Oct 18, 2009

Fat Burger: A Burger Joint with a Sense of Humor by Cate O'Malley

I'll Have a Laugh with that
Billing themselves as "the last great hamburger stand," Fatburger has just started creeping their way onto the East coast, although those out West have been enjoying them for awhile now. Not really a restaurant, but not really fast food, it falls somewhere in between. When I saw this sign

outside their location, I laughed out loud and knew we were in for a treat. How can you not love a restaurant with a sense of humor?

Decorated in 1950s retro style, complete with chrome and red leather, it features a nifty jukebox that is web-based and holds 200,000 songs - pretty cool! I, for one, love jukeboxes. The chain has been around since 1952 and was the brainchild of...Go here for the rest!

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