Apr 13, 2011

Killing time and bugs: My take on J & J Exterminating 70634 April A to Z Blogger Challenge April 13, 2011 “K”

Having had the good fortune to recently move into a bigger, better, and more costly residence, we've also came across the few and several uninvited guests – aka bugs and critters – so we've decided to call in the cavalry. Around Itty- Bitty, Louisiana the most recommended choice was J & J Exterminating. We called them at 337 239-4499, but others might want to try 1-800-472-3755.

We naturally had to unload the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry for Chris to come in and treat the house correctly, as he clearly explained in his courtesy call to confirm the appointment. Although it was a pain-in-the tail, while packing up we saw plenty of our unwelcome guests to make the effort more motivated.

The morning after, Chris arrived about four minutes early. He explained what final steps I'd need to complete (turning out the pilot-lights, and such), and what to expect from the efforts today. Ever the salesman, he next explained the total process of why it's not a one-shot deal. The best part was how he was clear and concise.

So, while the house is getting fogged, I'm outdoors for a few hours. Our visit today is courtesy of the Beauregard Parrish Public Library, and the weather couldn't be more co-operative. This being such a beautiful, little town, it's hard to not cruise down a couple of previously unexplored roads, but not too many, gas prices being what they are.

Still, even a short jaunt into the back roads of any small, Louisiana town will take a visitor at least a few decades back into the past. Old buildings out here seem to wait for one last perusal, before crumbling. Farms, timber wood lots, and old country homes seem the norm as the road drifts, pulling your car along. Old folks walking along the roadside still wave friendly as you zoom by at the full 25 mph speed limit.

It was worth packing everything up last night. It will be worth having to having to sweep up all of the dead bugs, eggs, and such. It's obviously worth the little bit of money they charge for the labor and supplies (Downright fair, in fact, I'd say). But, in a little town this friendly and lovely, with such incredibly perfect weather, it's actually worth being out in this, anyway.

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