Apr 8, 2011

Getting older, we all die April A to Z Blogger Challenge April 8, 2011 "G"

No matter the reader's age, were they to live a good, average life-span of 80 years to-the-day, they'd find themselves living a grand total whopping 29,220 days alive on Planet Earth. That's 29,220 days,and not a single one more. Once they're gone, there's no return.

Out of those 29,220 days alive on this sweet Planet Earth, soaking up the warm sunshine, a reader has no doubt advance themselves already, at least some portion of those wonderful 29,220. How many, the author would not know, only the reader. A simple act of subtraction puts us at the number of days we have left, if we're to live to 80. And that, dearest reader, is if we live to 80.

Let's say any given reader has only a 40 years of age estimate of 19,610 days exactly. Of the remaining 19,610 days a soul might hope to make, there could be placed a value on each, using whatever figure a mind might pick. For each day lessened from the actual number of days lived, the value of each of all the rest magnifies exponentially, day by day. We must also subtract the days shy of 80 years of time from the total overall number of 29220 days.

For those of the readership who do get to go on and enjoy every blissful day alive (because Life is bliss, after all) what value do you place on each one of the final remaining days, in the final balance of life?

For those who may know, with a reasonable medical certainty (death being very medical, after all) they will not be making it to the full 80 years, how much more of a value do you place on each of your remaining days?

Then what value, today? What price would any reader-in-general give for just one order of "Today of Your Life?" And, would you like fries with that? What value this very hour? This very minute? This very second? This very word? All words, all seconds, every minute, of every hour, of every day of any readers life should hold such value.

It was a much older and wiser man who shared with the world we should be mindful of what we do with each day of our lives, "because it costs you a day of your life." Sadly, the author is unaware of who the original quote was sourced from, or if the phrase is exact. (Help in the comments would be lovely.)

So, dear reader, exactly how are you going to invest each moment in the sands of time, from now on? What little days we have left, are what we have left. Share with us, please, what would that action be, if there was no risk of failure?

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