Oct 27, 2009

Top New CP Opens Up About Life as a Naval Officer-Turned-Homeschooling-Mom by Dr Jamie Y Marable

Exclusive Interview with AC's Brooke Lorren

If you're not familiar with the work of Brooke Lorren here on Associated Content, you've been missing out on the talent of one of the most prolific Content Producers, this site has to offer.

Although she has only been writing for AC since December of 2008, Brooke is nobody's rookie. She managed to crank out more than 100 articles during her first two months on AC and was aptly designated "Best New CP 2009." In many ways, Brooke is already a highly seasoned Content Producer.

Once a Naval Officer and now a homeschooling mom, Brooke is on a mission not only to help support her family as a CP, but also to continue enlightening readers with articles on a wealth of different topics. Her flair for intelligently and skillfully disseminating information that others can put to good use makes her a real asset to AC.

I recently had a chance to interview Brooke and find out more about her interesting background and what her motivation is for producing an ever-expanding collection of high-quality content.

Dr. M: First off, let me congratulate you on winning "Best New CP 2009" here on Associated Content. As a new Content Producer, you have really hit the ground running! You have produced more than 100 pieces of quality content since joining AC last December. What has been your motivation?...Go here for the rest!

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