Oct 1, 2009

"For It Is I" A Forgivable Amateur Poem by Donald Pennington

I originally published this at:

http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2235935/for_it_is_i_a_forgivable_amateur_poem.html?cat=42 ,

and while I certainly enjoy publishing there, since I did it as Display Only I've decided to also use it to grow this blog.

There's gold to be had in them thar blogs! While I hope you enjoy this piece, I'm sure asking you to survive one more amateurish piece like this one, is survivable for you.

...for it is I who gets to tell you of a fateful coming day
Of the old and new in passing that ends an age and starts a way
Where happy everlasting calms the quotes and sets the say
Into the all and ever-lasting until the rebel starts the fray.

For it is I who's seen the workings of wondrous wonder's plot
To steal the mind and other values and turning all to what is not
What seems to be so ever mindful of effects of till or rot
And through the time of filth and sot...

...we think we've bargained what we bought...

For it is I who laid the open into freedom's final hold
As I thought I served my masters with the eyes so dark and cold.
To having seen the evil makes a hatred hard and bold,
And, be it ever in my memory even when I'm gray and old.

...be it ever in my memory even though I'm gray as told.

For it is I who read the passages and felt another's mind.
For it is I who found the fabled keys within another maze's find.
For it is I who understands the power of simply being kind.
For it is I who takes the journey now to "see what he can find."

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