Oct 28, 2009

Holiday Appetizer-Shrimp scampi topped with rosemary focaccia and crusted pecorino romano

Who doesn’t love a micro-plane? If you haven’t got one- get one fast. They are so much fun to use and they make your work in the kitchen so easy. This recipe let’s you use your micro-plane three times, tripling the fun and easing the work.

Shrimp scampi topped with rosemary focaccia and crusted pecorino romano

Serves- 6 (recipe can be doubled or tripled- quadrupled depending on number of guests.)
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Items you’ll need:
Cupcake pan preferably with deep wells
One Cookie cutter or glass about twice the size of the cup cake hole. (Foccacia will shrink quickly and be just the right size by the time you put in on top of the scampi.)
One micro-plane- or fine cheese grater (if you must). Micro-planes are a must have tool. You’ll never go back.
One rolling pin or an unopened bottle of wine to serve as a rolling pin. (Mine must have been used in some act of violence because I can’t find it after having moved.)
Cookie sheet to put under cupcake pan in case champagne and butter bubble over.
Half pound extra large shrimp...Go here for the rest!

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