to help them protect themselves from contagious infection.

I am no doctor. If you think you have acquired the swine flu and are in need of medical assistance, then please do so immediately. This information is intended only to inform others, about how someone might prevent any problems on their own, pre-emptively.

According to a report on the blog, KickaMidget.info, a Dr Vinay Goyal suggests a regimen of gargling once daily with saltwater, using a nasal spray to put saltwater into the nasal passages, and lots of hand washing.

Gargling with saltwater most people comprehend. The clear majority of people know what it means to wash their hands. If not, they probably have an aide with them that does. But most folks seem the most hesitant about the saline nasal spray. That’s a fear the author would be honored to answer to in the minds of his readers.

The saltwater sprayed into the nostrils, while sniffing, in not as uncomfortable as it might sound. Some sensation will be noticed the first time, of course, but it’s not altogether too bad in the author’s humble opinion.

When the saltwater is first introduced to the sinuses there will be a lot of mucous and such needing to be expelled immediately. Most people seem able to handle that aspect of it as well. The biggest question remaining from most of the author’s offline associates is where to find a saline nasal spray.

Easy! Make one! It’s worth emptying a brand new nasal spray bottle to fill it with average, everyday, household saltwater. As long as the salt itself is thoroughly dissolved, the saltwater is able to reach up into the nasal passages and kill the flu virus itself, with each daily spray.

Dr Goyal also recommends other good ideas in suggesting the gargling, which, does seem to ease up the throat pain for a flu patient. Flu sufferers will likely enjoy the relief that step brings, but it‘s that nasal cavity, which still needs to be cleared of flu viruses and a simple nasal spray bottle filled with saline will help you to simply side-step the h1n1 swine flu hysteria..


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From Dr Vinay Goyal Preventing Spread of H1n1 /Swine Flu

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