Oct 26, 2009

AC's Sexiest Men of 2009 by Jenny Ferraro-Wagner

Once in a while we guys get to work with the office crush. By 'office crush,' I mean nothing untoward for the office crush. Nobody messes with her. But all we guys have a crush on the office crush!

There's one at every company. No matter what you do, every company has one or two gals that, every guy there loves to pieces.

Sometimes they just are so great to work with that we guys put them up on some sort of a pedestal. Sometimes their bright sense of humor puts us right back on one too.

How can a guy refuse the chance for all of that shameless self-endorsement?

FTC Notice: I'm receiving no payment from Ms Wagner...but lots o' love! Is love 'in-kind?'

AC's Sexiest Men of 2009

You've all been waiting for it, whether you realize it or not. Everyone on AC has been wanting to ask same question for ages, but until now no one had dared to speak it (or write it, as it were). Exactly who are the sexiest men on AC?

No need to wonder any longer, my friends. After a lot of sacrifice and time consuming research, I've compiled a comprehensive list of AC's Sexiest Men of 2009. Think you've got what it takes to make it on the sexiest men on AC list? You may be surprised! Let's face it, being sexy is a lot more than having rock hard abs and stunning good looks. After a few too many beers, those rock hard abs aren't so rock hard anymore. Stunning good looks? Who needs them? HA! I scoff at the idea of judging a man on his looks alone. It takes a lot more than physical beauty to make it on AC's Sexiest Men of 2009 list!

So who made the cut? In no particular order, here are my picks for the sexiest men on AC

...Go here for the rest!

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