Apr 22, 2011

Simply Speaking April's A to Z Blog Challenge April 22, 2011 “S”

I was 12. I had wanted to die already, for a variety of reasons, for quite some time. I was alone, lonely, poor, hungry, dirty, and confused with misinformation, from those who knew not as well, themselves. On one of those odd, random days, in the junior high school library, I came across a book titled “Strangers Among Us,” by Ruth Montgomery. I checked it out with the lovely Ms. Cone, and read it immediately, and completely the first time that day, during the remainder of my classes.

What revealed to my young, impressionable mind was an offer of relief, release, freedom, and power, I found myself unable to resist a second reading, and this time with “notes.” Over the next two months, I would go to re-check this book out, a number of times. I now believe all of this to have been my most tragic of errors within my life.

Those who should peradventure a chance at reading this work will no doubt see the unmistakable come-on of only the chance to mentally frame one's own, young, already-beleaguered psyche to one of someone who only abdicates their own psychological autonomy/authority.

Whether this might have been intentional, for some reason - or not - Mrs Montgomery did me, and who knows how many other potential lives since, such great and grave dis-service that I should wish to see her book as the one and only book I would willingly burn every last copy of on the face of the Earth. To have authored such a tome of unhealthy self-hypnosis is, in fact, a reprehensible, and irresponsible act. To have planted this book into such a position of opportunity to reach the minds of young pre-teen kids, is an act only rivaled by those of the US CIA itself.

Whether such a harmful, destructive operation might be intentional, or merely the lack of true wisdom so abhorrently lacking within modern public education administration is irrelevant. My self examination has revealed this tidbit of my forgotten past to myself. Now, on to “reverse the polarity” (I have sooooo wanted any excuse to someday say that) and re-program myself, as simply Donald Pennington. Some day, people will search that name. (I really should market my self-examination procedures. Or, at least give them away on ad-supported pages. Suggestions, anyone? Comment, please and thank you.)

If you ever see anyone, anywhere, ever reading this particular book, please knock it violently out of their hands, hug them immediately, and tell them that, to give up at this point would be so foolish, and that all too many will need them to stop reading that bullshit right now. Say it loud and clear, too. Tell them it's going to be okay, even if you know you're lying. Tell them for me, would you, please? And say it in simple words which anyone could understand. Some things are too precious to let another person just throw away.

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3 Whaddya Think?:

KBalbify said...

Hiya, stopping by. Thought I would relate to the topic. I'm not aware of this book and frankly based upon your eloquent description, have no desire to read it. I did however pen my own book to let others know that suicide is not the answer and that life can, and does get better. Cheers! Kay @ kbalbify.com

D said...

Yeah. Glad to see you. I know that. The book is actually an almost worse proposition. Only someone who has read it, and been duped by it, could understand what I mean. Thanks!

Christina Majaski said...

Well now I want to read it. I thought you were using some kind of jedi mind trick by saying not to. But based upon your words and the few comments I read at Amazon, I would probably end up wishing I hadn't. I hate wasting my time on crap reading.

This post however, was beautifully written. Thought you'd like to know that.

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