Apr 16, 2011

Never use Microsoft Office again! April A to Z Blog Challenge April 16, 2011 “N”

Okay. Some of you might not see why a Microsoft product like Office could end up the “N” entry for the A to Z Blog Challenge. It's not. I'm opening with an N-word (but not the-n-word) because I'm almost desperate to tell everyone how we can finally tell Microsoft where to stick their line of products (which probably won't have any support in 3 years anyhow) and keep your money!

Instead of using Microsoft Office, go over to OpenOffice.org and download the free OpenOffice suite of utilities and tools. It's 100% free and not just a “trial run.” I'm not even earning anything just for sharing it with you.

Learning about this product won't just save you money, either. It actually works better, in the opinion of many, than Microsoft Office even could. This just happens to be my opinion, as well. My favorite aspect of OpenOffice is how whenever I'm copying and pasting to any other document, there's no need to use Notebook first, to eliminate prompts and commands from Microsoft Office's programming. Frankly, it's amazing people actually paid for something so crappily made, but that's old history anymore.

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4 Whaddya Think?:

Sherri said...

I'm not a big fan of Word and so when my sons both got laptop computers they downloaded Open Office in order to use their word processor. They had MAJOR glitches and one of them almost lost a really long piece of writing as a result. So we went back to MS Word which is still not my favorite but also not as glitchy.

D said...

I haven't encountered a single flaw on OpenOffice that would justify hundreds of dollars for the glitches of Office and Word.

Misha said...

Bleh... I keep Mic Office for the simple reason that I don't use it that often.

I have another freeware program called yWriter that is exactly what I need when I write. ^_^

D said...

Blehh...Thank you.

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