Apr 14, 2011

Losing is a choice, too. April A to Z Blog Challenge April 14, 2011 "L"

All-too-often I find myself facing a decision on how to handle a given situation. This decision could be over a poker hand, which purchase to make, maybe what to say in response to any random comment, or any host of other situations. Also all-too-often, these hypothetical scenarios involve myself and another, in a chance for one of us to either win or lose. While many people understand the decision to win is an active decision to select, many more are unaware that to not choose to win, is also active choice.

Does a body invest their time into working, investing, and/or building something of worth to others, to pay their own way? Or, is said body continuously looking for some sort of temporary, immediate gratification? Is a reader of mine, at this point, choosing to buy into what they're always wanting – or what they're wanting right now? I've even found myself not winning “the prize,” but usually ending up with another.

We do that, we humans. We knowingly go into challenges as if we're heading for number one, when three is an acceptable point of conession.

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