Oct 12, 2009

Mystic Kick: Modern Rock Music Band on the Rise!

Mystic Kick: Modern Rock Music Band on the Rise!
Like rock and roll music? Then you're going to love Mystic Kick. Discovering them on one of the many social networking sites available today was such a lucky find. Hearing their works in rock music at http://www.MysticKick.com reminds us all that the music is still growing, and evolving, and that new music is still worth listening to.

I like my rock music neat...and by neat I mean...like Scotch sort of 'neat.' Good Scotch whiskey doesn't need an ice cube to screw it up. Good rock and roll music doesn't need a bunch of special effects and flaming runaway zombie ponies to be enjoyable. Mystic Kick doesn't bring anything but the one thing they do so well: Singing, instrumental, and drums! Okay! That was three things. That just shows you what a music value this band will be for you and your family's rock music
...Go here for the rest!

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