Oct 5, 2009

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies to Supercharge Your Pirate Clan on MySpace by Patricia Mayo

On first blush, Pirate Clan for MySpace seems simple enough - right up until you reach "The Point." It's that one particular level where you just can't find anyone to beat up. It's that clan you lost to and can't
understand why. It's that moment in time where you actually consider giving up just because it seems like you won't be able to go any further.

Well, despair no more. This strategy guide for Pirate Clan on MySpace contains tips for clan development, skill point distribution, battle picking, and a few little known tricks to increase your clan's strength - without adding random "friends" or using favor points.

This strategy guide is meant for the player relatively new to Pirate Clan. You will learn the structure of the game, and how to manipulate the basics to create a strong foundation. In a later strategy guide for Pirate Clan, I will delve into greater detail on achievements, adventures, bounties, counter attacks, and other key strategies for those in triple digit levels (add me to keep updated and pick my brain, if you would like).

There are definitely a lot of ways to approach the strategy for Pirate Clan, but you basically have two good choices. You can either level up quickly and get stuck at a higher level, or level up slowly and surprise the mightiest of swashbucklers with your strength. Depending on what stage of the game you're in is the strategy you should choose.

Building Your Pirate Clan

For each captain in your clan, you can bring 10 mateys, 10 weapons, and 1 ship into battle. This includes mateys, weapons, and ships gained through adventures, gifts, or the special limited offers. You want to make sure you always have the strongest possible clan, so definitely do max out your matey, weapon, and ship count according to your captain count.

Also in order to have the strongest possible clan, you want to only bring into battle the best mateys, weapons, and ships available to you. If you have more mateys, weapons, and ships than you do captains, Pirate Clan will automatically pick the best of the bunch to bring into battle until it reaches the maximum count, so no need to worry about extras.

To this end, each time you have new clan inventory available, you want to sell all the weaker mateys, weapons, and ships (except what you need in adventures), and fill your counts with only the very best. Which ones would, in fact, be the very best depends on your skill point distribution and your rule strategy.

For example, if you don't have a lot of coins and therefore don't have a lot of hourly income from your rule, your preference should be to mateys and weapons with a lower upkeep cost. However, that means you are significantly stronger on the attack than the defense, and so you would need to spend a great deal of skill points to balance the strengths of your pirate clan.

On the other hand, if you have plenty of coins and hourly income from rule, then your preference would be to mateys and weapons with higher upkeep, but a more balanced or powerful attack and defense ratio. This will enable you to spend fewer skill points to balance things out, or result in a significantly more powerful pirate clan.

Don't worry if you don't understand yet, you will in the section about skill point distribution. For now, just try to balance your attack and defense as best as you can.

One last note, don't go crazy buying those rare special offers on the Pirate Clan home screen - especially if you don't have a lot of captains. Each time you buy one the captain requirement goes up, and you can only arm one of each kind. Although your captains can use the spares, do you really want them to? Think before you blindly buy! The next special weapon could be a better fit for your strategy.

Rules of thumb for building your pirate clan:
Always have 10 mateys, 10 weapons, and 1 ship per captain.
Always sell the less powerful mateys, weapons, and ships when you can get better ones.
Always fill your matey, weapon, and ship counts with the very best.
Hold on to one of each kind of matey, weapon, and ship for adventures.

Picking Your Battles

The number of mateys, weapons, and ships used in battle depends entirely on how many captains you have. Therefore, it stands to reason that your maximum possible strength is directly related to how many captains are in your clan - and the same is true for your opponents.

As a result, you are almost guaranteed to win against a clan with fewer captains, and if you have developed your skills properly, you can also go up against well developed clans with 5 or 10 more captains than you and win too. However, you should hoard your coins before picking a battle with someone a bit bigger than you - and before you log out, for that matter.

If you are finding it difficult to find clans with fewer captains than you, go through your rival clans (Battle → Rival Clans) to see if you can exact some revenge. Since it doesn't tell you how many captains they have, only their level, look for clans of a lower level and how many times they attacked you. If they only attacked you a few times, say 1 to 5, chances are they lost the battles and didn't care to lose any more, which makes them your perfect target.

There is another way to go about this as well. On the Pirate Clan home screen you will find an activity stream. Look for captains who recently attacked you and lost, and attack them for all they're worth. Try to remember their names too so you can pick them out of the pack in your rival clans list later on....Go here for the rest!

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