Oct 17, 2009

So...How Do You Answer the Question "What Do You Write?"

It happened again.

Somebody else asked me what I do for a living. When I told them I'm a web writer, they asked, "What do you write?" I replied: "Whatever the client tells me to."

But this time, this curious consumer wanted to push for a few more details. This gregarious Gregorian wanted names of some of the folks I write for. They pushed.

So my only reply had to be: "Why? Are you looking for work?" My intention was to make money helping a few other folks make money. My question was sincere...as well as pithy.

So imagine my shock when the "average American Wal-Mart shopper" got offended! After a small exchange of words that the author can't quite conveniently remember, at this moment, the author basically told Joe Six-pack (and the author likes six-packs) that his questioning was just a little nosey then.

Good ole' Joe didn't seem to understand that I've worked hard for my contacts thus far to date. He needs to build his own empire. Maybe I'm just answering people wrong or something. Hahahahaha....yeah. That's it.

So...how do you handle the question when people ask you?

2 Whaddya Think?:

jahunt said...

I usually get no questions of "what do you write?" because so few people know I do this. I prefer it that way. Those who do know, think its really weird... LOL!

Don said...

Of course they think it's weird. Maybe they just don't know how big of an industry advertising really is right now.

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